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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. In the case of physical therapy, the practice of medicine, or providing relief, many things that would otherwise be non-permissible are allowed. Just like you would accept a male doctor examining a woman for breast cancer, or even delivering a baby, there should be absolutely no problem with such physical contact or exposure. I remember hearing a quote from Imam Khomeini that the best indicator as to whether something is permissible is your conscience (الضمير). You know whether your intentions are pure, selfless, and positive, or whether they are malicious. If there are impure intentions
  2. This quote does an amazing job at identifying the type of person, debater, and thinker that AlKhidr is (with all due respect). In one sentence, he demonstrates to his readers the type of arrogance that such 'thinkers' possess. He begins his debate with his own conclusion, stating it as a fact, thereby self-proclaiming to be an authority on the subject, and implying that he has either considered all of the relevant research, analyses, and debates - amounting to centuries worth of writings - and that he possesses the necessary intellect to dissect, process, and evaluate the data, as well as the
  3. In essence, I agree with you. We should not be quick to take these types of articles/stories as truth, and should always question the accuracy/source. I disagree, however, with your assessment that this is 'unlikely-sounding' (for the reasons I've outlined above). Could this possibly be a fabrication? Yes. Could it be an attempt to defame the Wahhabis? Yes. And both of those are things that we don't condone. But, what makes this a concerning matter is HOW fatwas are issued by these Wahhabi sheikhs, without undergoing any scholarly scrutiny and a sort of "peer-review" process. They're set up in
  4. Hardly surprising at all. I think any sane person recognizes that Wahhabism is a global terrorist thug ideology that exploits the gross ignorance of the isolated arab, north african, and asian populations. Young "men" (for lack of a better word) are recruited to carry out military operations that serve the interests of a few warlords. These interests include weapons sales, oil sales, pressuring other groups and governments for political gains, among other things. To this end, you must anticipate that they are willing to issue any fatwa whatsoever, with absolutely no regard to whether or not it
  5. What determines how these murderers are dealt with is the answer to the question: "what benefits the country and the society we're trying to build for the future?" Of course, I'm a Lebanese American, not Iraqi, but even from an observer's perspective, I'm referring to the Iraq that we aspire to see. Each approach has its pros and its cons. Slaughtering them, as they've done to the innocent, accomplishes the following: 1- It reinforces the sectarian tensions. (con) 2- It displays an Iraqi leadership and army whose decisions are governed by the (primitive) ideas of revenge and retribution. (co
  6. Although your numbers may be correct, the problem is that in order to create a union, you must give incentive to the minorities not to want to break off. In other words, knowing that the Kurds would very much like to be completely independent, the one thing that would keep them as part of the Iraqi national government (if not brute force) is to offer them political gains that would make breaking off less desirable. You might think this is a bad idea, but arithmetic does not govern how things are weighed on a strategic level. Instead, you must realize that there is a non-linear relationship be
  7. Breaking News: http://www.almanar.com.lb/adetails.php?eid=927804&cid=21&fromval=1&frid=21&seccatid=20&s1=1 السيد مقتدى الصدر: التنظيمات الإرهابية انهت استعداداتها لدخول بغداد http://english.alarabiya.net/en/News/middle-east/2014/08/08/Iraq-s-Sadr-claims-jihadists-planning-Baghdad-push-.html Iraq’s Sadr claims jihadists planning Baghdad push
  8. Thanks D3v1L for the quote. Great words by Erich Fromm. I think this quote explains very eloquently what led to the formation of the ISIS phenomenon (as a social rather than individual issue). I've always believed that this type of extremist, violent, ruthless, and destructive mentality is the result of a group exploiting all of its apparent alternatives (in order to achieve some goal), to no avail. There is a major problem in the Sunni world's ability to elect (or produce) a religious leadership that is independent, strong, charismatic, and is able to unite the diverse schools of though
  9. To a limited extent, as I've mentioned. In the sense of a politico-economic system, the premises on which even the American National School was based were perhaps consistent with Islam. But once again, such a system that takes no consideration of moral accountability in matters of trade is bound to be un-Islamic. Not to mention the role of Central Bank in Hamiltonian economics as lender and interest collector (a concept which is also rejected in Islam). The fact that federal law places no cap on interest rates, and never has, is enough to argue that the system (even during the American School
