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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله


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  1. Many Many Happy returns of the Day.

    May Allah Bless you !

    Have a Blast........Enjoy !!!

  2. salam, happy birthday to you

  3. OMG that is scarry. :Hijabi: newayz im 15 now. and ive been praying my namaz on time and i havent been missing a single one however i have been performing ghusl-e-janabat also if you know what i mean... Any way brothers i ask advice on two matters. 1) during namaz i get inapropriate thoughts which i need to clear. Any tips? 2) About this jihad-al-akbar. Still too hard, any tips? thanks
  4. Br Mustafa - I hope you're ok. Insha Allah I will pray for whatever is best for you.

  5. thanks and im glad that we think sort of along the same lines like thinkin about all the unattractive parts of a guy but intecourse hmm.. anyway you are a wise boy and good at religion for your age. May Allah allways protct you and take you closer to him. good luck in any problems that yuou may have
  6. look, i appreciate all the help but plz stop calling me a kid and we are kinda going off track right now. I am doing well in my Jihad-Al-Akbar but there are a few moments where i lose the plot. And can we not agure please brothers and sisters please? no violence and i am not married and i do not intend o get married until i am of age, and the talk of protection?!?! ugh :sick: so any tips on how i can control the 'moments' and any tips to strengthen my will power? i.e. duas, rituals etc... also i do feel lonely around here because i dont have ne1 my age. and i hate my cousin now
  7. Hi, thanks for the replies... im making HUGE improvments! im looking at girls more and i try to throw up whenever i think about guys... i just force myself to think "eeiw" and "hmmm nicee" to girls and ive seen one gal in particular that looks sorta allright but there are a few guys who are nice but im rying hard to 4get about them... If i get the chance to, should i talk to that guy and tell him how i feel? would it get it of my chest or would it make it worse? what should i do?
  8. Wooooah! this is going abit too fast id say! im not ready for a serious relationship andyes i am 14, im not that traumatised about my past and do you think that it is wise for me to talk to that guy? also pleeeaase tell me how i can get in toutch with some one who can tell me stuff. A shaikh or somebody. Thanks again. Besides it isnt me who is passing the abuse, it is a two way thing lol. ho hum.
  9. Hi and thanks for ALL your help. I have understood that i must perform Jihad Al Akbar and i will try. I am going to think more about girls and i have tried it, its not making much difference. It will be hard to refrain but what shall i do about that one boy? the boy that i fancy the pants off? the one that i just want to hug and kiss? the one i want to be with? Im doing alot of research and this one girl told me not to think about it bou if i am to think about girls and... its too dificult! Plus i CANNOT tell anyone in my family or they will not speak to me and maybe kick me out of the house b
  10. i tried to send you a pm lol. but it didnt work cause ur not an advanced member yet.

  11. Ya Allah just keep on saying that.

  12. I have had relations with one of my cousins as a younger child of about 8, i wasnt too sure of anything at the time. I am currently having relations with another cousin but please dont think bad of me as i allready feel bad enough :unsure: and YES they are boys...
  13. ok, thank you for all your replies... i really appreciate them. basically i am 14, it is not a phase and hard to control because ther is this one boy and i simply fancy the pants of him. i wanna tell him but when i think about the concequences i just cant. but i reaaly like him. imean i have never experienced this before, when ever i think about him then all my worries go away and all i can think to do is kiss him. I AM SOOO ASHAMED but thats how i feel. :blush: Also whenever sum guy walks past me then i just thinka bout whetether they are cute or not and i used to fancy this one girl but i d
  14. look, all im sayin is that u have the right to express your opinions. However if u r in public and in a place where others such as myself may be offended then please do it discetely otherwise try to keep the harsh comments to urself "being Shia is corny", "I could cure your insecurities" <HOW?!?!, "Walking around with shaved beards" <So its his choice!, "During Ramadan ever smell a shia's breath" <Dont you follow one of the 5 pillars of islam which is to fast?!?! just think about what u say
  15. just do ure prayers, and nalaat the shaitan alot,

    take care,

    sis *~sakina*~


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