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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Do I sense some jealousy from the Admin? ^_^ IRAAAAN!
  2. Haha best answer! *hands the award for the best answer in the category of: how to respond to yet another moronic thread on SC with less than 3 sentences"
  3. I voted yes, but I would like to add a few details also: I think in a situation like this I would do the follwoing (In order): first rape her (possibly gangrape), then pour acid on her filthy face and then finally kill her. I think. But this is from a woman's perspective, so maybe it doesn't count. Hm.
  4. salam, i can't email you either.

  5. salam, i can't email you either.

  6. No I don't. But he pleaded for help on this forum, and I can see that people on here aren't really helping. Only one good soul replied.
  7. continued...

    I will give your number to some people I know if you like, so you can have people to talk to.

  8. I couldn't message you because you had to little posts. I will give you my email once I see PROOF that you have contacted the sister. Also I know some really nice and good people in London and I will ask them if they can come to your place. There are great opportunities waiting for you. In the eman time just hang in there!

    After you contact the sister, try and give me your em...

  9. Heyyy there,

    you got some tiny tiny light in the darkness now :) You have to grap on to it like mad!! Message the sister who replied to your thread, she and her husband live in London and they are willing to arrange something. I promise to talk to you AFTER you do contact the sister.

    I know everything sucks for you, but when you grab hold of one small light and only fo...

  10. How are you dear brother? How is everything going?

  11. :) Great, please message the brother ali2009! Thanks princessfatima :), please help this brother, all people need friends and someone who they can confide in somewhat in order to live. May Allah reward you for this! Brother ali2009 please message the sister and take this chance! They are willing to help which means they are true believers, see Allah helps you step by step! Write messages to me and to them, you can get my email if you wish, but since this siter lives in London it's the best opportunity for you. I know it's hard but you have to do this, and things will get better iA. Soon you can get to have a new social circle inshAllah.
  12. Salaams, please look up the user ali2009. He is lonely, feels depressed and is broken down. It's you duties to try and be his friends when he needs you. Please can a few of you take him to a mosque, give him your phonenumbers, invite him to your homes or do something?? You can all help and it's important as depression comes when feeling unloved and lonely as you all know. Please help him. Can those of you who live in London at least give him your msn? Send him some messages of relief? Thanks, Wa salaams
  13. You can't feel better instantly, the three first things I suggested is for you to do for at least 14 days, at least. Can you not go to a mosque and talk to people about your state? This is where many good people are, ask Allah to help you, and just go. Break down there if you like, at least it's a mosque. Allah will help you. I mean I saw this post of yours! Does no one here live in London(there should be plenty of contact possibilities here)? Can not someone invite him to a mosque? Take him home for some dinner, help someone fi sabilAllah? If you're truly Muslim you will help him otherwise you are just hippocrits. This could have been you.
  14. Salam, can I speak with you please.

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