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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. remember personalities can change, man, your lucky you have a good two choices, either one u go for are good, put their names in a hat and pick one, if they are decent in akhlaq and willing to change for the better its all gooood.
  2. beaver, look mate, dont worry bout it too much you know, im in the same boat, the only thing u gota do is keep busy and not try change for other people but just for Allah swt, be true to yourself. ul find future husband when u aint looking for him, when u least expect it (hasnt worked for me yet, but ill give it a couple more months ha)
  3. hi everyone, man its been ages i last posted something, anyways, i think you should just be yourself, be honest, i guess yea a photo would attract guys, but tbh i dont know if i would put one up, only once i got to know him i would show him what i look like, as i would try win him over with my personality first hahaha
  4. WEST INDIAN RUDEGYAL haaaaaaaahaaaahaaahaaa when i read what you wrote i thought dyaam i know this girrrl then i saw the name and just started laughin ahahaa knew it was you pmsl
  5. actually its ok, i think theres room for improvement imo tho
  6. i love sports, i dont like, cricket, anythin else goes ! i guess its been drummed into girls sports is err a manish thing...!
  7. " Yes, I am still very mad at him because he hasn't proposed yet. He hasn't even made his existence known to me :@. " haaaahaaa i was gonna write that too but in different words haa nice to know were in same boat siso you aint alone hehehehe
  8. yea back to the err topic, my answer...is that yea i get jealous when i hear stuff like that DONT GET ME WRONG not in a milicious kinda way, th "i wish i had that too" kinda way, but just reamin focused and think inshallah il have that too. also u said your mate isnt all that great, well maybe this change is gonna make her great!!!
  9. interesting topic, i reckon it will force a change in behaviour of people, that comes with positives and negatives isnt it... there should be a healthy balance. im single myself and have chosen not to get married yet coz i dont agree with my parents choices, i dont know what il do, i dont wish to be single when im 30 that scares me, but i cant just marry any random guy, insh the right man will come along hehehe (a syed version of micheal schofield) hehehehe :lol: agree with arsh, we should be accepting islam in our lives and be revolving around it, rather than us revolving around islam.
  10. london aint cheap, and sounds like your qualified and that, id say u should be expectin salary of around 30kmark although if uv just graduated and dont have experience as in hands on, then maybe drop the bar a bit 25+
  11. hmm, i kinda dont fit in with life to be honest ha
  12. errrrm nice stuff, but boys, aint you got jobs or nufin, u must have enoughh time on your hands raaa
  13. nah, you have to use the inverted commas when searchin...
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