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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. well since u`ve witnessed this in person, u knw best
  2. i think you shud let the judging to maula bro....that might be his brief career of your or others opinion but you cant justify until you get in person or evidence to support these allegations also about the azadari in 404, even though there may be riqqat there but how can u be sure bibi's qabooled your pursa? thats something not for discussion since us humans cant make such judgements once again only maula can judge one's niyat so theres no need to advertise these things since it only causes more politics and hatred within the shia community!
  3. Ranj nah ho maira bhira, bay kafaan lasha tera. Baan kay qaidi shaam jandhi, paiyeh Zainab bay ridaah. 1) Baba Zainab nu teri kufai dhi shahi bhul gaye Vekh ess Kufay dai vich aulaad teri rul gayi Yah Ali mushkil khusha dhiya dai pardai bacha. 2) Deais baghana hain veeran vekh main majboor hoon Kaar nai sakdi dufaan tenu, main vataan town door haan Koi vi nai asara Abid dai sivah. 3) Sabarah da reh no maa hain, veer tu fakhar eh khali Bay kafaan lashay tay Zainab vaim kardi rai akhi Mout nai kitha juda, bhul ni nai Karbobla. 4) Sahray khanjaar kar kai sajdah
  4. mera ghar jalaya lutiyan ridawan ro akhay zainab kis pasay jawan - abid bachawan yaan agh bujawaan ro akhay zainab kis pasay jawan - yusuf ton sohnay meray veer maaray may shaam chaliyan be kafan saray qabaran banawaan yaan rasiyan pawaan ro akhay zainab kis pasay jawan - may deen bachawan vich shaam aayi sab logh vekhan meri be ridayi khutbay sunawaan yaan mu lukawaan ro akhay zainab kis pasay jawan - khaimaych qasim di laash aayi chum chum ke tukray kaway zahra jaayi hun sehray lawaan yaan saf vichawaan ro akhay zainab kis pasay jawan - jis veer de lay chadya medina jiwain qatal hoya bulna k
  5. nohawriteups is going through sum server updates....shud be online in the next cpl of days ia
  6. half a sayed was simply abit of sarcasm......... ^ thats obvious.
  7. ^ if your father is a sayed and mother non-sayed then you are sayed. whereas if your father is a non-sayed and mother sayed, then your half a sayed. typical scenarios to help the confusement.
  8. if a syeda marries a non-syed then her/their kids will not be syed. whereas if a syed man marries a nonsyeda then his kids will still be syed. yes sadaat comes from the father
  9. sayed is from the bloodline of your father!, actions is only something which distinguishes whether your a good person or not not whether your sayed or not! i think you need to continue your research a little further and understand what sayed actually means. also...what do you mean by many people here call themselves sayed yet they drink alcohol and commit major sins??? where r u getting this all from?
  10. if you consider marrying a syed girl when you are a non-syed, think twice about it. By you doing so you will stop the syed heritage. have a read of this article http://www.hubeali.com/articles/Marriage-of-Syedani-with-Non-Syed.pdf
  11. liverpools a total flop this season maybe ''next season'' again lool
  12. maula ali (a.s) obviously knows whats inthe future, since afterall he is made from the same noor as the prophet (pbuh)
  13. Who Sleeps Under The Swords Will Not Sleep Tonight Visions of Kufa and Shaam x2 Flooding Ali Mola’s Sight 1) Angels Visit Ali Yown Murtaza Mourning And Pleading x2 Avoid Your Assassin x2 Hiding Near The Masjid Site 2) Mola Ali Wakes Ibne-Muljim Who Lies Facing Down x2 Hiding A Poisoned Sword x2 To Strike The City Of Light 3) Ali Says Farewell To His Daughters At The Break Of Dawn x2 Bibi’s Are Unable x2 To Handle The Sleepless Night 4) Martyred The Children Of The Prophet Oppressors Went Beyond x2 Plundering Holy Verses Head’s Raised To Visible Sights 5) Hussain Pulls Out A Broken Spear
  14. there aint much shias living there, your better off searching on facebook groups or sending a mail through the uni email system lookin for shias whos livin out. ali ali
  15. this aint some competition or sum show . you should be reciting or writing through love and pain of the problem's the ahlul bayt faced. rememeber one thing. the ahlul bayt aint just our maula, they are the entire universe's even 'kafirs'
  16. explain to me what you regard as a 'true' islamic majlis?
  17. = and the fact is singing with music is haram, so i wouldent call it beautiful in any such way. right now tere doctor banan-eh te lanat eh
  18. whos talking about singers here? i think you've lost the plot mate, singers and zakirs of ahlul-bayt ??? yea thanks for proving your aqeeda. you admit you dont know the person, and will decide upon their appearance what he is. yea so how longs ur beard son?
  19. qazi waseem abbas is a mashallah a brilliant zakir. maula salamat rakhe. i think its overly harsh to call someone directly a munafiq if they dont have a beard without knowing their aqeeda or anything in life. you should let god worry about these things son
  20. cancer, he passed away on monday. Inna Lillah Wa Inna Ilahe Rajaeoon
  21. heres some useful brief info http://www.hubeali.com/articles/Seeking-Di...e-Istikhara.pdf
  22. i swear he missed an easy catch yday, lol 1 thing pakis cant do is field and thats a proven fact.
  23. i wonder who's gna be dropped for the final game, most likely that fawad geeza
  24. ^ was most likely a sign of desperation to gain a wicket from sumwhere hence why he must of picked him
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