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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. What moves you more the belief in Oneness of Allah or the act of worshipping Allah? which one affects you more in your daily life. Please do not post texts and websites. And for extra points which of the mentioned principles are you willing to sacrifice if you could only take ONE on a stranded desert island?
  2. You said the quality of infallibility is a divine feature. Im curious because infallibility is the inability to commit sins; and that makes angels sinless. So, am I to understand that Sunnis believe angels are God? It may be possible that if God wants to reveal his Habib, his dearest creation and ultimate guide for humanity, that maybe God would make sure that his choice does NOT commit sins and has an ABSOLUTE quality (sinless) rather than a questionable one. You know, to avoid embarrassment. Plus its kind of retarded when the dutiful and loyal angel who serves the Final Prophet has a shorter sin rapsheet than the Prophet himself. Also interesting that Shias consider Rasoolallah to be infallable, which makes me always scratch my head and wonder why sunnis never accuse them of worshipping HIM instead of using all their energy making accusations about worshipping Imams. Why is it that acknowledging the elevated and esteemed status of Rasool is soooooooo unpalatable? And because I am so impressed by your proofs, you can go ahead and throw me a list of sins that The Prophet, Imam Ali, or Bibi Fatima committed. Also, please enlighten me as to why the sinlessness of these persons is such a big issue for you. Like, whose sins are trying to defend????
  3. You further reinforced my point that the sexual urges are more of a motive than the emotional needs. Marrying in the teens (if thats where you think "early" starts) may solve the immediate issue about the halal outlet you were talking about, but it opens up the floodgates of problems about maturity, compatibility, financial issues, education, etc. etc. I dont agree with sexual activity among teenagers at all (married or not). But that doesnt mean there are people on this forum who married at age 13 and arent perfectly blissful. Im sure there are. But there is also wisdom in delaying sexual activity into true adulthood, waiting until one's personality is not growing on such a steep curve, and getting an education and financial position. the definition of an adult by the way is not just puberty. ability to be independent of mummy and daddy after marriage = adult please be fair to your parents when you get married, be independent. Do you think your parents want to practically adopt another child?
  4. it was meant to be an alternative interpretation of your question.
  5. Most people who want to get "married" as teenagers just want to have "sex" (as teenagers). I am happy for them that they have found a socially acceptable arrangement to act on their hormonal surges.
  6. It helped me get married cuz I got good ideas about bridal makeup, wedding favors, seating arrangements, and centerpieces.
  7. I think youre question is a little bit narrow minded. Just because you are ready (mashallah) doesnt mean every other girl out there has to be. Maybe she wants more than jsut a "religious and well mannered guy" which are very important key features, but dont overlook compatibility, social class, family background, education level, and physical appearance. Its the most important decision in a girl's life. Unlike the man, if she doesnt like her choice, she cant go around doing secret muta and call it "islamic". :angel:
  8. husbands are a pain in the butt, you really want more of 'em?
  9. I chose "preferring a Sunni reflects lack of love towards Ahle-Bayt" But on very very important answer is not listed. How are Shia girls going to produce eligible shia guys when a large fraction of them are falling in love with random girls (sunni/xtian/wiccan/hindu/scientolgy/nototherwisespecified)? I love and respect other religions but jesus christ you dont have to marry 'em!!
  10. I think even if they had merely a verbal understanding or the circumcstances of the marriage ceremony was with an expectation of monogamy then at the VERY LEAST what this husband has engaged in is deceit. And misrepresentation and deceit is haram. If he was excercising his Islamic right, I doubt he would have to be so shady about. Also Islam requires that one live by the law of the land. If this affair is really a chaste and pious and honorable muta marriage then it constitutes polygamy--which is illegal. Oh and if its just a cheap affair-then thats adultery. :angel: I can appreciate how much Shia men cherish their right to Mutah with another woman even when theyre married. This husband obviously expects the woman to have obligations towards her husband that a woman would only do out of monogamous love. In Saudi Arabia where 4 wives are customary, the women dont go out of their way taking special care of the husband. They never cook, and usually the cash flow is plentiful. They arent bothered by mundane idiotic tasks such as making the mortgage, paying bills, renewing the insurance, picking up the groceries. So if a man wants push the polygamy thing at least he should have the courtesy of being firmly upper middle class at the very least. When in doubt, i always go on good 'ole gut feeling. Is this lyin' cheatin' behavior a Bakr thing to do or an ALI thing to do? wait. let me think.
  11. Both are perfectly fine as long as the man is not a chauvinist and the woman is not a bimbo. If theyre both mutually gorgeous and well off (and throw in smart too) then they are a well matched couple.
  12. I think its sad that many Syedas have to marry non-Syeds. but its a reality so whattda gonna do about it? Its not like theres all these gorgeous and interesting Syed guys walking around populating the Earth.
  13. I get annoyed when my loved ones marry Sunnis. I try to suppress my opinion but comments just seem to fly outta my mouth.
  14. Some ppl on this forum seem to think there is some dubious motive in reaching out to muslims for mental health. I dont think so. The mental health community is interested, so the "muslims" should step up and inform them of all the relevant and cultural issues and take control rather than let the professionals guide the course. In other words, muslims need to let the mental health professionals what their issues and their needs are. Its not like being muslim is somehow protective from mental illness. Also, Ive always been a little doubtful about some of the medical things that Marjas say. They really have no idea what theyre talking about sometimes. Some of them you can tell arent scientifically oriented at all. I suspect this may be really the ignorance of his staff who answers questions on the websites rather than the scholar himself. Its as offensive for a religious scholar to make medical judgments as it is for a doctor to make a religious edict. Its outside theyre scope, period. They should have physician consults on their team. Before i get blasted for being a witch or an atheist, I would say that neither is the marja masoom nor am I. Both are professionals. And if he takes his profession seriously and his words are binding till death- them maybe he could put a bit more research into his medically oriented fatwas. Know what Im saying?
  15. Maybe. The responsibility need not be nuptial. Its makes sense to start with the basics like income. It is irresponsible to even think about marriage before being able to support your own self. Also 18 years is not the upper cut off limit to be able to determine who belongs to "men who don't marry" so that comment was pointless.
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