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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Not accurate. My parents own a garage so I know a thing or two about cars and their reliability.
  2. Gosh that is ridiculous to be honest. Are electric/hybrids also that expensive?
  3. Wow if that is USD 75K then that is just too expensive and not even worth it. I bought it over a year ago when it was 3 years old for £18000. Take a look at volvo. Although not that cheap, it still offers some savings compared to the Germans.
  4. I own a 2015 C220d Bluetec Sport Model. I don't think you can go very wrong when it comes to reliability- though my dad feels Audi is more reliable than the BMW/Merc I have been looking to get a crossover/SUV to add to the garage
  5. Agreed about not buying new cars. I have never been a fan of the E - Class prior to the makeover introduced in 2017/2018. The 5- series in my opinion has probably better interior layout. As for the drive, BMW wins hands down compared to its rivals. Does Denmark have good subsidies on hybrids/electric? Tough choices...
  6. I have a Mercedes and before making my decision I made sure to test drive both the cars including audi. I personally would go with the new E class. What year is the BMW and Merc that he is considering? As that may alter the choice.
  7. Thank you for your response brother Unfortunately none of the situations address the position I stated above. I am the wakeel for for the bride. The groom is representing himself. What’s the Arabic formula ?
  8. Salam Alaykum Could someone please tell me what the formula would be in Arabic for someone who is representing the bride, but the groom is doing his own permanent nikah? Responses would be greatly appreciated to prevent any error. Wassalaam.
  9. Also depends on the type of antidepressant. Some have longer half life than others
  10. How long have you been on it for? As it depends on duration of use.
  11. Salaam Alaykum I am sorry to read about what has happened to you. Many individuals who have undergone abuse find this site very beneficial. It offers useful information in terms of coping and also useful numbers to contact for counselling- specifically for situations like yours. https://www.supportline.org.United Kingdom/problems/rape-and-sexual-assault/ There may be services that are more local to you. Hence why I suggest you visit your GP, but don't give out details of who the abuser is if you'd like that kept confidential. Remember, if you mention it to your GP, he/she will likely include it in your records. May Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) give you the strength to overcome this mental and emotional trauma. Ameen.
  12. Rather unfortunate that this man who belittled Imam Ali (عليه السلام) just so he can get one over the Shia's is considered a "pretty good scholar" in your opinion. If this was about done to Abubakr I dare say the Sunni view about this man would have been quite different. But because it is Ali...
  13. Just like yourself time is quite limited for me. However, I manage to do my memorisations by listening to the audio. You will be surprised by how much you will have picked up by the end of 2-3 weeks.
  14. Yet Bibi Fatema (عليه السلام) did not forgive him. For you it casts doubt on her personality, for us it casts doubts on Abubakrs. I don't think we have any more left to discuss on this issue Just because history hasn't recorded her using it doesn't mean I can't. What a silly argument. Think we are done here
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