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  1. Whether his dead or alive it won't make a difference, there'll always be another monkey from the army of monkeys they upbring to take this monkeys place
  2. doesn't harm a human being* you need to start wearing glasses big time :blink: : P
  3. Take it easy you losersss 78!!! :D
  4. All the books you provided are weak references. Use whatever false hadeeths you have to support your opinion but lets not extend it to ones that degrade and contradict the great status of Ahlulbayt (as).. ye? lets quit following n using such hadeeths blindly shall we ^_^
  5. remember me HateR :shaytan: LOL I wounder if I still have that evidence of bare exposure that got used for blackmailing, I shall find it :shaytan: :shaytan: :shaytan: :shaytan:
  6. What's the big deal about that? Why is it so important to know who he follows are they not all Islamic scholars anyway?
  7. i bet you marley was more islamic then this forum anyway :Hijabi: B)
  8. Ans: It was prophet Noah's (a.s) real name. He was named Noah/Nooh (meaning weep in arabic) because he wept over his condition and his people's treatment for 50 years. Qn: How many children did Imam Ali (a.s.)have?
  9. what do you know about the Saudi system? the cousin of the zionist system (if its not the same one itself) what do you know about the Saudi people? (withOUT generalising) no matter how great and effective a prophet sent to them is, they'll always remain rock-headed-ignorant-hypocrites!! :dry: what would you like to know about Saudi? history of wahabism and how it came into power on that land :dry:
  10. hmm Im surprised you got no attack yet, that's boring... common half-hijabies step forward, don't be afraid
  11. LOL! ... be expecting some attacks for that comment soon :Hijabi:
  12. hell yea @) ofcourse man :)
  13. the lowest level you could imagine :wacko: :dry:
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