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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam, We have Agha Sayed Jan Ali Shah Kazmi reciting majalis every day till 3rd January (Arbaen). The topic is Kamiyabi K Raaz, the secrets of success.These will be streamed live on our website www.islam.org.nz.
  2. We are streaming live majlis from Auckland New Zealand every night 7.15PM (NZ time) for english lecture and 9.45PM (NZ time). You can watch live through our website www.islam.org.nz If you have any questions or problems watching the majlis please email its@islam.org.nz Wa Salam
  3. (salam) You can register from RSR2011 Registration. The registration is more functional and will email you the information about what is next. Jazakum Allah..
  4. (wasalam) Yes that is true according to many Ahadeeth the creation is created for Masoomeen. There is great logic behind this concept which requires study and understanding. First of all we need to know what is the relationship of "Insaan/Human" with the creation and what it Insaan's place in the creation. The biggest misconception starts when we take the universe as something which is separate creation from human. When we relate the great universe as creation of Allah with Insaan and the best creation of Him we can make some sense. According to a famous hadeeth narrated by Imam Ali(a.s) "O'
  5. I am keeping an eye on HAARP which is a symbol for a weapon to modify atmosphere. In Alaska US has made this gigantic instrument which can send millions of watts of energy in any part of earth causing earthquakes, floods, tsunami and you name it. This is also science... may be Dajal holding science.
  6. (bismillah) Knowing about the Hajj will stop anyone from Sin. We need to know the reality behind sin and what consequences await us afterward. I am sure only a foolish would do sin after know about its outcome. Most of the time while doing sin we forget about the future, however if we remember whats ahead we would not approach near it. Do a general research about a sin and what happened to people who committed that sin. Another exercise taught by our prophet is remembrance, i.e. remember God before and after, and the fact that the power to do the sin is also given by Him. As for someone who
  7. Salam Alekum, Can someone please help me in finding hadith about recommendation of writing wasiya and how it has positive impact on longevity in life. Kindly help me with the sources of information as well as I am helping someone with his research. Thanks, Ali
  8. Dear Karrar, Please don't mix up sunni's with wahabi filth. Sunni have no similarity with wahabi fitna which is to destroy the roots of Islam by causing disunity amount Muslims. They 'wahabies' hide themselves in the garb of sunni Islam which is their trick of using majority, although they themselves are few. We should be very careful when identifying our own enemies. A wrong step can damage the purpose of the sacrifice of our Imams, so please be careful. As for Parachinar issue we have to have firm unity within our own circles then we have to set a proper line of action. This will be only d
  9. Blackwater and MQM’s Hallmarks on Karachi Fire - Bombings By Dr Shahid Qureshi Thursday 31 December 2009 MQM and Blackwater/Xe are US sponsored mafia style mercenary outfits due to their management structure as it is almost the same both groups’ chiefs are out of Pakistan to start with. "There is no difference between Tehreek Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and MQM because both are sponsored by India and USA. Sawat type operation against MQM’s ‘Clean Shaven Taliban’ who are supporting Blackwater/Xe is a must because people will support. President Zardari, the ‘Putin of Pakistan’ can he do anything of
  10. (bismillah) In Sura Al-Saad verse 72 ÝóÅöÐóÇ ÓóæøóíۡÊõåõ ۥ æóäóÝóÎۡÊõ Ýöíåö ãöä ÑøõæÍöì ÝóÞóÚõæÇú áóåõ ۥ ÓóÜٰÌöÏöíäó (٧٢ "And when I have fashioned him and breathed into him of My Spirit, then fall down before him prostrate" The above explains the logic of Ruh. Hope this helps.
  11. (salam) Please spend some time with http://www.al-islam.org/fortyhadith/
  12. (wasalam) (bismillah) Allah created certain things in Pairs and this is the rule of his creation. Male and female is not just men and women rather it is a concept in divine rules. Hence without the creation of women the creation is incomplete. Surah Al-Rahman tell us about this secret of divine balance that everything is in pair. Rest Allah(SWT) knows better...
  13. (salam) Brother may Allah guide us the best as you have discovered your religion. I must say being a shia'a I spent my whole life without knowing the depths of religion and faith, which now I am trying to get. Indeed knowledge is the key to success. May Allah increase your faith by knowing what is real.
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