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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Yes that’s what I usually do. But was wondering if there is some other method ?
  2. Salaam all! I want to get fluent in reading Du’a Kumayl with understanding it. Is there any tried and tested method? I am reading it almost everyday, these days. But then 30 mins, daily is a bit too long. So was wondering if I could break it up in some parts and keep practicing. Any leads towards the cause ? Jazakallah!
  3. I tend to disagree with my parents when they talk about religion with a cultural perspective. Nothing gets on my nerves more when people try to pass cultural norms as "what Allah tells us to do." Arab and Desi parents do this a lot.
  4. Salaam brothers and sisters, I've never been very religious even though I've been born into a Shi'a Muslim family. I mostly just follow the basics of Islam because it's what I've grown up around, not because I understand them necessarily. Recently, however, I've been trying to get closer to God and find out answers to some questions I've had my whole life. However there are some questions that I'd like answers for that are more personal than factual, and they are presented below. Some of these questions are to do with facts, but I would really like your own opinion on them. I would highly ap
  5. salaam everyone!! Inshallah am going to madina for Eid, am searching the 'transliteration" of the zairats n duas to b prayed there. Can anyone help me find a link to it ?? Thanks in Advance !
  6. I believe most men themselves don't like keeping a beard, trimming,maintaining issues.....they just blaming the women :donno:
  7. Thoughts - Planning nazar/ niyaz next week at home......thinking abt the menu apart from Kheer puri :shifty:
  8. I hate it when things don't happen my way !
  9. 7yrs....but i feel....age doesnt matter.....compatibility does !
  10. I wish my hubby knew a lil of cooking if not much !!!!
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