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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam,

    I have A question about one of your posts, I tried looking everywhere for that book, cant find. Please email me back. thanks.

  2. salaam!

    I am new to this forum and I read one of your posts on dua on here.. I wanted to ask you a question. if you dont mind can you please email me at sonias1104@aol.com?

    thank you so much!

  3. Salaamu Alaikum, I’m searching for movies that are both entertaining and appropriate for children – western or Islamic. Many Islamic movies tend to be lengthy and dry, and kids usually won’t bother to read subtitles. On the other hand, many western movies (including Disney and Pixar) contain scenes that are inappropriate. Examples of agreeable movies are “The Miracle Worker” and “Arthur.” “Children of Heaven” is a great pick were it not for the subtitles. All suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance.
  4. Salam Alaykum. Subhanallah. BBC's "The Blue Planet" is simply amazing if anyone can get their hands on it. I believe it was Hajj Hassanain Rajabali who recommended it. Trailer of similar documentary: http://www.miramax.com/deepblue/
  5. Salam Alaykum. http://al-islam.org/organizations/aalimnetwork/msg00304.html
  6. Salam Alaykum. http://al-islam.org/masail/3.htm
  7. Salam Alaykum. In the public sphere: In private: Things that invalidate fast: http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?sh...=0entry846155
  8. Salam Alaykum. They've been taxi drivers for a while now in Qum at least.. you can ask specifically for a female taxi driver.
  9. Salam Alaykum. As expected.. The second link doesn't work. Has anyone tried emailing q-a@hawzah.net before?
  10. Salam Alaykum. http://al-islam.org/istikhara/title.htm
  11. Salam Alaykum. The document is Dua' 7ujub, different than Dua' I7tijab: http://multimedia.shiasource.com/supplicat.../DuaIhtijab.mp3 Sis Katayon, I apologize for the delay.
  12. Salam Alaykum. Inna lillah wa inna ilayhi raji3oon. Ameen ya rabb to all of the above, Allah yir7amu. Please let us know if there's anything we can do for you dear sis.
  13. Salam Alaykum. It has been translated into English actually.. I think it's 2 volumes, each with 2 parts.
  14. Salam Alaykum. Too many threads on this type of thing, i.e. the characteristics a person desires in their future husband/wife. Great post by sis ZeinaB.. it really is that simple. It is only the religious factor (and all it encompasses) that matters. Allah (swt) will take care of the rest inshaAllah. Based on the above and what sis Zeinab posted, we don't see any mention of things like nationality, beauty, or finance. Even health isn't mentioned.. the person could even be in a wheelchair. We cannot guarantee that things like health and finance won’t suddenly drop. EVERYTHING good essentially falls under ‘Imaan. All of the good qualities necessary for a blessed marriage are tied to ‘Imaan. If someone wants to marry a “Shia Muslim,” there’s no longer need to mention things like, “he/she has got to be honest, humble, compassionate, patient, etc.” if he were a true Shia Muslim. If the person fears God, things can be moved in the right direction. [The main problem tends to be: ... how do you figure out if a person is faithful. ] If a male is interested in looks (which.. according to the hadiths it’s best not to have that intention), a female who is lacking in faith might ignore him and be much more difficult than a female who is not beautiful and yet she works hard to please him. If a female is interested in money, and the person she marries doesn’t have enough faith, he can be the most selfish being. He can be less giving than another husband who works as a garbage man. Marrying someone with less money, less looks, or less health (for ex.) can also be a good thing in terms of growing close to Allah (swt). May Allah (swt) grant you all spouses that He thinks are best for you. :) ..Maybe we should put our lists or whatnot aside for just one moment, and think about whether or not we ourselves are worthy of that husband/wife some of us dream up.
  15. Salam Alaykum. Thanks for providing the fatwa. I guess it depends on your marja' then! B/c we know that contrary to answer #3 above, Imam Khomeini would probably agree with the hadith in ques #3 based on his fatwa in Tahrirul Vasileh. I've sent an email to Ayat. Khamenei’s office.. although I don’t expect them to expound on the hadith; I asked a similar question a year ago and they said they didn’t answer those types of questions, but I’m trying again anyway. Also I'll try to get in contact with Ayat. Bahjat's office if possible. Hajjeh.. if you could pls find out what Ayat. Seestani's view is on this subject. 'Iza bti2dareh. When I read the fatwa above I was honestly surprised because when I was little he gave a lecture at Jaami3at Al-Zahraa in Qum on precisely that hadith (i.e. “khayrul mar2ah an..”) He was also encouraging the women to use a recorder and listen to lectures or whatnot at home instead of having to leave the home. --- Hajjeh if you could please address the following: What was different about the two situations? Why do we see one hadith that narrates Sayyeda Fatima (SA) speaking with Salman (RA; the same person) from behind a curtain, and this one that points to otherwise? Also, couldn't God-decreed limitations have been observed without having to put a veil in between her and the blind man? Is there absolutely no good (or any difference at all) that comes from segregating the home, workplace, the mosque, schools, etc. if a woman is observing inner and outer hijab (i.e. completing her wajibat)? If not, why is it done in places like for ex. Iran, Najaf, the Dha7yeh, and the jnoub?
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