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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. the fly "dhubabah", the bee "nahl". and the ant "alnaml" anddd..... dont know what else :unsure:
  2. 7th of dhul-qu'da ? @) correct, now wheres your question?
  3. 5th of Muharram who said the following quote and to who : "The heart of a youth is like an uncultivated piece of land, whatever you throw on it; it accepts. Therefore, I tried to mold your heart before it hardened so that you are able to take from my examples and apply them to your own life..." ?
  4. 110 years? qn: I was one of the most loyal companions of Imam Ali a.s. I became muslim during Mohammads time (pbuh). I fought in the battle of jamal and siffin. I earned my title after getting a scare on my eye during the battle of yarmouk. I was appointed governor of Egypt. who am I?
  5. o i thought it would take you to the exact page i had up :unsure: ...anyway you dont need to click on the next page smarty you just select the juz and the verse number on the left and the page your after comes right up... the verse is the longest in the quran but you asked for it so here it is :P i think my ans is wrong anyway: íóÇ ÃóíøõåóÇ ÇáøóÐöíäó ÂãóäõæÇ ÅöÐóÇ ÊóÏóÇíóäÊõã ÈöÏóíúäò Åöáóìٰ ÃóÌóáò ãøõÓóãøðì ÝóÇßúÊõÈõæåõ ۚ æóáúíóßúÊõÈ Èøóíúäóßõãú ßóÇÊöÈñ ÈöÇáúÚóÏúáö ۚ æóáóÇ íóÃúÈó ßóÇÊöÈñ Ãóä íóßúÊõÈó ßóãóÇ Úóáøóãóåõ ÇááøóÜåõ ۚ ÝóáúíóßúÊõÈú æóáúíõãúáöáö ÇáøóÐöí Úóáóíúåö ÇáúÍóÞøõ æóáúíóÊøóÞö
  6. is it verse no. 282 of surat albaqara? displayed here: http://tanzil.info/
  7. I vill ask a question until awaiting appears from their ghayba @) who said the following quote: "If the servant was to fathom the worth of Ramathan, they would wish that Ramathan lasted the whole year"
  8. But there were many who got blessed with wisdom and not with prophethood, it could be any of the 13 infallibles?
  9. yes man! finally *halhula* ... and go to sleep it's past your bedtime :P many ( things) and that quote was a major well known one me specified that it was an ( advice) B) and you go to sleep aswell it's past your bedtime too
  10. Quote the advice Imam Ali gave to the people during the last few days of his life
  11. Correct n here's the whole hadeeth: In this world good is for two persons only; the man who commits sins but rectifies them by repentance; and the man who hastens towards good actions. Prophet Musa a.s how many years is laylatul qadr worth? (years not months)
  12. True Prophet Mohammad's name was mentioned in the Quran 7 times. T/F
  13. Non of you know how to ask proper true/ false questions, therefore (as an e.g of a proper true/false question) you people all need to go back to primary school. (True) or false
  14. no specific incident it's just a general hadeeth about how we should act to do good and become good again. maybe it is in nahjulbalagha but I got it from a small book of hadeeths by him a.s
  15. Next question : complete the following hadeeth by Imam Ali a.s: " In this world good is for two persons only;.........."
  16. ans is Surat almujadala!! :P nihahaHAH! Give me a sec. for payback im not giving no simple question :P
  17. Lol! Smart way of getting rid of the question saraab but no probz I'll find the answer and show you whose smarter! :D hehe... heh
  18. :o I knew it! lool cheater... Now answer my question for a hint, or I actually wouldn't be surprised if you don't know what sura your talking about yourself! haha :P
  19. you cheated iislam I know you did!! and give us a hint is it a long or a short surah?
  20. alfurqan! almisshaf! alkitaab! anddd.. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm.... hmmm o yehh alwahiy and aldhikr alhakeem!! :D I googled the last two btw and found more than just four names :D but whatever where's my prize??
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