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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam and Ya Ali Madad, So I had an idea to start a web series (YouTube) that discusses the teachings of Ai'mmah (as) with video to go along with it. Something along the lines of what Neil DeGrasse Tyson does but shorter 3-5 minutes. Topics that would be covered: Cosmos Black Holes Dark Matter Dark energy Oceanography Star Physics Earth Physics Formation of Rocks Significance of Sajda Animals in Nature Human Nature Basic biology topics Gemstones and their significance Alhamdolillah I have done a fair amount of research to be able to at least scratch surfaces on the aforementioned top
  2. hello..i had come across a chat where you had offered to provide translations of nohay to english...how could i send them to you so you may help??

  3. hello..i had come across a chat where you had offered to provide translations of nohay to english...how could i send them to you so you may help??

  4. Start chugging on this! And become superSHIA!:yaali:
  5. Last night I saw the moon myself, so Eid Mubarak! What I was referring to was some of my Ahle Sunnat Brothers/sisters (we have friends) who celebrated Eid on Monday without looking at the moon, and assumed that when Eid is announced it's official.
  6. Do people even look at the moon anymore before they decide. Or do they let someone announce it, so they can start chowing down donuts.
  7. Identifying the differences between the words will help inshallah. Worship: Showing reverence or adoration for a deity (Namaz) Supplication: the action of asking or begging for something earnestly or humbly (Dua in Namaz) referring to Allah as the deity Invocation: the action of invoking something or someone for assistance or as an authority. (Dua in general) As mentioned before the Imams were capable of Mojizaat (miracles) just as the Holy Prophet was. I don't remember the post but someone referred to as Christians when they call out "Jesus Christ!" as something bad is happening (
  8. What was it, there were many. Which one satisfied you more than others. and again what is YOUR belief?
  9. Comparing Imams to doctors is ok assuming that we believe that Imams can do more for us BECAUSE of supplications. In the month of Ramadhan we recite Dua'a Iftitah in which it says: (Discussing 12th Imam) "O Allah, send him to call the people unto Thy Book for establishing Thy religion and make him succeed in the earth, as Thou caused those who were before him to succeed and establish for him his faith which Thou has approved for him, and give him in exchange safety after fear. He serves Thee. He ascribes nothing as partner unto Thee." You also asked why do Shia not call on Im
  10. You are asking where is Allah? Maybe the best answer is that there is no answer. 6 pages of sourced answers along with logical inputs by members if it is not satisfying you then I pray for you. I have not seen input from you, what do you honestly believe. Wasalam.
  11. Even if you could it would still be no. You are not praying to them, you are asking for Allah's help through them You are ONLY asking for help. Ya Ali Madad=O Ali Assist Me. We all face the Kaaba and pray to Allah no one else. "You alone do we worship, and Your aid alone we seek" Holy Quran Surah Hamd Aya 5
  12. We don't have supplications to get power from the Imams. Imams/Prophets are the best of Allah's creation, asking them for assistance does not mean they will assist you directly, but because they are so close to Allah they can help you through as the aforementioned posts have discussed, through intercession. Definition Intercession: the act of saying a prayer on behalf of another person. Just like asking the smartest student in a classroom for tips, because they know the material well. We ask the Aimmah/Prophets for guidance because they were sent to this earth with knowledge beyond our o
  13. ^ Actually that sums up everything you discussed. I don't want to get into the details of good vs. right because it will not help you to answer the question. You asked: Where is Allah? Why did you make the assumption that Shia school of thought would have a different reply. Many of the brothers/sisters have posted numerous sources both Shia and Sunni even external references including ones that you referred to. What are you trying to get at? Do you want location? Do you want a physical location? Are you asking to challenge yourself? I have already said Allah is existence. Not exact
  14. OK, To answer your questions Difference between right and good. Good is objective in the sense that it has an obvious positive effect on someone/something Right is subjective in the sense that it is morally acceptable. Just like your video link. Essentially good refers more to a well-being or helpful idea Whereas right can have variation of what a human feels is morally correct/incorrect Example: It might be good for a country to get rid of immigrants to improve education & economics but it may be wrong(not right) to move hard working people out of the country after their many years of ser
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