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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Where is it being produced, out of curiosity? Is Ehsan a liberalist movement guy or something, or was he a former Iranian under the Shah?
  2. Nice. I couldnt agree any more with both these thoughts.
  3. Ok. No need to negate or impose on others beliefs now. I was onyl responding to the post before, not anything else, thanks. If you don't believe it - that's fine.
  4. Exactly - a human being who is appreciative of God's blessings and Mercy is ultimately rewarded. Sometimes when we look at it, it just amazes us how it changes from one minute to the next - subhanallah.
  5. OH!! My bad, I was referring to that PARTICULAR POST. You were rescinding the EARLIER statement in the previous post, but I thoguht you were rescinding the statement in that very post before the 'rescinding part' - get it? Thats why I said "backspace" and not DELETE (cuz then why would you backspace an earlier post?!). Gosh - excuse moi! And reporting? Reporting what?
  6. You make me laugh, not smile. You write a sentence then rescind it instead of pressing backspace. lol - you DO realize this is typing, not speaking eh? :lol:
  7. Salaam Our 6th Imam was asked "What happens if you (Ahlul bayt) are asked a question and you cannot answer?" He replied, "It can happen so" and he was then asked "What do you do?" and he responded "The Holy Spirit gives us answers through inspiration." I think Holy Spirit could mean an inspiration in the heart and perhaps in some cases, through Angels, such as Angel Jibraeel.
  8. Salaams & Thank you. I really doubt my intention was to speak elaborately on the issue of charging. To charge is to charge, which is permitted in general - I invite you to check with the Marja'e. In any case, to dig deeper into social, moral, ethical, spiritual values should be deemed by the speaker who SHOULD follow the teachings of Ahlul Bayt. Simple. Period. No ifs or buts and I do NOT, I repeat, I do NOT contest it. The question or statement was what I quoted above. You ignored that and just highlighted one sentence of it. That's dangerous. What I quoted from before and the SPECIFIC quotes I mentioned. I am not intending to open a bag of worms beyond that, so therefore, my post was only: Is it OK to charge? Answer: yes. If you want to dig deeper as to the clothes the lecturer should wear, the topics, the amount of time to speak on the mimbar, the tone of voice, that are sub categories which can be looked at. As I also explained Sister Sayeda that I was referring to the ORIGINAL posts and those, again, specific points mentioned by the starter; nothing more, nothing less. There are several arguments in this thread that branch out. I am not touching on them. The fatwa does not state it is 'OK to charge but look deeper into the meaning of charging and blah blah' because any human being with intellect can decipher that. And I have, thank you. But do not get me wrong, I DO understand other seperate implications. I am referring to the base: Can one charge? Even if the starters stresses more than wages, the bottomline of his intention is NOT to charge. I'm sure we can agree on that. It's like walking in a store - you need to opn the door, so I am only asking: can the door be opened? If yes, good - shop the shelves, you can argue about it all day. I just want to make sure the hinges don't creak :)
  9. Oh of course sister, I agree! However, referring to the first post, when you start comparing the Prophet and Imams (as) when they did not charge (The Qur'an affirms that they do not ask for wages - but they were endowed with SELF knowledge from the Divine. We, fallible beings, on the other hand, are not endowed with such and we need to attain that knowledge full time to constantly give the lectures) - well now, none of us are Prophets or Imams (as)! And It was re-iterated a number of times by the starter that charging should NOT be done, simply because he doesn't. Now come on - if the Ayatullah uses the verbage 'taking wages' - it would imply a set amount. He does not specify 'taking (monetary or otherwise) gifts', or loosely, 'compensation'. With all dus respect, the starter asserts the following: So, would that put the Ayatullah (may his status be elevated), in a different level as opposed to the 'school of Ahlul Bayt', since it is permissible to charge for the mustahabat of even, salaat?! My references is not directed to a speaker, but a general point in the conflict of the issue. And yes, to re-assert, moderation is fine. Some mention beyond moderation is what they are referring to here, but the thread starts with not charging at all.
  10. Salaams He mentioned it will be a while, but did not give a specific time frame. I can tell you though with his dedication to it and time, plus the activities the gentleman is involved in, will be quite some time - but hopefully not. :)
  11. Erm. Not your REAL name obviosuly. I mean, my name's not Shi'a now is it? :P Its the handle you choose, which happens to be a name, which happens to belong to you, so.... woops, there goes my handle. No need to be so nit picky with details now. 1. I asked if it was ok to pray with cat hair. They said "not permitted" where sistani.org says it is ok. 2. I'm going to check the second one since I asked tons of questions. The first I remember well because it was going on for ages!
  12. S/A The individual who is uploading on this site says no other site has AlMizan available online. It takes a lot of work to do so. But then, I haven't searched.
  13. LOL. I support the sisters! but seriosuly, when I look at 'new topics', sometimes I do not see the chain of forums it is on. sorry :unsure: I promise I observed hijab. Well, kind of.
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