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  1. Please listen to Tahir-ul-Kadri Sahab. Please also respect Hazrat Muawiah (ra) since he is a Sahaba. See below.


  2. As for Holy Qur'an Surah 2:62, you are misinterpreting it so go ahead a read a real Tafseer. Quote- [Pooya/Ali Commentary 2:62] Sabeans belonged to Chaldean religion. Their religion was much modified at various times and places by Jewish, Gnostic and Zoroastrian influences, and so there are conflicting accounts of them in various Muslim authors. Star-worship was the distinctive feature of their religion, otherwise they were monotheists. Before saying that whoever believes in Allah and the last day, and does good, not becoming a Muslim even after Islam has been chosen as the religion of Allah, is entitled to be blessed by Allah, the following verse should be taken into consideration: And whoso seeks as religion other than Islam it will not be accepted from him, and he will be among the losers in the hereafter. (Ali Imran: 85) ]And to remove misunderstanding, it should be noted that this verse refers to those Sabeans, Jews and Christians who, as sincere faithful, followed the original teachings of their respective prophets, without ever corrupting the true message, and believing in the prophecy of the advent of Muhammad made known by Musa, Isa and other prophets (see Baqarah: 40), and also those of them who lived in the days of the Holy Prophet but died before the news of his proclamation of the promised prophethood could reach them, because surely they would have come into the fold of Islam if they had known about it. Belief in the unity of Allah and the day of judgement and doing good is the spirit of Islam. This was the religion all the messengers of Allah preached to their people. (see commentary for verse 4) end quote. So this verse you quote, is meaning "Christians" who were sincere in the true message preached by Prophet Jesus (as), that is Tawheed and Islam, before the advent of the final Prophet; Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) will be in Paradise. But after the advent of Islam, Islam is the only acceptable path to Paradise. So the terms "Christians" and "Jews", etc. are just figures of speech and means those who were sincere to the message of Islam preached by these Prophets (as) before the advent of the final Prophet (pbuh), Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), bringing the final complete message for all mankind (and not specific nations one at a time as was the method before).
  3. So over 100+ Million Native Americans slaughtered by evil white people and all you can say is oh that's too bad, wow just wow. You truly can't recognize evil, that is the vast majority of white people (not being "racist", just read history about what sufferings the Africans and Native "Americans" endured from white people).
  4. The vast majority of whites are pure evil, again just ask the enslaved Africans or the Native "Americans" again if you can find any who weren't murdered in the largest Holocaust in human history (white evildoers killed over 100+ Million Natives throughout the Western hemisphere). http://www.2think.org/ah.shtml Quote- Who was Christopher Columbus? Every schoolboy knows, he discovered America. But in reality America had been discovered by Native Americans thousands of years before. What would Spaniards of the sixteenth century have said, had Native Americans landed at Spain's shores and proclaimed to have discovered Europe? Who knows that Columbus, prior to his career as a sailor, had been a slave trader by profession who would become a holy crusader and personally responsible for the killing of about half a million Natives and that it was already Columbus who introduced those measures generally attributed to later conquistadors, such as enslaving Indians and hunting them down with dogs? In "American Holocaust. Columbus and the Conquest of the New World" (Oxford University Press 1992), David E. Stannard not only dispels common myths, he tells the reader what was lost: the incredible variety of cultures and the impressive achievements Native Americans had developed throughout the millennia. How well known is the fact that most Native Americans were living in towns and villages as farmers, long before Columbus and that the majority of Native societies in Northern America was organized democratically, including women's right to vote, long before such an idea was conceivable to Europeans? How well known is it that - unlike European cities of the time - the magnificent capital of the Aztec society took its "drinking water ... from springs ... piped into the city by a huge aquaeduct system" that amazed the Spaniards (p. 5), just as they were amazed at the city's cleanliness and order: "at least 1000 public workers were employed to maintain the city's streets and keep them clean" (p. 5). When Columbus and a handful of Spanish sailors landed in the Caribbean, this was the beginning of "far and away, the most massive act of genocide in the history of the world" (p. x) and cost more than a hundred million lives in five centuries: "To put this in a contemporary context, the ratio of native survivorship in the Americas following European contact was less than half of what the human survivorship would be in the United States today if every single white person and every single black person died" (p. x). How well known is it that in the Spanish missions in California the Natives were forced to do slave labor and died in thousands and that the missions were "furnaces of death that sustained their Indian population levels for as long as they did only by driving more and more natives into their confines" (p. 137) ? Stannard's main goal, however, is to find an answer to the question of which European cultural and religious traditions and precepts lead to this carnage and why these proved so lethal to the Native American cultures. His finds of theological predecessors of racist ideas - such as the Spaniard Sepulveda's discussion about whether the Natives were humans at all, or the widespread idea that the New World had been given to the Christians just as Canaan had been given to the Jews - are very thought provoking and insightful and to some readers certainly provocative. Reading about hideous and appalling atrocities committed against Native Americans sometimes made me feel angry, sometimes very sad, yet Stannard writes always in a fair and calm manner, and - unlike many scholarly works - his book kept me fascinated from the first page to the last. end quote. Whites are mostly non-Muslims anyway, and they are evil and will burn in hell. They stole everything, to create their "culture" (be it Arabs who created Algebra, Persians, Indians, Timbuktu, etc.) and they will soon be overtaken by at least the Chinese, Insha Allah.
