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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Asking for Allah swt to reward someone or bless someone is different. But I might add, do you think that you, as a party that wasn't directly wronged by those people will have any say in their punishment? I can understand someone that was wronged being able to ask Allah swt to remove the blessings from someone because they are the victim. You however haven't been directly wronged and you're not a victim of those people.
  2. I don't love everyone equally, but not invoking curses on people doesn't mean that I love them, I criticize their actions without a doubt but I don't see the use in cursing them, unless of course you think that you cursing them will give them more of a punishment than they deserve, or you not cursing them will mean they get less? In either case you're forgetting that Allah swt is the Best Judge.
  3. Assalaamu Alaikumm, That's pretty insane to be honest. Spending all of your time invoking curses on people? Do you really think that Allah swt is not a good enough Judge that he won't hold those who have harmed the Prophet pbuh or his family a.s. accountable for their actions? Do you think that Allah swt will give them any more or less of a punishment that they deserve by cursing? What silly behavior.
  4. To Finally Rest In Peace? It's now almost 2am and I cant sleep. I hear the frantic cries of millions of orphaned and starving babiesm They are desperately yearning for the breast of their mothers, Reaching out for the sustainance it contains and the warmth it brings, Desperately wanting to hear the comforting and loving heartbeat of the beautiful soul, The soul who's womb carried them for 9 months, The woman who went through excruciating and inexplicable pain to bring them into the world.. Cries of wanting to hear that heartbeat next to their own once mo
  5. removed due to user request Mod's please delete
  6. Assalaamu Alaikumm, I thank you all for your comments and may Allah swt reward you all.. I think I might have to clarify my position on this comment though.. I believe that the pen is indeed important.. As is diplomacy and a peaceful solution if can be reached.. however I do also believe that sometimes violent resistance is necessary to defend ones life, land, religion and freedom from oppression.. It is everyone's born right to live in peace, security and prosperity and not be oppressed from another and while no doubt the peaceful solution is the best, there is no obligation to be peaceful
  7. May Allah swt reward you all.. I really try hard to create a difference, and people say I do enough.. But it can never be enough, not while there is injustice in the world.. Even if there were only one oppressed child left I wouldn't stop.. May Allah give me the strength inshaALLAH
  8. Assalaamu Alaikumm sis :) Alhumdulillah.. I took quite a long time to study.. The first thing I did was to get rid of any preconceived notions that what I had been previously taught was correct.. And I looked with critical thinking, logic, reasoning and praying to God for guidance.. I researched it thoroughly first finding out all of the criticisms of Shia from Sunni's.. I took that to Shia scholars and did research and found that the concerns Sunni's had were either fabricated, taken out of context or things which could be justified with Qur'an and Sunnah. I then researched historical account
  9. I am glad that you can relate to it Shay, alhumdulillah it is good to see.. Let us all work together to create change for the sake of Allah inshaALLAH
  10. Shukran akhi, may Allah swt reward you.. Can you find out if they are Shia for me please and also find out if there are many others? This project is really important.. Massalaama, Adonis
  11. As a side note also I think that if there has been any insulting or lies spoken of members of MV that those responsible should be warned and their posts moderated.. It's not a good example of the beauty of the School of Ahlul Bayt to behave in this way..
  12. Assalaamu Alaikumm, While I think that there are many on MV who are anti Shia I do not believe that this is a policy of the admin nor are all like this. RayRayRay, you could attest to the fact that I myself were banned from MV for continuously saying (may God forgive me) that all Shia, like yourself are Kafirs who worship their Imams (alhumdulillah now I have done my thorough research over time and I am now Ithna'Ashariyya by the Grace of God). Perhaps it may be the case that they were too patient with me in warning me many times before banning me but I believe it was not because my comments w
  13. No, i'm working on creating a community program there to build youth leadership insha'Allah and my target demographic are Muslims and Afro Americans.
