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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (salam) Iranian women have some issues which they want to solve by means of violence.It is they who have started this all senseless demonstrations because they don't want to follow Islam. In terms of Hijab they want to be free so that they can expose themselves as much as they want.But these girls and women somehow with less intellect think that only they are human beings and somehow they are the only citizens of Iran and they have 100% might and right to do what they want.An unIslamic person thinks it is his/her right to live life without Islamic restrictions ,but little do they thi
  2. (salam) Read books on fiqh , :) you will know it all.Or try searching Sistani.org to find your answer.You think I am 24 hour alim online to answer each and every query of yours.:). How can I give you the ocean of Knowledge.Pray to Allah to guide you.
  3. (salam) Haj is Haj.But you know that in Juloos e Aza women are not allowed to walk along with men.So how come in a rally or demonstration can they do that. How can you equate such a holy wajibat like Haj to roadside demonstration.
  4. (salam) The idea suggested by Syed was right to have a separate forum for this kind of stuff. I also have seen some sites selling readymade kafan pack in which there is kafan,kafan's band(probably 4 belts) and all those things needed for ghusl and hunut.It was probably an Arabian website.
  5. (salam) Joining the namehrams in a rally doesn't seem to be Hijabi behaviour.It is forbidden for women to come out in the open and fight with men.See the exampl of Aisha coming on an elephant and fighting with Hazrat Ali(a.s). So you know now by the grace and mercy of Allah what is right and what is wrong.
  6. (salam) I am sorry,I can't give you the link,but here is what I have copied from a website to my PC. Rules About Burial of the Dead Body 620. * It is obligatory to bury a dead body in the ground, so deep that its smell does not come out and the beasts of prey do not dig it out, and, if there is a danger of such beasts digging it out then the grave should be made solid with bricks, etc. 621. If it is not possible to bury a dead body in the ground, it may be kept in a vault or a coffin, instead. 622. The dead body should be laid in the grave on its right side so that the face remains towar
  7. (salam) If you don't mind,can you please let others know who died? Is the need urgent or you can wait?I read somewhere.But it will take time to search as I have forgotten.
  8. (salam) Well ,Iranians know what is good for them and what is bad ,and also the Shias and Shia Moulanas elsewhere in the world know well what is good for them and what is bad.What do a few demonstrators think that they can get supremacy over such a big religious leader who is supported by millions worldwide.Who these demonstrators are and what their bad plans are ,are all revealed by their own behaviour and words.But does anybody think that Allah never helps those who plan against Islam and Islamic authority.All attempts will be futile.As I earler mentioned that Allah is the Lord of retri
  9. (salam) Really now I feel bad about what is going on in Iran.Why don't people stop demonstations,etc and accept the simple fact that somebody won and somebody lost it. If you are a loser and you keep complaining then this behaviour makes you an even much bigger loser. This is plain advice.I am not boasting but please pay attention that in some Duas it is written about complaining of being a loser as a mistake and it is Dua like "Ya Allah I am sorry over my complaining of losing this materialistic world.Ya Allah give me more patience than I ever had.Ya Allah make me successfull on the Day
  10. (salam) Ok. It's nothing so serious that a translation is needed.It's not bad too.Anyway if you people mind I will try to avoid Urdu in non Urdu forums. I was just asking if Iranians know Urdu.That was hidayat as well as Urdu test . Please don't take it so seriously.
  11. (salam) :yaali: YA ALI .Irani apni nafs pe kaboo rakho.Kyun hukumat chahte ho.Waise Allah nalayakon ko kabhi hakim nahi bannay dega. Pehle ibadat zyada karo unlogon se jo ab hakim hai phir kuch kaho.Ik do din ki ibadat se kuch nahi hota hai. Bahut se ibadat karo. Iranians :) app logon ko urdu aati hai???? :unsure:
  12. Surah Kafirun ???? Janab Quran Majeed padhte raha karo . Lol You speak with less ilm.You ignore the Quran and ask for fatwas.Ok take Surah Kafirun as fatwa from Allah.Now what do you need?? Please give reference to the Hadith you have posted.Kafirs were considered liar and it is mentioned in the Quran ,then how can you believe their word. Essay at school is quite different from real life and problems which are concerning Islam.I don't know how you take duniya and deen at the same level. I too am educated and in non Muslim country but those essays in school were written only to get a certific
  13. (salam) :yaali: slap slap slap slap kick slap kick :shaytan: where is your hijab? :) May be they are their own family members hitting them hard so that they do toba and keep themselves inside the house.
  14. (salam) Peace if you are Muslim you must never give quote of non Muslim.It's kind of a sin.Please don't feel bad. I am not here for criticism. Ok.IRANIANS DEAR PLEASE DO SABR.DON'T GO TO THE STREETS. Well if you people really wan't a new leader you can all pray namaz and read duas till the next election.:)Is it after five years.:) How frequently are elections held in Iran? :) If somebody wants to be a leader they can get a taweez for this purpose and wait till the next election instead calling people for rallies,demonstrations and putting the life of ordinary to risk.I mean what
  15. (salam) Ya Allah solve the problems in Iran. My advice :) to all Shias in Iran and elsewhere who are too much concerned with the politics is that they should do sabr regarding political matters and atleast hijabi women should not take themselves to the streets for such silly (please don't mind :) ) purposes like who will be their political leader.Definitely you have rights.You have your very own legs.You can take yourself to any street for any damn reason.But sisters IS THIS ISLAM? I mean shouldn't you be doing sabr.Please pay attention to what happened in Karbala.Remember what yo
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