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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. yah i guess ur right and u know my family members will b back 10 days b4 muharram.
  2. amEEN pray that my mum n dad n dad's broo n sis n my nanny would be able to c n touch it they r goin to hujh this year they will aboard to their flight at 24th nov BY THE WAY THANX ALOOOOOOOOOT MOLA APP KO SLAMAT RAKAIN
  3. (salam) people i havn't been on this forum for a long time, been busy. how r u all? hope fine :) k people i think u all must hav heard bout the miracle that happens evry year in khana-e-kaba on 13th rajab. i hope u know how hazrat ali (as) born on 13th rajab. how B.B fatima bint-e- asad entered in khana-e-kaba. and how one side of kana-e-kaba opened to let her (sa) in n then closed there r still those marks of some cracks. surely i wont hav to tell all the story. k so people as u know every year at the time of imam ali (as) birth that place (through which his (as) mother entered in
  4. absolutly right i'd like to see video if he cant post the video no matter cause i believe ali is in our blood.
  5. i'd like to die but sorry not die myrtired........................................... :angel: ^_^ if die so i'd wish Allah will forgive all my sins. :blush: :( :cry:
  6. well i know just this that when imam come there will be a call (nida) and every one will recorganize him automaticlly even non muslim and they will accept islam but it will be waste for them to accept the islam cause there will be three main signs of his(a.s) appearance will be complete so it would be waste and one more thing which i heared in majlis that when imam will come he will fullllllllllllllll of noor more than hazraat yusaf (a.s) more than every one every prophet every imam every one and he will hold ZULFQARin his(a.s)hand and 313 soldiers will behind him and when he will pass the
  7. my mom told me that all the imams(a.s) own lands/fields but except imam ali (a.s) but imam always use those lands or fields etc... in helping people and in imam ali(a.s)'s time of imamat he worked..............as a gardener or cut the trees from jungle and sold thoses wood. and many other works but he did work its true
  8. ok u said those eyes frightended just tell me that can u think to make hazraat ali asghar pic can u? no. b4 i went khairpoor my uncle(chacha)told us that a boy came to ziaraat and captured pics then when he went back to his home he installed all the pics (he had captured). and saw that these two eyes in that those pictures then he came back there and show that image to those family members and then he captured pic again and instead of shabi noor came in that pic may be that can b flash may not we cant say any thing on this cause v dont know that is nooor or not. and as u said about the tabo
  9. well i hav heared in majalis molana hasan naqqvi said that there r 203 or 205 signs of imam's reappearance but there r 3 main signs these r DAJJAL SUFYANI A HUGE ARMY WILL COME IN VIEW FROM from west holding black flacg it will be very hugeeeeeeeeeeeee army and will fight against lie. after these those people who will accept islam will be refuse mean will not accept by god and Dajjal government will remains till 40 days and after this sufyani governs till 15 days these day will be very long very longgggg and in these 15 days imam a.s will reapear its secret of god and imam where he will appe
  10. well i hav heard in recent majalis that wtever u said is all right these things will happened and imam mehdi a.s will defeat the dajjal in ur religious (ANTI-CRIST) u said this and i hav heard in majlis that if a man die wth a wish to be in imam a.s army they he will be back he mola will call that man and he will stand from his grave and will reach to imam a.s and become a part of his army SO MY WISH IS THAT I"LL BE IN HIS ARMY AND AND INSHALLAH I WILL BE IN IMAM A.S ARMY SO IT DOESNT I"LL DIE OR LIVE.
  11. ok in this movie u'll see that some one has remove a BLACK SHAWL SO beneath that SHAWL THERE IS ANOTHER SHAWL and beneath that SHAWL THERE IS also ANOTHER while shawl on which bloo flowed and now i hav no more description bout that http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvUAdnqjUas
  12. Yes I am 100% sure that "Ali" is written on the moon and at full moon i always watch it and it is clear in my childhood i always says that two eye nose and lips are made on moon but my family refused but many time b4 my father told me that ALI (a.s) is written on ali and there is an artical in imamia jantari about this topic
  13. its in pakistan first time i m hearing this place sorry i dont hav
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