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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. please at least dont use " so and so " dear even janabe zaineb(as) did that

    Lady Zaynab (as), when she saw the head of her brother Imam Hussain peace be upon him, being paraded in public hit her forehead on the bar of the carriage she was travelling in, causing bleeding to flow from beneath her veil, which was visible to onlookers who witnessed the event

    {Some of the famous references, which confirm the above report, are as follows:

    · Bihaar al-Anwaar; volume 45, page 114,

    · Jalaa’ al-‘Oyun; volume 2, page 238,

    · Zaynab al-Kubra; page 112,

    · Asraar al-Shahadah; page 474,

    · Al-Muntakhab; volume 2, page 478,

    · Nusrat-ul-Madhlum; page 18.

    Needless to say that ‘Allamah al-Majlisi – compiler of Bihaar al-Anwaar – and Sheikh al-Shari’ah al-Isfahani have confirmed the authenticity of the report.}

    bros and i will be not in touch with you all for nxt few days but when ill come back ill give you little more details.

    And i do respect everyone participtng in the discussion so atleast we can share our thoughts.

    All the books you provided are weak references. Use whatever false hadeeths you have to support your opinion but lets not extend it to ones that degrade and contradict the great status of Ahlulbayt (as).. ye? lets quit following n using such hadeeths blindly shall we ^_^

  2. Umar Ibne abdul aziz always consulted the Prophet’s companions

    who were still alive and other ulama so as not to deviate from the Islamic sources of

    teaching (the Quran and the hadith).

    He returned the Fadak (or Fidak) farm, which belonged to the Prophet given on behalf of peoples, to the Prophet’s family (ahl albayt) which was privately possessed by the Caliphate Marwan ibn Hakam during his reign.

    He abolished the imprecation toward ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib and his family as ever ruled out by the Caliphate Mu‘awiyyah in every Friday prayer sermon.

    Which prophets real name was abdul gaffar?

    Ans: It was prophet Noah's (a.s) real name. He was named Noah/Nooh (meaning weep in arabic) because he wept over his condition and his people's treatment for 50 years.

    Qn: How many children did Imam Ali (a.s.)have?

  3. I know the movie but what is avatar on shia chat?

    it be this :

    From Wikipedia,

    An avatar is a computer user's representation of himself/herself or alter ego whether in the form of a three-dimensional model used in computer games,[1] or a two-dimensional icon (picture) used on Internet forums and other communities.

  4. At 5pm EST Friday 22nd October 2010 WikiLeaks released the largest classified military leak in history. The 391,832 reports ('The Iraq War Logs'), document the war and occupation in Iraq, from 1st January 2004 to 31st December 2009 (except for the months of May 2004 and March 2009) as told by soldiers in the United States Army. Each is a 'SIGACT' or Significant Action in the war. They detail events as seen and heard by the US military troops on the ground in Iraq and are the first real glimpse into the secret history of the war that the United States government has been privy to throughout.

    The reports detail 109,032 deaths in Iraq, comprised of 66,081 'civilians'; 23,984 'enemy' (those labeled as insurgents); 15,196 'host nation' (Iraqi government forces) and 3,771 'friendly' (coalition forces). The majority of the deaths (66,000, over 60%) of these are civilian deaths.That is 31 civilians dying every day during the six year period. For comparison, the 'Afghan War Diaries', previously released by WikiLeaks, covering the same period, detail the deaths of some 20,000 people. Iraq during the same period, was five times as lethal with equivalent population size.



    Source: http://www.wikileaks.org (banned in several countries including UK and AUS)

    banned in what way? I can still open that link

  5. what do you know about the Saudi system?

    the cousin of the zionist system (if its not the same one itself)

    what do you know about the Saudi people?

    (withOUT generalising) no matter how great and effective a prophet sent to them is, they'll always remain rock-headed-ignorant-hypocrites!! :dry:

    what would you like to know about Saudi?

    history of wahabism and how it came into power on that land :dry:

  6. (salam)

    First of all where did racism come into it? :S no matter where you are your always going to get a few racist scum bags but surely its up to us to deal with it in a respectable matter and not being put off wearing an abaya….LOL I’ve seen people covered in jewellery when wearing a abaya but isn’t this misuse of an abaya because a abaya for me is to cover up in a modest way and to avoid men getting ill intentions while looking at a girl, so wearing belts around your waist is showing your figure and dressing yourself up so really no point wearing an abaya if your going to wear it and dress like a Christmas tree…anyhow thanks for the comments

    LOL! ... be expecting some attacks for that comment soon :Hijabi:

  7. Thanks for saving this thread from death.;)

    Madyan: Surah hood ayat#84

    Misr: Suraha yousof ayat#21

    Bacca(Macca): Sura Aal imraan ayat#96

    A'rroom: Sura arroom ayat#2

    How many chaptors of Holy Quran are named after names of Prophet(as)?

