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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. jeniiiiiiiiiii :D lon gtiem no c hun!! u still alive? LOL miss u

  2. :O help u wiv whaat? what happened?!?! =P

  3. e liana aku huwaya stalkers around

  4. lool worse than lame hehe :P... so when am i gonna c u again to annoy u? =D

  5. o yes..to bad too sad =D..although its still abit cold here ya3ni mako much change <_>

  6. looooooool o.O a u talkin about urself ye?.. ur the one whose been stlkin my profile :@

  7. narcissuuuuuus u dare how visit me profile without saying salam huh?!! :P miss u!! hope ur doing well & say salams to ur crazyy sis mwah! btw what was it that u were gossiping about with saraab last time in the mosque again? LOL (jke)=P

  8. LOOOL o.O who r u tellin to shut up hm??

  9. LOl y thats nice! thnks for savign my life..

  10. lool o wellz..shes gona kill me if she reads that below hehe do delete it! :P

  11. looooooolz o i seee y not say so from the beginning... how about going for saraab =D bahahaha (joke)

  12. lol o ye... wateva Mr. english

    eid mubarak

  13. eid mubarak!.. yeh theres alot of em here, u making a research about them? :D

  14. :O limadha








  15. *poke* hello there fatix! ..though shall be graced with the noor of moiz name on though profile now... dnt get too excited nat gud 4 yer health B)

  16. hehe...ok...who else did u meet

  17. no man what 30 shes a 10 yr old

  18. hehe uve learnt some pretty good eyerachi there eh

  19. O u wannu show ur eyeraqiness

    m.A whered u learn iraqi so well

  20. LOL dear lord u sound quiet (dangerously) familiar :D im excited

  21. er yeh i r eyerachi, y so u ask?

  22. loooooool to *PUNCH* thts y

    lil brat <_>

  23. ...er ye whose this? o_O

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