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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thanks so much brother. check your PMs :)
  2. Salam alaykum! So basically, I help run this club on campus and we are in dire need of someone who's good at using photoshop and can help us to make posters. We're specifically looking for a shia because our events are catered towards those kind of events. It wouldn't even be that many...we're just looking for someone who can make an event poster for our major events (so like 4 maybe). I know you SCers are talented in many ways ! Ofcourse, you will be rewarded...with THAWAB :) And lots of prayers from your fellow shia brothers and sisters :) If anyone is able to help out, please let me know! Much appreciated ! with duas
  3. 3iedak mubarak kaman my algeeeee-nit

  4. syed fadhullah followers will be doing it on sunday and apparently many sunnis r also
  5. Salam bro..did you go to the side door? cuz when you enter the parkinglot...all the way on the right side..they have a door one for men and one for women..its kinda hidden lolor if u see men handing out shorba ..they are usually the arab ones..they could be help
  6. u can look at this http://www.imam-us.org/Services/Directory/ShiaOrganisations/tabid/249/Default.aspx and see which city is close to u i guess :S
  7. _zahra

    Im Bored

    go read..or watch a movie
  8. _zahra

    Chem help

    ^noooo you see...it was a problem from review of last yr chem..however, after not being exposed to chemistry for almost a year..i kinda forgot things :blush: ...
  9. _zahra

    Chem help

    ^ Thank you so much bro!..much appreciated :D
  10. _zahra

    Chem help

    Am i on the right track so far?
  11. _zahra

    Chem help

    Salam.. Can someone help me with this question? I know it looks really easy...but I duno why I'm not getting it :squeez: ..and I kinda have a quiz tomarrow :Hijabi: thank you I know I have to find the amount of moles first in MnI2 and F2 using the masses provided for me..but up until there..i'm lost lol
  12. Umm i believe u make it like normal timmen bas all you have to do is add red tomato paste to it..
  13. HappyBirthday...many more years to come :)
  14. lol its a pass time..the first season was the best though nows it waay to political i guess...nevertheless..i still watch it :P
  15. if its to non muslim girls..just tell them why..if to the opposite gender..just tell them there are special cases for women
  16. I tell them I am just to avoid further questions...a white lie I guess :unsure:
  17. _zahra


    roller blading yeh skate boarding-duno how to
  18. oooh wow

    i knew you'd miss it but never thought u'd actually wana come back and live here :P

    ..but you gotta become the next top scholar! where the white amama too!

  19. If you get those tatoos with like Bismillah on it, you can't go into a bathroom with it lol
  20. hahaha many people have long taken that away from you :P
  21. Hmm so when ramadhan rolls around

    religious side comes out eh :P jks

    uh..i duno rlly..just tab the topics u like

    and check up on them?

  22. |



    yoo i duno what this guy is on about!!

    i was introduced in '06 ...so about a yr after it does!

    reason why he thinks so is cuz of my spamming posts -__- :p

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