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  1. Nazar_Abbas

    True Or False ?

    False. Have you experienced "Sleep Paralysis" ?
  2. Nazar_Abbas

    True Or False ?

    True, (Tea). Totally. Tea is better than coffee ?
  3. Nazar_Abbas

    Dream interpretation - anyone please?

    Jazakallah, will do that.
  4. Salam, This month i had two dreams that left me to wonder about their interpretation. Can anyone of you please help me to interpret them? 1). I see my father dead. And his body was kept on an altar in the middle of a huge hall (like a shopping mall), surrounded by people all over, people looking down from all the floors of the hall. The Aalim asked me to keep my fathers left hand in a position showing only Index finger, as if saying "Allah is one" and right hand tied to his Neck. I start sobbing and the Aalim consoles me.Suddenly my father wakes up, his eyes still closed , not talking and gives me a bunch of Coriander (hara dhaniya). Then he runs away from the altar, and i run behind him to catch him, but he falls from the steps, and i hear a huge noise as if his head has banged to the ground and my father dies again. 2). I see my self performing Wuzu (ablution) and then i enter the Qabristan (graveyard) located in my area. Jazakallah.
  5. Nazar_Abbas

    True Or False ?

    True. Love is waste of time ?
  6. Nazar_Abbas

    True Or False ?

    Do you think this post should be started again? :donno:
  7. (salam) I came through this hadeeth today. The part of the hadeeth says: How is chapter 44 (Surah Ad-Dukhan) related with Shab-e-Qadr ? And why is it recomended to read it every night in the month of ramazan? (wasalam)
  8. Nazar_Abbas

    True Or False ?

    False. Are you aware of Black hole ?
  9. Nazar_Abbas

    True Or False ?

    Very true. (When i started this post, i never thought it would go thi far. :rolleyes: ) Do you find shiachat helpful in findind answers to your questions?
  10. Nazar_Abbas

    True Or False ?

    False (I just avoid Tea and coffee). Are you health conscious ? Yes !
  11. Nazar_Abbas

    True Or False ?

    True (Sometimes). Do you cook ?
  12. Nazar_Abbas

    Give and Take a Word Game

    Move out.
  13. Nazar_Abbas

    Give and Take a Word Game

    Blind superstitions !
  14. Nazar_Abbas

    True Or False ?

    False. (But have made good friends). Would you like to get in love with someone on Shiachat ?