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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  2. salaams bro, im sorry to hear that your experiencing such a problem inshallah all will be resolved soon... I agree with Zuljenah, sometimes when you want to enjoin the good and forbid the evil if your too blunt in your approach, ppl can take it the wrong way and so you can be made to seem as though your arrogant. But if you point out their good qualities first it will soften the blow for them when they hear the constructive criticism you have to give.
  3. Salams I live in London, and have been for all my life...i do rather enjoy it but i guess it depends upon what community you live in, alhamdulillah the shi'a community here is friendly and there many events to bring the community together and get closer to Allah. Its obviously offers a good environment for any children but you should be aware that the friday and saturday nights can get really wild in london... from what I've experienced foreigners are treated fairly well in London, it's very multicultural and there are all kinds of people from different backgrounds who have settled in London, people here generally have tolerance for one another's faiths and beliefs etc With regards to schools, well..I went to a state school myself and I can honestly say it was a great experience for me, I learnt a lot from the teachers alhamdulillah...state school is free btw A downside is most likely going to be with regards to the financial aspects of living specifically in London. Travel costs a lot, as well as food and rent is rather expensive...
  4. ^^ well its for a shoe store called Office and i think you might be right bro abt the reason as to why they asked me to do this... anyways to describe my personality i'd say that im friendly, good sense of humour, loyal, considerate...umm i don't give up easily when faced with something difficult.... so.. what object wud be best for these kinds of characteristics??
  5. Salams everyone... I have a job interview tommorrow and i've been told to bring an object which sums up my personality...im a bit lost as to what i should take, so im wondering what object wud u guys take which best describes your personality
  6. absolutely, couldn't agree more sister
  7. I think that one of the best hadiths which brings about respect for the woman is the one where a man comes to Rasoolallah and says that he wants to commit adultery....and Rasool tells hims how would he like it if someone committed adultery with his sister... To be honest this narration really made me think and understand that as a man I can't go round disrespecting woman, not that I do or anything alhamdulillah, but the fact is that there will come a day when I will be a father inshallah and when I am, I wouldn't ever want men trying it on with my daughter, I'd want men to respect her and honour her....i mean which guy would want anything contrary to that...so is it right that I, in my youth, disrespect other people's daughters and then grow up to become a father to not allow the same to happen to my own, what makes it alright for me but not alright for everyone else?
  8. cud u plug me into the network as well bro...and brother ababbas wat dua' were u taught??
  9. salaam bro, I read your topic about your troubled and distressing times and i felt as a Muslim brother it is my duty to at least help you even if its just by talking over msn, so if u want u can add me to ur msn, my add is on my page..tc,salam

  10. salam brother...I'm Hussain..i was reading your topic about you wanting to marry a lebanese sister, I pray it all works out 4 u..I'd love to talk more with u bro add me to your msn please, my add is on my page.


  11. salaam in the West in particular, shaking hands with the opposite gender upon meeting them is practically the norm, but as you may already know in Islam it is not allowed for a man or a woman to shake hands with the opposite sex... what kind of experiences have u had with this particular issue...what i'd like to know is what kind of explanation do the brothers and sisters give when a person of the opposite sex puts out their hand to shake it...and are there any conditions or circumstances when hand shaking is considered as allowed?? One experience i had was when i had to see a solicitor who was a woman, I went into the office with my hands in my jacket pocket hoping that she wouldn't put out her hand but she did...and i was like :unsure: "oh sorry, I'm Muslim so I can't shake your hand" its not really the best thing which i could have said but these things tend to happen really quickly so i just said the first thing which came to my mind but alhamdulillah she seemed ok about it anyway...
  12. yess me too it feels so great alhamdulilah have been waiting for this day eagerly and here it is i mean i still cant believe its all over no more work for like 2 moths feels great to say :)did you just finish Alevels? take care sallams

  13. Sallam Alaykum Brother, havent heard from you in a long time hope everything is ok inshallah take care


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