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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. lich im zenah lich enti wean ma wean and shloonich ma loonish

    miss u and ur lil brat sis kitleeha

  2. gotchu VINET!! vat vhere u spying at eh??

  3. lool howd u do tht heart tell meh! :P hehe

    i had lil surprise prty b/w me fam loolz tell me how u did the heart!

  4. lool nahi i dont check ur profile 2 c what others r doing haha :P

  5. lool ty so much chicklet ^^ mwah!

    rofl whoz dis shiasoldier spamming ur profile laik psycho eh =D :P hmm XD

  6. aww loool its today chicklet :P 17/6/1989 (20*cry*) u got it right :wub: TY AONZI FACE! ^_^
  7. lolz wateva pedar buzorg =P hehe

  8. lol erm i really dont get what u mean?... insh. khair wateva u meant ill jst consider it +ve. =)

  9. LOL it looks soo cooool ! :wub: ^^ ty Mr talent! mine looks beta than urs chicklet/sat! hah! :angel: loool
  10. whose harami? U mageh na?

  11. lool good 4 u man! and about tht greater than sign ye she is older than me billeh! :P hehe

  12. what do u mean saraab than me?

    did u return a fav. back to her aswel or so? loool :P

  13. looool thnx for returning the favour LOL i didnt do it to u only so dnt take it personal loool :P sado

  14. LOOOLz yes i have rofl


  15. hi buffaloo looools ur still alive:P long time muahah

  16. lool erm what kinda info :unsure: just put my name in it with whatever info/creativity u have in mind and im sure its gonna turn out cool since my name itself is cool!! B) :D
  17. loooolz oi! stop dissing u lil bafoon am your aunt!! *slap*

    :D eh eh

  18. err loool so y did u delete my comment O.o it was totally normal soz if i offended u ya3ni stalking my profile isnt somin done by U only.. :P hah!

  19. looolz no i wont look it up! ill wait 4 u to tell me yala tell me whats it mean eh?

    rofl XD i dnt remem having a neice :P i mustv hit my head somewhere o.O while i grew so old!! -_- im still lil stop calling me aunt! chicklet mwah

  20. :o mashallah! fabulous work!!! Where is my sig.?! :unsure: i want one too! :o... err "plz" :blush: if u dont mind B)
  21. satsooo bahaha i c u becoming famouse on here eh! :P lolz

    miss u chicklet!!

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