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  1. https://www.al-islam.org/al-murajaat-abd-al-husayn-sharaf-al-din-al-musawi Have a read of that bud.
  2. https://www.al-islam.org/our-philosophy-falsafatuna-sayyid-muhammad-baqir-al-sadr Introduction: The Social Issue The Social Schools of Thought 1. Capitalistic Democracy 1. The Materialistic Tendency in Capitalism 2. The Position of Ethics in Relation to Capitalism 3. The Tragedies of the Capitalistic System 2. Socialism and Communism 1. Deviation from the Communist Operation 2. Flaws of Communism 3. The Correct Explanation of the Problem 3. The Islamic System: the Proper Treatment of the Problem21 1. The Message of Religion 2. A Final Point Should read Sayyid Baqir As-Sadr's book on the topic.
  3. So does schizophrenia "A review of MRI findings in schizophrenia" ("When gray and white matter of superior temporal gyrus was combined, 67% of studies reported abnormalities."), or MDD "The rise and fall of MRI studies in major depressive disorder" ("Depressive-like symptoms can also be associated with non-psychiatric disorders, such as central nervous system (CNS) disorders, endocrine disorders, infectious diseases, and sleep disorders,") and a host of other genetic 'abnormalities' ( https://www.ebi.ac.uk/gwas/diagram pretty cool site to explore known disease to gene associations ) But then again, so does genetic aspects of paedophilia --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OiquubYVbWQ @6:45 No one's suggesting they kill themselves if their axons/dendrites are all messed up.
  4. Maybe it's best explained through an example. Meet brother Jaafar. Jaafar used to play with barbie dolls as a child. His parents were very worried about Jaafar preferring kitchen aprons over kalashnikovs. As Jaafar grew older, he tried on many occasions to explain to his parents that although he was born male, he had a female brain! His parents wouldn't have a word of it! Once his father walked in on Jaafar playing with two barbie dolls as he was making them pretend hug. Jaafar's father was like WHAT THE HELL JAAFAR, and snatched those barbies from him, later burning them alive. You see, little did Jaafar's father know, but Jaafar's girlie mind liked other girlies. Jaafar's parents believed the only solution was to get Jaafar married. So they conspired to find him a wife; you see they thought that getting him married would fix Jaafar's gender issues. So they visited a family that had a barbie daughter, Fatima. To their huge surprise, Jaafar and Fatima hit it off straight away, and within 3 months they did their nikah and were married. Now when ever Jaafar's parents visited their house, they found Jaafar and Fatima both in pink aprons cooking cupcakes, and they couldn't be happier at seeing how well they were getting along.
  5. If a gay dude has a feminine oriented mind, and that feminine oriented mind happens to be lesbian, then you end up with a person that has a male body and a lesbian mind (that likes other women). Then it's halal. That being said, if someone happens to have gender issues, they'd have mental issues. You're best avoiding them.
  6. So women are just like vehicle objects? I KNEW IT! And they've been faking being humans all this time <_<
  7. Oh definitely the najasa part is the worse. The best solution was when they asked to go to the bathroom lead them to the back garden, and convey to them that you'll be standing by with a hose once they're finished.
  8. It works sometimes. For example, I yawned and thought about caffeine. Next thing I know, I found a triple shot long black being attracted to my lips.
  9. As 'just a muslim' alluded to, the lam preceding a verb signifies intent to do (or to have done) that thing, i.e. in order to, so that, so as to, etc.
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