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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. lol please google it yourself. what u sed about us being scientifically offsprings of Ibraham (as) and more specifically of the Prophet (s) makes absolutely no sense. i reeeeeeally wanna see this 'scientific' article.
  2. the bodies of the Prophets (as) do not decay. And the AhlulBayt Imams are greater than the Prophets (as).
  3. best not to say it per chance some idiots think we think of him as an Ma'soom Imam or Prophet. but truly Imam Khomeini rahmatullah 'alayhi was a great saint. Assalaamu 'Alayka Yaa Ruhullah!
  4. wheres your quranic evidence that Imams are not better than Prophets. or that Prophets are better than Imams.
  5. nice to find a fruitful discussion once in a while. keep it coming boyz!
  6. well having been a physical entity, you are limited by your atomic structure and hence in dependence of that atomic structure and the atmosphere in which the structure can exist in peacefully.
  7. well scholars say the paradise Adam and Eve (as) were in cannot be the same coz Iblis the idiot was present and Iblis the idiot had been expelled from heaven by Allah before. ive heard it was actually Earth they were at.
  8. i certainly hope neither Shi'a Islam nor Sunni Islam is compatible with the West. The Western lifestyle and values are all messed up and confused. They live by the principle of trial and error. We live by the principle of God's law. as my beutiful teacher Sheikh Jehad said so eloquently last Friday nite: Islam does not 'fit' every nation of every period of time. Rather, Islam 'fixes' every nation of every period of time!
  9. Adam and Eve (as) were not in the paradise that we know of reserved for the righteous in the hereafter.
  10. it is allowed but if you fear you will get misled by marrying a sunni, then its haraam.
  11. in qunoot u can (ie when you raise your hand in supplication in 2nd rakat).
  12. great post InshaAllah. ps hayatal qulub is more of a reference book with compiled (authentic and fake) ahadith on the Prophets. i wouldn't use it as a story book coz u wont get the story. but its still nice to read.
  13. hahahaha, that's soo slack. I wonder what az-Zahra was feeling. lol. Yaa Mawlaate Yaa Faatima Aghithnee!
  14. since when did the majority of shi'a not believe Imam 'Ali is a man? sure he is made of the light of the Prophet, and so are all the other Prophets, but since when is Imam 'Ali just that light and not man?
  15. theres no problem in getting more evidence so as to rest assured the heart. all prophets did it. Zachariah 'alayhi salaam also did it and his sign was that he will not be able to speak. im sure u know yourself very widely cited miracles if our Imams eg Imam 'Ali picking up the gate of Khaybar. as for imams being greater than prophets, its coz Allah chose the AhlulBayt (as) over all of the creation. were it not for them, Adam would not have been forgiven, Nuh would not have been saved, etc.
  16. wow, so much info on his name. thanx heaps alimohammad40 and inshaAllah. Jazakumullah Khayrum.
  17. i dont see it a problem to smoke if they dont see it a problem to smoke. them being great ayatullahs may have derived whether it is halal or haram and at what stage. although at each stage, every cigarette is doing you damage, from my studies of smoking, your body may get such a dependence to it (nicotine being perhaps the most addictive drug in the world), then stopping or reducing it at certain rates will kill you faster due to that dependence level and high withdrawal symptoms. perhaps we need to study the drug more and stick to the islamic principle of giving the benefit of the doubt. Give the believer 70 excuses. -Prophet of Mercy
  18. ps since everyone is separating hindi and urdu, then lemme tell u i know both. gosh turkish is such an ugly language! yuk!!
  19. wow sis zamzam, ure almost as good and ambitious as me. pity u dont know the best language in the world ie curry. anyways, i kno dari coz my parents r afghan. i kno curry coz i was born in india. i kno english coz it was a main language bak then (which means i musta had the curry accent b4 coming 2 oz) i kno farsi coz the iranians were sooo annoying and theyd speek farsi to me coz im afghan & i wudnt understand a word so this motivated me 2 learn their feminine language (although the formal farsi is hott). i kno basic level french fluently lol coz i did it in yr 9, 10, 11, 12 and aced it in uni. unfortunately i know swear words with perfect accent in many languages eg italian, chinese (cantonese), korean, armenian, arabic, etc. i attempted to pik up italian twice at uni and even enrolled in it but i had 2 drop it both times for Allah knows why. (to me the sexiest language). inshaAllah ill learn arabic by 2012 and will perfect my indian, farsi and french by 2015. oooh, and i think the ugliest language(s) in the world are vietnamese and turkish.
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