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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam, As noted in the title, please unregister my username. Fee 'amanillah
  2. WS, Is it possible to pay off the minimum balance and still go for Zeyarah? Our great Prophet (saaw) would probably advise you to get rid of the credit cards, and to only make purchases when you have the money.
  3. I disagree. It would be true [to Sunnis] if he replied in the affirmative. It the beginning of the narration, it claims that the Prophet said it. Are we to consider it as saheeh?
  4. WS, If there are alcohol-free alternatives, then opt for it instead. If the ingredients contain alcohol or 'natural flavors' as governmental agencies may label them, then I'd advise to avoid it if it's in non-solid form. Allah knows best. Piety is often found in precaution.
  5. I googled 'hug a hindu' and this is what came up: http://www.google.co...Q9QEwBw&dur=252
  6. True. And some good advice from your side. Masha'Allah. I wanted to give her some basic starting advices that it seems almost everyone ignores. -Stress levels are key. It's said stress accounts for up to 95% of all illnesses. This has a lot to do w/ the immune system and overall health and wellness. If anyone needs stress reducing tips, iA we can offer that as well. -Another culprit may be from lack of knowing (or ignorance [or shayateen]) of certain truths, which may create doubts, and put one in a state of uneasy worry. This is where I like your comment about the subconscious mind; she needs to consciously build new patterns in action, and in time, it shall form into a new habit, subconsciously. http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2012/04/16/bacteria-on-gut-flora-causes-ocd.aspx
  7. WS, You should probably do a whole body cleanse. And then supplement with good quality nutrition. This way your body shall function more normally, inshaa'Allah.
  8. Salaam, One piece of advice I like to remind myself with is, to ONLY focus on usool al-deen with non-Shia, because if they don't understand the basics, it's almost impossible for them to get into more complex matters of Islam. Of course, I may digress at times, but I think therein should lie the main focus.
  9. Salaam, I wanted to show a Sunni professor a hadeeth that shows that the Prophet Muhammad was a Nabi since birth, but became a Rasool once he started delivering the message. If you know of any such hadeeth, please post it. JazakAllah.
  10. Knives were used in sinful ways as well, back in those days. Do we have narrations that forbid knives? I don't think so. To me, I think it's more than that. I would avoid chess, just to be on the safe side. It's a gamble [pun intended] just throwing aside the 'ahadeeth about chess.
  11. Please keep in mind that education is different from intellect. Having information is different from having KNOWledge. A dictionary may be filled with endless information and definitions, but the editors and compilers are not always Shia Muslims. Please reflect on this.
  12. Yeah, Inshaa'Allah. It would be nice to have a cow, or even a goat (since it should be way cheaper), and have them grazing on grass only, and not grains. This way there won't be an omega fatty acid imbalance in the animal, and in turn effecting our health when we eat or drink from the animal.
  13. It's different with our a'immah, because we're told via 'ahadeeth to follow the Imams of Ahlul Bayt (as). It isn't up for elections.
  14. WS wr wb, Sides of head on turbah? Do you mean placing the cheeks on it? If so, yes, I think it is mentioned in Kamil al-Zayarat.
  15. I think my views are pretty open to those who really are concerned. This is not the first time I am going against the grain, in regards to scholarships (of any sort).
  16. What's my gripe? Anyone that changes the Islam of Allah and ItratE Ahlul Bayt (as); whether it be Sunni or non-Sunni. Are you Shia? If not, you have bigger issues to tackle before you get into the intricacies of Islamic thought.
  17. WS, Let's say that the shower was made najis. It seems you would be able to purfiy it by running the water even for a few seconds before jumping into the shower, since it is cleaner water coming out of the showerhead. For those who follow such rulings, imagine when it rains in India...
  18. I gave enough information for the critcial thinker to come to his own conclusion.
  19. A general approach should suffice here. We're told who to follow in Quraan 4:59. Just as Shia will say the oolil 'amre minkum are the Ahlul Bayt (as), how do we follow a fallibe scholar blindly, especially when he makes up his own rulings via speculations? This is almost similar to Sunnis taking Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, etc., as oolil 'amre minkum. Sunnis take them as reliable transmitters of the Prophetic ways. [9:31 Shakir] They have taken their doctors of law and their monks for lords besides Allah, and (also) the Messiah son of Marium and they were enjoined that they should serve one Allah only, there is no god but He; far from His glory be what they set up (with Him).** **We have narrations that teachs us that this verse is about those scholars who change halaal to haraam and vice versa. [6:121 Shakir] And do not eat of that on which Allah's name has not been mentioned, and that is most surely a transgression; and most surely the Shaitans suggest to their friends that they should contend with you; and if you obey them, you shall most surely be polytheists.** **We can see that the ones who cling to their blamable faculties or lowly desires [shaytaan] will contend with the believers. ------------ Scholars are excellent for purposes of reference. So, I do NOT want anyone thinking that it is okay to bad mouth them. Sure, we can question their rulings or competency, but we should NOT attack them. They are trying; they can be at fault, just like you and me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0XF7p5UCQY
  20. I get raw milk from the Amish in Pennsylvania. They have weekly delivery routes. I would advise to choose another farmer. Surely there are some honest people out there. Great article, thanks! I hope all of the other non-organic big corporate food suppliers would start using the same methods as Earthbound. I am not so much against making money; it's just I despise when morals and ethics are compromised in doing so. It is unfortunate that you or those in your locale have found yourselves taken advantage of by such a farmer(s). Search for an honest farmer. Some actually have a passion for their job and helping others, within their own limitations, of course.
  21. WS, I would advise to get off any medication, unless REALLY needed; and by that, I don't mean just because an allopathic doctor THINKS you need it. Seek other natural doctors' advice, too. Check this article for liver health: http://www.naturalne...ver_health.html The following are among my favorite natural health sites: http://www.mercola.com/ http://www.naturalnews.com http://www.jonbarron.org/
  22. Just be careful of blindly following scholars, especially when they go against the Quraan/ 'ahadeeth of Ahlul Bayt (as). Inshaa'Allah you'll do fine.
  23. I don't think such unethical practices are common among raw dairy farmers. Which farm is this?
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