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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. It is unfortunate this happens. I only wish for some perspective and correctness. Maybe I'm sick of white people labelled as the only group that is racist or hateful. If you talk about white people hating or "oppressing" (whatever the hell that is supposed to mean) then you have a wide audience. But if you talk about ill-will between different groups in India, or ill-will between Chinese and Japanese, you may find something exponentially more disturbing yet nobody will listen. Haven't the Christians been ordered to leave Iraq? If you think clearing up some language is worse and more offensive
  2. Allow me to play devil's advocate. While I sympathize with your mistreatment, this is not racism. Muslims are not a race, if people hate you based on your religious preference it is not much different than hating someone for their political views. If I pranced around wearing a Republican party hat, I'm likely to be hit by a tomato. What your scarf represents for many people is potentially a wide range of views that collide with theirs. Now, these are very mean things. But why do people say these things? Perhaps they are more than a little fearful of what your presence brings. Maybe you coul
  3. Okay, if the western governments don't want democracy, and islamic republics don't want democracy, then who the heck does want democracy?
  4. Use birth control pills AND condoms. It doesn't hurt to have a number of defenses. If this is true, doctors in Pakistan are morons. I'm sure they would also say latex gloves are harmful. And you're 99.99% full of baloney. Got any numbers, statistics champ? How do you know people aren't using contraceptives? 1.1 Billion people, and planned parenthood is working in India? Are you purposefully lying, or just daft? Pregnancy undeniably negatively affects a woman's mental and physical health more than birth control pills. Pills aren't perfect, but as are most things you consume.
  5. It has just dawned on me - when have you ever talked about a peaceful resolution? You have 19 posts my friend. Other people have been talking of peace, you've been talking about mass murder. So you can go to hell with your hatred. "Islam - a religion of peace" and genocide, apparantely.
  6. How is it without reason? Yes. Why should they believe the best part of life comes after death? Who knows what they'll do if they actually believe that. They may want martyrdom. None taken :)
  7. What difference does it make? Do rapists have a purpose? Does murder have a purpose? Being without divinity doesn't mean that one necessarily finds life pointless. That is, I can live life for amusement. Is life not amusing? You seem to view life as one huge painful experience that would mean nothing without a greater being that we are purposefully acting for. I see that to be the negative view of life. You seem to have removed all sense of personal purpose at this point, and expanded it to something general. That is, the universe has a purpose. So what is the purpose of the universe? Athei
  8. Okay, so an atheist (or at least some) is fine without having a designer. A theist, on the other hand, likes to believe that he was made for a purpose which he cannot explain. How is the theist situation better? "I was made for a purpose!" screams the self-absorbed child. This is the classic tantrum. Please tell me how your purpose is so much greater than mine, and you will serve your God, and the universe that he created, more than a nonbeliever. "He's an atheist, therefore he must be Nietzsche." The universe need not revolve around you. If such a universe makes you contemplate suicide, then
  9. You don't seem to like atheism because you don't think it gives purpose. So what is your god-given purpose? What is the divine purpose that you have that I haven't found?
  10. Sounds like this Manteqi guy just wants to boost the stock. Which is fair, but I don't think the prospects of buy-out are as good as he says.
  11. Right all along? They were right to kidnap people and make a big fuss about it? You will accept anything to justify the things this whacked out country does.
  12. Kids liking music! They might start liking humanity! OH NO!! I'll draw a cartoon of the prophet and give $10 to a jew for every kid you brainwash. If I ever needed proof that we weren't designed by intelligence, it is the retardation of your post.
  13. Science shows that there is no need for God. You can't have science without it discovering this. The west enjoys religious freedom. You can believe what you want. What Qutb is appealing for is a totalitarian regime. Is that what god wants? Fascism? Again, insane ranting and hatred from Qutb's rear end. What are you trying to say? Everybody in the west is materialist? Are you that stupid? Blah blah blah... Oh, and family values in the east are better? Honour killings? Niqabs? FGM? Is someone forcing you to be gay? Oh, and are you responsible for the acts of everyone in your address book?
  14. Buddy, Mohsin owned you. You claim that the Quran contains everything from earth is round to embryology. Funny that the Muslim world weren't circumnavigating the globe first, or made it anywhere in biology recently. You're the "me too" at the end of discovery, by reading something obscure in old books. You're the dude that figures Macbeth is some allegory about rocket science and Twelfth Night accurately describes human anatomy. I find it funny that you applaud this person, and have "Shia Islam = Religion of Peace™" in your avatar. Do you realize this guy suggested "Burning Israel to the grou
  15. So, you're saying Muslims knew the earth was round, but somehow this information was not relayed to any other group in the world, nor was it tested. Why didn't these geniuses build a boat and go somewhere, wise guy? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christopher_C...avigation_plans But continue your tall tales about how muslims invented the internet, the washing machine, and the lightbulb as well. Do you actually have a friend that isn't muslim? Ever talked to a non-mahram woman?
  16. Let's say my favorite color was purple. It doesn't hurt you at all. I get together with other adults that like purple. Yet somehow, in your mind, liking purple is a disease that you want to cure me of, even though it wouldn't make me any happier. So the only reason you wouldn't cheat on your wife with a sheep is because of a book written a thousand years ago? That's your only defense? You're a sheep humper by nature? You have no evidence to support your claim, and you wish to absolve Osama from any responsibility (even though he admitted to the crime) because you love him and want to have
  17. ^ Jews lived in Israel before it was a state. They didn't have to kick out anybody, and if they did, it was probably to do with the three wars that the Arabs started.
  18. Would you change your mind if I put a picture of every jew that Hamas has killed? You seem to scour the internet for pictures of dead people, then take them out of context and say the Israelis were at fault. If your "stand" against Israel is some images of a hormonal teenager throwing rocks, instead of some sort of intellectual argument, then I am not impressed.
  19. Yep, but I tend to talk about the sins of Christians on Christian forums. Also, it's pretty damn hard to find a religious jew these days.
  20. Well, you said you have structure, and obviously you relay that structure to your kids, essentially warping their growing minds. So you've just agreed with me. Just as people can't change the fact that they are mentally retarded, they can't change the fact that they are homosexual. Ergo, don't lock them up. Your computer was built by homos. Name one society (a real one, not one out of your religious picturebook) that was corrupted by homosexuals. You implied that atheists don't care about pedophilia. In other threads, you imply that Americans killed their own on 9/11. Have a taste of your o
  21. I think the point here is everyone rushes to talk about the "oppression" and denounce American influence - even when the violence and death can be blamed on Shia or Sunni insurgents. So here we are, the Iraqi Christians are totally screwed, but nobody on this forum really cares. If Iraqi Shia were being thrown out of the country you wouldn't stop whining about it. And here we can see what people really want to happen to Iraq - they want the Americans to leave so the Shia can kill off the Sunni and Christians, then leaving a 100% Shia theocracy to buddy-up with Iran to take out Israel. So in th
  22. You mean we don't brainwash our kids. It is. There is always been a subset of humanity that has been gay. And there are other species that exhibit homosexual tendencies. It doesn't hurt you at all. Tell me again, how old was Aisha?
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