  5. Not intended for all white people, only those who are evil and racist (which unfortunately is most white people) just as African-"Americans" and the the Native "Americans" (that is if you can find some that were not exterminated in the American Holocaust started in 1492). If you've become Muslim you've lift the evils of the vast bulk of white people, for example I recommend the website: http://racetraitor.org/ The website's title: RACE TRAITOR - treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity
  6. The ringleaders of these current CIA/Zionist orchestrated coup attempts (see the examples from the past like 1953's "Operation Ajax" against Iran by American CIA and British MI6 in support of the evil puppet Shah Muhammad Reza Pahlavi(la)) are using things like Twitter and their personal easy access to Western (Zionist run) media (speaking on the phone or via Twitter with CNN, etc.). Although Western media is nothing but a propaganda arm for the West and the Zionists (Zionist Jews own most of the main networks, be it Rupert Murdoch(la) and fox "news" (noise) or on and on, these stations are the most powerful and best funded in the world and can send their propaganda anywhere on earth. Then these Zionist run networks make stuff up and take stuff out of context, like not telling everyone how the Iranian security forces were just responding after violent "protesters" attacked them with molotov cocktails and the like. Iranian security forces building under attack by MKO(la) backed saboteurs with molotov cocktails. http://english.farsnews.com/newstext.php?nn=8805101431 These "protesting" people are a small minority who are played up by the Western media (for their personal imperialist aims), see North Tehran Syndrome. Also you hear nothing about how the U.S. supports dictators like "house of Saud"(la) or dictator Hosni Mubarak(la) in Egypt, or on and on. Also nothing about the plight of the those fighting the coup against Manuel Zelaya the elected president of Honduras. Also see this about American media hypocrisy on breaking up of violent "protests": http://pennyforyourthoughts2.blogspot.com/2009/06/contrasting-protest-coverage-iran-vs-g.html Quote- Thursday, June 18, 2009 Contrasting protest coverage Iran vs G-20 and Georgia Iran, Iran, Iran. You would think this was the only news in the world. Odd isn't it? What is so unique about unrest in Iran? Isn't there unrest everywhere? Sure there is! Aren't there protests everywhere? Yup, there are! Look at the G-20 protests. The coverage that was given served to portray the protestors in a negative light and law enforcement as doing their job to keep the peace. Even when the death of an innocent bystander resulted, Ian Tomlinson at the hands of head bashing police officers, the main stream media stayed quite quiet. Apologies I stand corrected, quiet, except for the smear campaign that was launched against the victim after the police brutality was exposed! Apparently, Ian Tomlinson liked to drink. As if that justified his murder at the hands of law enforcement. The main stream media was clearly making excuses, clearly justifying the actions of law enforcement. In Iran, it is a different story. The police trying to control some extremely unruly crowds are portrayed as ruthless and "videos of police beating demonstrators hit hard at the emotions" Unusual for western media to be sympathetic to unruly protestors. At the G-20 where the police were bashing peaceful protestors, those on line videos sure didn't "hit hard at the emotions". But, the protests in Iran? Resulting in heart strings being tugged? Does this coverage make one suspect the western audience is being played? Makes me suspicious. If protesting is legitimate in Iran for an election, it surely should be at the G-20 protests, when issues affecting the world populace are being discussed and decided upon by elites behind locked gates. Gates that ensure the masses are left out in the cold. But if the G-20 protests aren't relevant in your mind. Let us look at another country. Georgia. There have been many protests there. Did you know that? Most people don't. Why is that? Well there hasn't been much western mainstream media coverage of it. Certainly not the wall to wall, 24/7, coverage Iran has garnered. Yet, in Georgia on June 15th/09, guess what was going on? Protests! Along with police beatings! ... Where is the western media coverage on this situation. Where are the hard hits at the western emotions for these disgruntled citizens? Why there aren't any at all! None. It is just like, it doesn't exist. Why is that? Look at these two countries, Georgia and Iran. One already has a pro-western puppet installed. That would be Georgia. As for Iran, well there are hopes to install a pro- western puppet, or to at least demonize sufficiently to "bomb, bomb, bomb,-bomb, bomb Iran" to quote John McCain. The agenda is political. There are western aspirations (regime change and more) behind this wall to wall media coverage. end quote.
