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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. We are fighting for the rights of people to speak against us. Isn't it ironic?
  2. More talks and debates actually these were pretty fun...
  3. This is a debate between me and Naziri, its actually quite interesting....
  4. This is a discussion between myself and infta? .....I just copied this from a debate that was never finished by another person on this forum, but this is my writings...promise...
  5. Firstly, I and so do most Christians believe that the doctrine is a systematic doctrine revealed not in a single passage or portion of scripture but the whole of scripture. We do not limit the God to three persons, but we say that God is implied to be of plural nature that sufficiently provides evidence that later displays God to be of triune nature. So yes it does leave room for five and ten million personhood of God, but throught out the revelation we have a tri-une union of persons. Therefore from the OT through the NT we can safely conclude that 'echad' couly imply a loose union, and then
  6. There are many other numerous accounts of which Jesus lays claim to divinity or divine titles. And I think its very very important that you understand that because we are not simply speaking of the divinity of Christ, but of the Trinitarian doctrine and God, that we stay on track. I also see a problem in your reasoning. First Christian theology dictates that God the Son on Earth worshipped the Father, that as a man he was under the Holy Spirit and obeyed the Holy Spirit. So as a man he worshipped the Father, as God he didn't. The Communications of Properties that happened known as the Hypost
  7. http://www.carm.org/doctrine/humbled.htm This article is great.
  8. We are not maniac Mullahs, and are able to put Bush in line just in case he even thinks God is telling him to do something...
  9. This is fairly disgusting and sad-
  10. N. Korea has nukes? Dang all these maniacs want them...
  11. If anyone wants to follow up on what inftha? said, you may she or he never responded....
  12. That isn't true. Ken, Jesus made himself out to be God and was threatened by he jews to be stoned, the Pharisess sought to kill him because of that. Jesus called himself the LORD of the Sabbath. Jesus was and IS God- Not an extension of him.
  13. Ken, Read why he started this thread. Don't speculate silly, the thread was started because of theological differences not the accomplishments of Christainity.
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