    Name the chaptors?

    saved it again! ^_^

    Babil is also mentioned, so they'r 5

    ans: 6 chapters, surat yunus,yusuf, Hood, Ibrahim, Nuh, and Mohammad, peace be upon them.

    It seems like its only me and you who know and/or research about the Quran here Nimra! pshhh shaaaaame on you "shi3aaaz" !! @) busy posting on joke threads n trashy celebrities n all other sorts of bs!

    heres your next question dear Nimra!

    What ethnicity was the wife of Imam Jafaar alsadiq (a.s) and what was her name (Mother of Imam Musa alKadhim a.s)?

  8. The Surah of Aal-i-Imraan

    إِذْ هَمَّت طَّائِفَتَانِ مِنكُمْ أَن تَفْشَلَا وَاللَّهُ وَلِيُّهُمَا ۗ وَعَلَى اللَّهِ فَلْيَتَوَكَّلِ الْمُؤْمِنُونَ (122)

    Remember two of your parties Meditated cowardice; but Allah was their protector, and in Allah should the faithful (Ever) put their trust.

    وَلَقَدْ نَصَرَكُمُ اللَّهُ بِبَدْرٍ وَأَنتُمْ أَذِلَّةٌ ۖ فَاتَّقُوا اللَّهَ لَعَلَّكُمْ تَشْكُرُونَ (123)

    Allah had helped you at Badr, when ye were a contemptible little force; then fear Allah; thus May ye show your gratitude.

    إِذْ تَقُولُ لِلْمُؤْمِنِينَ أَلَن يَكْفِيَكُمْ أَن يُمِدَّكُمْ رَبُّكُم بِثَلَاثَةِ آلَافٍ مِّنَ الْمَلَائِكَةِ مُنزَلِينَ (124)

    Remember thou saidst to the Faithful: "Is it not enough for you that Allah should help you with three thousand angels (Specially) sent down?

    بَلَىٰ ۚ إِن تَصْبِرُوا وَتَتَّقُوا وَيَأْتُوكُم مِّن فَوْرِهِمْ هَٰذَا يُمْدِدْكُمْ رَبُّكُم بِخَمْسَةِ آلَافٍ مِّنَ الْمَلَائِكَةِ مُسَوِّمِينَ (125)

    "Yea, - if ye remain firm, and act aright, even if the enemy should rush here on you in hot haste, your Lord would help you with five thousand angels Making a terrific onslaught.

    وَمَا جَعَلَهُ اللَّهُ إِلَّا بُشْرَىٰ لَكُمْ وَلِتَطْمَئِنَّ قُلُوبُكُم بِهِ ۗ وَمَا النَّصْرُ إِلَّا مِنْ عِندِ اللَّهِ الْعَزِيزِ الْحَكِيمِ (126)

    Allah made it but a message of hope for you, and an assurance to your hearts: (in any case) there is no help except from Allah. The Exalted, the Wise.

    Next Question:

    In the opening Qur'anic surah (AlFatiha) Allah says "صِرَاطَ الَّذِينَ أَنْعَمْتَ عَلَيْهِمْ غَيْرِ الْمَغْضُوبِ عَلَيْهِمْ وَلَا الضَّالِّينَ" "The way of those on whom Thou hast bestowed Thy Grace, those whose (portion) is not wrath, and who go not astray" . According to tafsir Al-Qur'an, غَيْرِ الْمَغْضُوبِ عَلَيْهِمْ (those whose (portion) is not wrath), and الضَّالِّينَ (those who go not astray) are two different groups of people and not jst one group. So according to tafsir, who are these two groups? Who are the two groups of people in which the verse is referring to? plz provide refs with your answer.

    o.o thanks for killing the thread 'SARAAB'

    Ans: those who are nonjewish & those who are nonchristian... ye? :/

    i.e those whose (portion) is wrath: jews

    those who go astray/ misguided: christians

    heard this somewhere before but I'm not sure how authentic it is coz... you know... yeh :unsure: ... whateva

    next Qn: name 4 cities that are mentioned in the Quran

  9. (salam)

    Iqra usually means recite?

    The Quran probably means a reminder?

    If no objection then I'll change the topic's title.

    yes iqra means recite but the word Quran means something that's always been recited so just as what major Shia said I tried to

    edit my post but then his ans in my reply disappeared somehow hehe

    you can change the title, there's no objection from this side.

  10. The term "shia" means being part of a specific group, i.e. a follower/member. It has been mentioned a number of times throughout the holy Qura'an.

    E.g. (37:æóÅöäóø ãöä ÔöíÚóÊöåö áÅÈúÑóåöíãó (83)

    "And most surely Abraham was among the Shia of him (i.e., Noah)" (Quran 37:83)

    Next Question: Complete the missing part of Imam Ali's a.s. great hadeeth regarding Eid.

    -----------------------------------------------, is a Eid day.

    Everyday in which Allah is not disobeyed in is Eid : ßá íæã áÇ íÚÕ Çááå Ýíå Ýåæ ÚíÏ

    what does the word Quran mean?