  10. Salam, I really didn't want to reintroduce the discussion on whether Capitalism is Islamic or not (i.e. moral or not in the eyes of a Muslim). But I honestly think that several key points have been completely overlooked, at least not emphasized nearly as much as they should have been. As far as the claim that Capitalism is an economic system in which private enterprise and wealth accumulation are permissible, this is a very narrow definition. These are key elements in a capitalist society, and are emphasized when talking about modern-capitalism because the concept was developed at a time when
  11. ÓáÇã Interesting topic. I think the most convincing explanation I've read was that provided by RottenCoconut. It makes complete sense to me that rather than the moon actually splitting (which would have been a much more widely covered event), those who requested it be split, saw what they came to witness and were convinced. Now, my fiance is a PhD Student in Cognitive Psychology and I'm a Civil Engineer, so I admit that optical illusions, mind tricks and scientific explanations are going to be more convincing to me than others. Isn't it widely known that David Copperfeld made the Statue of L
  12. I think you've misused the word "justice" in place of "physical characteristic", or perhaps "advantage". If it is true that men have an advantage in physical strength, this is completely irrelevant of "justice". Justice is the concept of moral righteousness, accountability of one's actions, assumption of one's responsibilities, implementation of legal ruling, etc... and is completely irrelevant of the physical advantages that one may or may not have been gifted with. I'm not sure how one could make reference to the word "justice" and state that it is isolated from equality. That is the first f
  13. I think I share your position entirely. I feel like the mere fact that "gender-superiority" is still being discussed today is an indication that there still is a major problem in the understanding of equality, rights, freedom, responsibilities and roles. And I think the first step for women to be perceived as equal is for women to realize that they are equal. The thing with cultural awakening is that one society cannot eat from the fruits of another society's awakening, so until Muslim women begin to fight for the recognition that they are equal (which they are by all means), they cannot simpl
  14. Salam, I'm not sure how this qualifies as "proof" by any standards of logic. While it may support the idea that "men are superior to women", it certainly does NOT prove it. In other words, this argument alone is NOT sufficient to conclude that men are in fact superior. Actually, the argument of historical oppression can easily be used to show that women are superior to men! Since men have oppressed women on the basis of their sexuality, men are guilty (historically) of a clear sin, and that is exploiting those who are in a position of less power. This exploitation is more proof that men are
  15. Pardon me, but I;m not sure what you said was very clear. Could you please rephrase that? Do you mean to ask whether we are required to seek fiqh even though we are simply following someone who is already knowledgeable? I'm not sure if that is your question, but if it is: I think you should never be content with the amount of knowledge you possess, and it is a religious as well as a moral and humanitarian responsibility to continue to pursue knowledge, no matter how much it seems that that is unnecessary. Additionally, it's each of our responsibility to be able to critically analyse jurists r
  16. In addition to performing your daily prayers, fast for three days and meditate! Sit in a quiet environment for a few minutes after your prayers, and do nothing, say nothing, just close your eyes, breathe and relax. Focus on the part of your mind that is arising these feelings or thoughts, because I guarantee it is all in the mind. At some point, you've wondered about something and it has openned a can of worms in your head, and now your imagination is going wild. This is completely normal. But you have to retake control of your thoughts. It's like when you challenge your mind not to go place
  17. All the more reason not to read such things at all; or more yet, post them online for others to read them! If you doubt you can contain yourself, what makes you think others can contain themselves? Think of it this way: you know, when a suicide bomber detonates himself in order to kill as many Shiites as possible, he is capable of committing such an act as a result of a type of hatred that is only created by reading stories about Shiite attrocities against the Sunnis, some accounts may be true, others are false. When Sheikh Arifi made those disgusting comments the other day about Shia, he did
