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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Why do I enjoy Real Madrid games? Mostly because Cristiano Ronaldo...need I say more about said legend?
  2. You don't know if the Prophet Isa failed or not????!!! Like how does one claim that a Prophet that spoke in the cradle failed? Is that even logical? Funny you would run to Muawiya yet fail to stand up for the Prophet...It fails logic.
  3. If there was a hadith that stated one of the three was a Mawla we would not hear the end of it. SubhanAllah they don't even have anything to go off of and we still don't hear the end of it. Come at me with a hadith as solid as the Ghadeer Khum.
  4. @oxyvie @Muslim33 and @Sanju malik I will not attempt to delve into the 'complicated' aspect of designation and the rule of Allah of who shall be the Prophet's successor as that is a point that has been long discussed. The question, however, I have to ask of those that want to create unity and eradicate 'hate' between the two sects is where lies your principles and beliefs that are central to the faith? If you do not believe in the murder of Fatimah (as) than what of that of Imam Hussien (as)? Imam Hussein states that "Omar and Abu Bakr killed me." This is not a fabrication, this is Islamic history that remains unacknowledged by the majority of Muslims. If one is truly seeks the truth in religion then I suggest you challenge yourself and delve into history, you will find that the hate stems from those two that were named by the Imam and their followers that did not seek to please Allah rather they sought political gain. However, since enemy and foe cannot both be in heaven I will hold fast to Imam Ali and Fatimah (as) and if you see fit hold to their enemies. I just do not understand how Sayyid Shabib al-Jannah and his enemies can both be in heaven, which logically means that one is the wrong camp.
  5. She did exist in the Syaddyait roohee fidaha Sayyadiat Nisa al3ameen Fatimah (as), however, my point is it is a point of oppression that women are not given the roles or opportunities that males are afforded. You want to clim the manbar and talk about how women should act? Well guess what the original teacher of mannabar is Fatimah (as). In essence, just like the Shia are an oppressed minority, one does find that Shia women are oppressed within this arena as well.
  6. When Muslim women go the to Islamic library finding books about how they should dress and the like and no equivalent for the men. Yup, we gots ourselves a problem. I don't like stalkers so I think I'll stay out of the limelight
  7. In the history of Islam and Shi'ism one finds that the Manbaar is often occupied by male scholars which has rendered women invisible role within scholarship and general presence. In essence, Islam is egalitarian, however, this subjection of women has promoted the 'invisibility of women'. Interestingly enough, the practice of sitting down to give a lecture in "manbaar" practice can be traced back to Sayydia Fatimah (as) who entered her father's masjid to admonish Islam's enemies. What I am saying here is there is a lack of women within the Islamic scholarship arena and there is something wrong with men speaking at women about how they should speak, act, etc. Can women even attempt the same?
  8. I just read the title and it confused me a little. What "Post-war conflicts" has Iraq left war behind it? It is constantly bleeding.
  9. shia translate and the Islamic library are working together and its on there plus so much more and its all free
  10. This show is about Lebanese people who live in Dearborn, and are called Muslims. They are all Arabic, and all Lebanese. The show did not try to get a divirse view of Muslims in Dearborn. Lebanese people are mostly proud of this show, because mostly it represents their lifestyle (one of the families in the show will provide identification to some who is Lebanese). But why did the show not look at other sects? Other countries? It should have been named ALL American Lebanese Muslims. First, Lebanon provides Rima Fikah and now this. I'm not saying ALL Lebanese people are for it, but for the most part they are agreeable with the show.
  11. I know, people just believe that Gaddafi did kill him, yet they provide no proof. What would he have gained by his death? I don't understand the load of [Edited Out] people believe these days. Maybe if he wasn't so brutally killed then we would have some truth, but all this is speculation.
  12. Personally, I think you should set some boundaries and tell her not to cross them. Family is family but to each is his own.
  13. ^ You seem to have a problem with anyone that has the same view as this person. Seriously so what? You need to chill out and learn to accept that not everyone will hold your views as truths and some will agree with "Basra".
  14. Most likely it will be just sanctions for now, not war. To answer your questions: 1) go there and help fight the enemies ? No, I would do no such thing. 2) watch it from ur tv ? and laptop when a TV is not around. 3) watch it from ur tv but maybe. Again that is a no. I don't see it as wijab to go and fight for them. The people in Iraq are Muslim and when US went to war with them Iran did not defend its Muslim neighbor. (I know about the Iran-Iraq war etc.) Politically, and logically it does not make sense for other countries to step in. That is only if the people of those countries want Muslim unity, which is obviously not the case when it comes to Iran. And so what if there is a fatwa for Syed Sistani that may come out, there are people dying in Iraq (where he is currently) because of the government's corruption, if he is not speaking out against that political injustice then why would he speak about Iran? I know the situations are different but both are about justice, and justice must be looked at everywhere, even if it is opposed.
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