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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. im not sure if this topic is discussd b4 coz the search is not workin... i wanted to ask experienced sisters out there, tht which method of contraception do they think is best for virgins? i heard female condoms are uncomfortabl for first timers? for the weddin nite especially , shud the girl use the method, or is it better for the guy to? thnx in advance
  2. salam all. ok i know this is a silly question, but i wanted to know if ziyarat ashura is recited standin or sitting? obviously if it is ziyarat, it shud b recited standing rrite ? is the whole thing recited in direction of qibla? im askin, bcoz wen i last went to syria, i saw a whole group reciting the ziyarat in the haram while sitting. so i wanted to clarify which shud b done? also, its recommended very much for the bride n groom to recite on the weddin nite? anyone read it on their weddin nite? did u stand or sit? also want to know, do all of u recite the laan n salam 100 times? or 10 time
  3. nabho


    thnks u zeinab :) can i pls request sister Wilayah to PM or message me or something. i am not able to send her a msge privately. sister wilayah, can u message me ur email address so that i can contact u personally thru tht? thnk u 4 help in advance
  4. i have heard about the Sisters Consultancy Group thing on this forum, but i dunno how to get on it. i have a few personal questions which i wud like help with. if someone cud please help me and tell me how to join this group. thnx salams
  5. Salam all, I know there is already a post for cure for dark circles but im not sure if all the treatements the brothers n sisters have adviced are for heredity im not sure if mine are due to heredity, but they are pretty dark and i have had them for years. they are not the normal come-and-go dark circles, theyve been around for quite some time now :) so i wanted ask u guys if there is some real good tried and tested methods u have used. for example i have just started to use cucumbers for my eyes, but i wanna know how long would it take how long wud drink 8 glasses of water per day take?
  6. oh man...! im laffin so much tht i cant think!! but ...but weve targetted the aunties,uncles and the gurls....BUT wot bout the masid boys?? who'll start??
  7. my to- be mil is the sweetest...and the cutest! Ive still to get to her know her well, but I know i will love her, inshaAllah just like i love my own mother.
  8. Bro, dont u think that the more time he will spend with her, he will automatically fall in love with her? He has a plus point-he's married to her. He should try and spend most of his time with her, and love will come automatically inshaAllah. But please, he shouldnt love her coz he HAS to love her, it should be natural. Otherwise, its not fair to the poor wife.
  9. Salam all, I will be travelling to Syria for A'arbaeen inshallah. Can anyone help me with the details of what to do/where to go and the likes? Anyone got a specific site that I can visit which will guide me? Also, what exactly is the weather there? Freezing, or just normal cold? thnx
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