  18. I know I'm a little late to jump on the topic like this, since you've posted this almost a week ago, but forgive me, as I can't help myself. While I agree that this may be the logical approach to determine whether or not Umar, Abu Bakr or Uthman possessed the noble character traits to be the caliphs; unfortunately we don't live in a very logical world. Besides, why is it so important to prove that you're right about something so old. Isn't it better to invent something new? Aren't being creative and innovative more satisfying to the intellect than telling a story that someone else already tol
  19. Unless a specific definition for superiority is mentioned, then the implication is that we are referring to the traditional definiition. What you mean to say is that we haven't referred to a specific area of life where the question is to be applied; which implies that we are talking about all areas of life, including all of the above (rights, phyical build, sprituality, hierarchy, whatever that means, etc...) Muscles is probably the only area in which there is SOME truth as to men being "superior" to women, but even then that's a stretch. But as far as spirituality, and hierarchy, I must beg t
  20. (Since my previous post was incomplete, I'll resume it here) 3- I think we can't follow more than one marja`, because this MAY (key word) cause inconsistencies in how we make certain rulings. In other words, every cleric is considered to be a philosopher in the sense that he makes his rulings on the basis of what he deems to be more prior; this priority is relative to each scholar and most likely differs from one marja` to another. To one marja`, it may be okay for a Muslim to eat non-Halal meat if it is completely impossible to get Halal meat from anywhere within 6 hours of driving; while to
  21. First off, I think you've raised a few great questions here. 1- I personally would go so far to say the system is flawed, but it can definitely be improved! In order for a religious scholar to be considered a marja`, he does go through a process similar to that of a grad student, in that he researches an area of interest/importance and writes a dissertation, and then defends this dissertation in front of board of learned experts who are familiar with the topic researched. The scholar is then judged based on his ability to gather relevant information and logically construct a valid argument th
  22. I believe the quesiton of the thread is whether or not men are superior to women. While Imam Ali (as) may have briefly and eloquently covered these three "deficiencies" possessed by women, he only did so because it was appropriate to warn about them on that specific occasion (after the battle of Jamal, caused by men's blind following of a woman's commands). It was therefore inappropriate and unnecessary to speak of the deficiencies of men (as the occasion did not call for such a sermon). This does NOT, however, mean that men posses no deficiencies. In fact, men are more likely to lust after wo
  23. True, I think that would be a great read, but since the goal is to get through all of these important books in a reletively timely manner, I personally don't care about what order we go about them. I live in the States, and it has been IMPOSSIBLE to find "Iqtisaduna" "Our Economy" by martyr Sayyed Muhammad Baqir Sadr, but a friend asked me what to get me while he was visiting Lebanon, and that's what I asked for, sure enough I got it (for $4.00) and I've begun reading. It's in arabic, and surprisingly, it's very easy to understand (linguistically) even though arabic is my second language! It's
  24. Hey brother, could you please tell me where your signature hadith is quoted from...? Here's a link to the video in which Sayyed Ammar tells the story: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJFHMOqjve0...feature=related He doesn't mention the name of the son, so we're still trying to find out which son he is referring to, and verify its truth. Not that it proves much, as there are very simple scientific explanations for why we dream what we do, and we often have dreams that are merely random presentations of the compiled information that enters the brain and causes us to think hard, or worry, or activ
  25. If the title hasn't made clear what the purpose of this thread is, it is an attempt to make a full and comprehensive list of all of the arguments, for and against, the legitimacy of the resistance weapons. This is becoming a very serious issue in Lebanon, and more people have been developing interest in accusing the resistance of exploiting its power to make internal accomplishments. I think it is necessary that we examine these allegations, and must have a clear and strong understanding of why we support the resistance's weapons in Lebanon, why our brothers in Lebanon from other backgrounds f
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