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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. @ali_fatheroforphans He does not have a permanent place where he lectures. However, there was a certain centre where he would lecture at, and now they avoid him after this incident. Other places dont care too much, and still lectures there. Bro, the case was presented to Sayed khamenaei's office and his reps in Qom dealt with it . They basically just ignored it and told sheikh try to minimize the repercussions of this. I was so shocked. Ridiculous.
  2. Everyone sins. But it is different when you are a preacher of good deeds and corrupt the youth through your title or role.
  3. There are few people who are saying not all Shias are like this or have have and Sunnis have same problems. Let us not turn this into a Shia-Sunni issue. The focus is Zaid al-Salami and his negative impact on the Sydney community. Who ever has been near him and has been "part" of his gatherings for a while, you will notice how he hides his sinful side from the public and shares it with his group of boys hence damaging those boys. The amount of backbiting and trash talk about other people and Sheikhs is unbelievable. He is a negative, sexual predator, hypocrite and a manipulator. A-lot of people have been damaged and hurt by him. He claims to be doing amr bil ma'roof wa nahi an almunkar. He picks on those who have a weak personality and treats them like trash. Those with higher social status and have more resistant personalities, he doesn't dare to do amr bil ma'roof with them, rather treats them special and like kings . Be warned, if you are unsure, do not defend him, stand on the fence. That is what he would say every time a bad rumor would come about another sheikh. He would gather his troops and say stand on the fence. Now when he is the subject of criticism he wants people t just flip the page or support him . Don't be fooled, the devil was once an angel
  4. Anyone denying any of this, you are in for a shock. Because this is 5% percent of what does and says.
  5. Everything in this article is 100% true and there is much more worse stuff like voice recording of zaid alsalami mocking the prophet pbuh on his birthday or singing and listenining to haram Music . Yes sounds outrageous. But its true .
  6. Bro Albaqyr, long time no see!

  7. salam, salawat bar

    Mohammad wa Aalay Mohammad

    may Allah bless you on your birthday

  8. Happy Birthday brother, mashallah!

  9. I waited for half an hour in a line at the information centre and all I got was we dont know,wait untill april... but thanx I will try asking the admin and academic ... after looking for them...
  10. ^Wa Aliakum Asalaam Brother,,, Yeah me too I am missing some of my closest brothers here....But what can I do.... I realised I am wasting my time here... But I wish everyone all the best...
  11. Salaam I am currently studying Bachelor of Science at UWS, and I want to transfer to Bachelor of Arts next year at UWS . I want to know if I drop any units this year, would they still accept my transfer to another course next year? Please, if you have any information about this, reply as soon as you can... Wa Salaam
  12. Salaam brother please come again of SC. I really miss you. U were the only person from whome I benefited a lot in terms of knowledge.

    I am having sad days at SC :-(

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