  14. I agree! It breaks my heart to see our ummah so empathetic.. to the extent that I feel like going to all the Muslims who are asleep and slapping them until they wake up.. May Allah give me patience and give us all guidance inshaALLAH..
  15. Shukran guys.. May Allah swt reward you all.. The poem just popped into my head..
  16. Assalaamu alaikumm, I am working on creating a community project and would like to know whether there are many African American Shia in Detroit/Dearborn? Shukran, Massalaama, Adonis
  17. Sunni's are less than 10% of the population in Iran, they are in particular areas. There are Sunni mosques in Tehran and other parts of the country, they get good representation in the government too.. Why expect more Sunni mosques though when they aren't even 10% of the population? Massalaama, Adonis
  18. Ohhh nice.. So I am a big fan of Shia Sisters, so much so that I wanna marry one.. So can I join? :-P Good to see the sisters are organizing.
  19. If I Should Die This Night? If I should lay down in slumber this night My soul then taken by He who has the Right My life all laid out, sins now in plain sight With nowhere to run to, no power to fight So stained and unclean my soul is this eve So dirty my heart is, unworthy of reprieve Instead my heart now left helpless to grieve Recollection of my deeds then all I could see I sat by in silence while injustice had flourished Small children's rights and lives were demolished While I was cowering in fear of being admonished No doubt deserving my soul to be punished "If only I did more!" I would
  20. The media and Baluchi nationalists really tries to make this look like the Iranians are repressing the Baluchi based on them being Sunni. That's not the case at all actually, the Baluchi's in Iran and Pakistan want to create their own state and even the Sunni Pakistani government cracks down on Baluchi's in Pakistan.. In the Iranian Constitution it says: That's more than I can say for most other states in the Mid East where the Shia are a minority, most repress them, even in some cases where they are the majority. It's all about the leaders wanting to cling to power who use the differences of
  21. So why don't you counter it with something you believe to be more true. Answer the question, where would the object, in this case something similar to a watch but it could really be something else that is not known to man which is just as complex have come from? Did it really appear by itself? The proof of the existence of God is all around us, in mankind's arrogance we have not taken the time to ponder and contemplate the true perfection of how the universe works and take it for granted in assuming it was through simple trial and error with no being behind it for billions of years and it jus
  22. In the Name of God, The Most Gracious The Most Merciful Assalaamu Alaikumm, Some people believe that to believe in God is illogical and foolish and is akin to believing in Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny, but let's really take a look at what is logical and what is not when it comes to believing that this universe must have been created by a higher being. Let us imagine the following situation. You are part of a tribe that has had no contact with other humans for thousands of years. You are walking through the desert when suddenly you stumble across a wrist watch having never seen anything li
  23. I think the notion that terrorism and extremism can be defeated with force by an occupier is ridiculous. War is the worst thing you can do because it only rallies people to their cause. Counter guerrilla and counter insurgency warfare are impossible to win if you are behaving the way the West seems to. I wish I could slap them all in the head and show them how stupid they are really being.
  24. Assalaamu Alaikumm, Sorry to say this but it's not quite so simple as you make it out to be. Yes, the Taliban deserved to be taken out of power and fought as they were savages. But the Afghans are proud people, the majority don't like the occupation forces in their land and this is why it's doomed to fail. I will also inform you that it's not only the Taliban fighting the occupation, there are groups that were with the Northern Alliance that supported the overthrowing of the Taliban who have no switched sides to fight the occupation due to the increasing attacks on civilians by occupation for
  25. Assalaamu Alaikumm Everyone! I won't take up too much of your time, I need you all to do something very simple insha'Allah and it should only take less than 5 minutes. The Brothahood, a local Australian Muslim Hip Hop group, previously featured in the Halalmate series on SBS and the artists responsible for the recent track named 'Silent Truth' are in the finals for the Global Peace and Unity Nasheed Contest that is being held by IslamTV in the UK, they have so far had some support from us but they need a whole lot more. All you need to do is one thing.. Go to you're emails and compose an em
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