  11. the Q is List the eight species of insects mentioned in the quran

    found the full answer!

    1- spider (al 'ankaboot)

    ãóËóáõ ÇáøóÐöíäó ÇÊøóÎóÐõæÇ ãöäú Ïõæäö Çááøóåö ÃóæúáöíóÇÁó ßóãóËóáö ÇáúÚóäúßóÈõæÊö ÇÊøóÎóÐóÊú ÈóíúÊÇð æóÅöäøó Ãóæúåóäó ÇáúÈõíõæÊö áóÈóíúÊõ ÇáúÚóäúßóÈõæÊö áóæú ßóÇäõæÇ íóÚúáóãõæäó

    Al-Ankaboot (41) The example of those who take allies other than Allah is like that of the spider who takes a home. And indeed, the weakest of homes is the home of the spider, if they only knew.

    2- Moth (alfiraash)

    íóæúãó íóßõæäõ ÇáäøóÇÓõ ßóÇáúÝóÑóÇÔö ÇáúãóÈúËõæËö

    Al-Qaari'a (4) It is the Day when people will be like moths, dispersed,

    3- headlice

    ÝóÃóÑúÓóáúäóÇ Úóáóíúåöãõ ÇáØøõæÝóÇäó æóÇáúÌóÑóÇÏó æóÇáúÞõãøóáó æóÇáÖøóÝóÇÏöÚó æóÇáÏøóãó ÂíóÇÊò ãõÝóÕøóáÇÊò ÝóÇÓúÊóßúÈóÑõæÇ æóßóÇäõæÇ ÞóæúãÇð ãõÌúÑöãöíäó

    Al-A'raaf (133) So We sent upon them the flood and locusts and lice and frogs and blood as distinct signs, but they were arrogant and were a criminal people.

    4- bee

    æóÃóæúÍóì ÑóÈøõßó Åöáóì ÇáäøóÍúáö Ãóäö ÇÊøóÎöÐöí ãöäó ÇáúÌöÈóÇáö ÈõíõæÊÇð æóãöäó ÇáÔøóÌóÑö æóãöãøóÇ íóÚúÑöÔõæäó * Ëõãøó ßõáöí ãöäú ßõáøö ÇáËøóãóÑóÇÊö ÝóÇÓúáõßöí ÓõÈõáó ÑóÈøößö ÐõáõáÇð íóÎúÑõÌõ ãöäú ÈõØõæäöåóÇ ÔóÑóÇÈñ ãõÎúÊóáöÝñ ÃóáúæóÇäõåõ Ýöíåö ÔöÝóÇÁñ áöáäøóÇÓö

    An-Nahl (68) And your Lord inspired to the bee, "Take for yourself among the mountains, houses, and among the trees and [in] that which they construct.

    5- ant

    ÍóÊøóì ÅöÐóÇ ÃóÊóæúÇ Úóáóì æóÇÏö Çáäøóãúáö ÞóÇáóÊú äóãúáóÉñ íóÇ ÃóíøõåóÇ Çáäøóãúáõ ÇÏúÎõáõæÇ ãóÓóÇßöäóßõãú áÇ íóÍúØöãóäøóßõãú ÓõáóíúãóÇäõ æóÌõäõæÏõåõ æóåõãú áÇ íóÔúÚõÑõæäó

    An-Naml (18) Until, when they came upon the valley of the ants, an ant said, "O ants, enter your dwellings that you not be crushed by Solomon and his soldiers while they perceive not."

    6- cricket/ locust

    ÎõÔøóÚÇð ÃóÈúÕóÇÑõåõãú íóÎúÑõÌõæäó ãöäó ÇáúÃóÌúÏóÇËö ßóÃóäøóåõãú ÌóÑóÇÏñ ãõäúÊóÔöÑñ

    Al-Qamar (7) Their eyes humbled, they will emerge from the graves as if they were locusts spreading,

    7- fly

    íóÇ ÃóíøõåóÇ ÇáäøóÇÓõ ÖõÑöÈó ãóËóáñ ÝóÇÓúÊóãöÚõæÇ áóåõ Åöäøó ÇáøóÐöíäó ÊóÏúÚõæäó ãöäú Ïõæäö Çááøóåö áóäú íóÎúáõÞõæÇ ÐõÈóÇÈÇð æóáóæö ÇÌúÊóãóÚõæÇ áóåõ

    Al-Hajj (73) O people, an example is presented, so listen to it. Indeed, those you invoke besides Allah will never create [as much as] a fly, even if they gathered together for that purpose.

    8- Mosquito

    Åöäøó Çááøóåó áÇó íóÓúÊóÍúíöí Ãóä íóÖúÑöÈó ãóËóáÇð ãøóÇ ÈóÚõæÖóÉð ÝóãóÇ ÝóæúÞóåóÇ

    Al-Baqara (26) Indeed, Allah is not timid to present an example - that of a mosquito or what is smaller than it.

    i have no question in mind someone else can volunteer

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