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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salam again. Sister I would ask you to act instead of react. It is not nice to say what you said.
  2. salaam, Sister the Question is not if you are a Lesbian it is if you are a practicing lesbian. I have met Muslims who are attracted to the same sex but they used that to become a stronger Muslim. They Fought Jihad of Their Nafs (self) every single day. Eventually they got married and are now quite happy with their husband. If you are a practicing Lesbian you can not be a Practicing Muslim and Vice Versa. I pray that you will follow your relgion you follow your desires. Because desires fade but Allah's love will always be there.Also because This life is so short compared to Eternal Paradise.
  3. salaam, we shias unlike the sunni's do not accept everything at face value we have to check it out and find the truth.. this is what our imam's tought us to do. We are not blind followers of idiots such as abu huraira and sheik bin bazz. so when you bring something from a book that may or may not have been authentic I think the burden of proof is in your lap to provide proof of authenticity.. You know it bothers me that if any of us were going to buy a mercede's we would want to know for sure that it is authentic but in matters of such importance as religion we don't give it a second thought May Allah protect us from this trait that the shaitan holds us with..
  4. salaam, no i did not write this I got it from Play and Learn Islamic Website for Children *and those who are children in the world of Islam thank you all for your comments I really feel strongly on the abortion issue because I was almost aborted. If it was easy then as it is now to get an abortion I would not be here speaking with you all. Edited By amazing wonders by Allah on 1031902611
  5. salaam, i am still me and i still live here.. anyhow i wanted to know if azeez is a proper name? isnt that an attribute of Allah.. wouldnt abdul-azeez be better?
  6. salaam, i am confused about using islamic terms and when the right time it is to use them for instance i went to the butcher and when he gave me my meat i said barak Allah feek.. he just gave me a strange look. i was wondering for those a bit more fluent in arabic could you please tell me if you have had any experiences in seeing people use the wrong terminology , if so please tell me the experience and how it could be corrected. also for those who practice arabic i reccomend you learn how to prounounce the right vowell or letter or you may get in trouble. like do not EVER! say kalb instead of qelb
  7. salaam, when I am reading posts or talking with people i notice that when people get frustrated or mad they say supanallah as if it was saying oh my god.. the translation of supanallah as i always heard was glory be to Allah. so why when arguing say supanallah. are there any ayats from the quran or hadiths that say we should do this? p.s i am not saying i disagree with it I just do not understand
  8. salaam, Ghareebat I would advise you to call yourself. Ask him. First of all the owner is not pakistani nor shia.I know for a fact 100% because he spoke to one of my friends on the phone. What I think is that your ad called the distributor of al-safa and he was pakistani. But the owner is 100% JEWISH! here is his # call and ask him if you don't believe me David Muller President 1-800-268-8174 ext.#26
  9. salam, looooooooooooolz zareen... i wonder if dose are da same people dat talk 2 me?
  10. salaam, I was talking with a sunni that actually had the nerve to say that Ali (as) wanted to take Aisha as a second wife so when Mohammed (as) married Aisha Ali vowed to destroy Aisha because she rejected Ali. (as) Edited By amazing wonders by Allah on 1031753218
  11. salaam, well if you go to this website Al Safa Halal and check out who works there .You will notice that the owner is not only a non-muslim but he is jewish. Could we buy "halal" meat from a jew?
  12. salaam, yes sister you are right my point is not to look cute . If indeed I wanted to I would prolly wear niqqab (lol) cuz I aint really that cute.. Noone ever looks at me(except Americans tryin to figure out if I am carrieng an oozi under my abaya.
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