  7. You clown, Jundallah has admitted they support and work in coordination with MKO(la) which was and is backed by America (who protected their "Camp Ashraf" set up by Saddam al-Baathi(la) back in the 1980s).
  8. Go to hell you white devil. "America" is an evil fake nation stolen from the Native Americans, so all Europeans are illegal since the Genocide of 1492. The evil white people murdered over 100+ million Native "Americans" throughout the Western hemisphere in the largest and only true Holocaust in human history and then these evil white, usurpers built their evil empire by forced African slave labor. Note from mod: You have been warned for this post.
  9. I never said I supported what happened; but I certainly don't feel any sorrow for anyone in an American military that was, is, and continues to be involved in murdering, raping, and otherwise terrorizing the oppressed all over the world be it in Iraq, Afghanistan, supporting the Zionist terrorism in Palestine, etc. However, I completely agree with one thing you said and that is about the gunman. Why was he even serving in a neo-colonialist crusader force like this to begin with? I'm sure he was racked with guilt about supporting and being in theory a part of such crusaders and imperialists.
  10. It's funny you have these opinions for imperialist troops and then have a picture of Muhammad Ali in your profile. You do know that Muhammad Ali was brave and refused to go over in the draft to help the American military genocide in Vietnam right (which cased him to be stripped of his heavyweight title and to face jail time), unlike those at this military base who were and are willingly participating in the American imperialist/neo-colonialist genocides around the world. But I do agree with one thing you mentioned, may Allah(SWT) protect the Muslims from the grips of evil racist oppressors.
  11. I'd guess most of the people, in this minority of anti-government protesting people, are simply being used because they are angry the candidate they supported (Mousavi) lost in the free election. Then you have the people leading these individuals, these ringleaders are likely in contact with the Zionists and American CIA and groups like the MKO(la) and Jundallah(la).
  12. Truly crazy arguments on your part and alleged "hippie Islam" lets all gather around the fire and sing kumbaya. According to your logic we can't even hate Satan because our Imams (as) teach compassion (note compassion is only for the Muslims and those who are good people, not kaafir oppressors). You do know the Holy Qur'an commands Jihad and fighting in resistance against those who do evil; and if you don't see the American military (after murdering untold millions around the world) and the vast bulk of evil white criminals as evil you need to have your head examined. One personal question are you white? As this may be where your having a negative reaction, when I say white I don't mean all white people just those who are evil and racist (which sadly is the vast majority of white people).
  13. Iran regularly speaks against the arrogant powers in the world and their forces. Do you have sympathy for the enemies of Islam and enemies of the oppressed throughout the world?
  14. If your a Shi'a Muslim I'm sure you have room your heart to allegedly feel sorry for Yazeed(la), Allah(SWT) forbid! The imperialist colonialists, especially those in the military (which as an institution has unapologetically murdered untold millions across the globe), deserve no sympathy. They are the same devils that enslaved Africans and exterminated 100+ million Native Americans throughout the Western hemisphere. Truly to have sorrow or sympathy for such people would be like having sympathy for Yazeed(la) or other soldiers of Satan.
  15. Not defending him, but do are you feeling sorry for imperialist crusaders?! You actually care about them, after everything they done to oppress people throughout the world be it Iraq, Afghanistan, or any of the tons of other places American military terrorism has gone (Nicaragua, Cuba, American support of Zionist atrocities against Palestine, etc.). http://american-genocide.netfirms.com/html/americanstateterrorism/ I have no tears for the imperialists chickens coming home to roost.
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