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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. So, you've been stalking me, huh ;).

  2. Although I understand some of these explanations - I was wondering, is it not fair to say in the same regard that a Muslim man should not marry a non-Muslimah because that woman (in the same way as one of the previous examples) would not be obligated to give him his rights as a husband? Surely a woman has obligations toward her husband as well and marrying a non-Muslimah could result in those rights not being adhered to. Just a thought...
  3. Hii!! I'm in NY! Sorry no one has responded so far but I'm here now! And there are more where I come frm... :D
  4. haha that may be so... but once Dexter is over I'm not getting myself involved in any more Showtime/HBO/whatever shows again. Especially because I enjoy watching TV with my husband, I think I'll stick to the "kiddie" shows from now on.. lol
  5. love this show but it's gets pretty annoying having to stay vigilant for the nudity all the time.. esp. the second season - * forward, forward, watch.. forward, forward, forward, watch * The storyline is great, I just wish it wasn't a showtime program so all that wasn't allowed..
  6. Salam,Many many happy returns of the day.Wasalam

  7. i think i just stared at that picture for the last 5 minutes, without moving my eyes.. lol i cannot figure out what in the world it is.. if someone has any idea, please let me know!
  8. hey im sorry im in the brothers forum but someone had asked this question at a retreat i attended and the answer was no...
  9. are you sure it couldn't be like a male family member or like long lost cousin or something like that? just make sure you knock out all possible options before reaching to more serious conclusions.
  10. dude i agree that is so sick and unfortunately i have family members (ahem ahem grandma) who are SO into getting a "fair complexioned" girls for her sons ...... like ahhhh they have turned away good prospects because of that and it makes me so mad!! im tan and im happy with my color, i wouldnt have it any other way but my grandmother is always coming up with weird gunk to put on my face to make me lighter! (which i refuse to use) we always get into fights about this.. it's really crazy.
  11. I agree with mz7eighty6 on the periodic napping, in fact i think it's something i learned from her a few years ago.. lol but yeah that works and the wakin up early rather than staying up all night is nott a bad idea either, that works best for me when i need to study rather than actually get work/a project done.
  12. woo hoo i'm the only one here that voted for badminton.. =) not that i dont love basketball and volleyball but badminton is my numero uno
  13. MizzTee


    i admit there are girls out there that don't belong on the road (like my good friend Simoni who has crashed her Mustang 3 times in the past yr) but i also think it depends person to person cuz i kno i speed (understatement) and zig zag like crazy but i havent come close to crashing once in the 3 years that i've been driving and all my friends trust me driving their cars and feel safe when im driving them.. lol i've had this discussion many many many times and i've gotten many GUYS to admit I drive better than them.. lol
  14. MizzTee


    dude im a genius.. lol maybe not but i did get all 6 in the 1st try. =)
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