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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. 1. That's incorrect. All Shi'a may not believe that the 3 were kaafirs. Also depends what meaning you are referring to when you say kaafir. Do you mean disbeliever or ungrateful? We cannot say they were disbelievers because on face value they were not only believers but very faithful believers. And we can only judge their belief based on the external appearance of it. The following proves this.. There is a story that is somewhat like this.. In one of the battles against the disbelievers, one of the men from the muslim army was confronted with the enemy. Upon overcoming the enemy and close to fatally striking the man, the enemy said "Wait wait, I believe in Allah now and the Messenger" thereby declaring the testimony of faith. The Muslim soldier disregarded this as an act of lying in order to save himself from death, killing the man. When the soldier told the Prophet of this incident, the Prophet lit up with anger and said, "What, did you open his heart and see that he was lying?!" Also, we cannot say that they were ungrateful because again we cannot tell. In saying all this, I do believe, however, that the actions of the 3 do strongly indicate that they were indeed hypocrites and perhaps ungrateful disbelievers. May Allah guide the Ummah.
  2. hrrm interesting. il let the organiser kno. fanx sis.
  3. dont flip out guys, im just as excited as u are. anywayz see y'all there. if u haven't heard him, here's a preview of what all the excitements about.. http://alemaan.org/gallery/index.php?l=12&...assanain_01.mp3 i work night shifts 3 times a week. but stuff that, itd b a pleasure getting fired so i can listen to hassanain. anywayz chow now and hold on to ur seats!!
  4. sis/bro nayma, if u want to get mafatih in hard copy as well, theres a book called 'call on me i answer you' and its got most of whats in mafatih al-jinan, and the great thing is it has three columns: the arabic, then english translation, and english transliteration. this book is gold. its been one of my closest companions. which country r u at??
  5. inshaAllah we are all amongst those who offer their salaatulayl. an easy way to get our names ticked off for this is to at least pray one rakat of witr salaatul layl, and to make it even short cut, just recite fatiha then go down to ruku.
  6. cats and dogs r not vegetarians, yet they r kool to have as pets. :D so knock yourself out, and purchase the cutest wild guinea pig around. but b sure to send me a photo! :!!!:
  7. soa, i think my sister told me that u saw and met me at ihic yet u didnt say hi. :o is this accusation true??
  8. Regular Lecture Series on: THE EXEGESIS OF THE HOLY QURAN by: Hajj Ali Khalfan (New York) Every Saturday from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm August 18, 2007 1. The meaning of Ta'wil and Tafsir 2. History of Tafsir 3. The methods of Tafsir August 25, 2007 The Structure of the Qur'an – This has 10 parts and each part will be discussed in details September 1, 2007 The Structure of the Qur'an – continuation from previous week Please note that the schedule for the next 3 weeks after Sept. 1, 2007 will follow. Location:1 Wollongong Road, Arncliffe Tel: 02 9599 1839 Hosted by: Al Zahra Muslim Women's Association & Al-Emaan Australian Community For more information visit: www.alemaan.org Al Emaan Australian Community al_emaan.org, alemaan.org
  9. what do u care sis? u liv in the u s of flamin' a. besides boys r the best! :D
  10. thought id share this.. I had a dream last week and we were in a room, with plentiful sunlight and i was in the company of the respected Ayatullah al-udhma Ali Khamenei, may Allah prolong his life. He looked a bit frail and looked much older than when i saw him 8 months ago. he was wearing white. we chatted a bit. he had a mobile phone and woooohooo he gave me his number. we met up later and i think i was his tour guide showing him around sydney. thats all the detail i can remember.
  11. actually theres no problem in u reading your salaat furada on time and then jamaat later with a congregation for that same namaaz. however, i believe u cant do jamaat for the same namaaz twice ie in 2 separate congregational prayers.
  12. i attended IHIC every sunday mornings but the morning irfan classes have ended for this year :( anywayz welcome bro. im 22, male. i still attend quite occasionally.
  13. happy birthday sis 4 yesterday. at the same time, im sorry for you on your new job.
  14. 3rd Annual Fundraising Dinner on the birth anniversary of the awaited saviour, Imam al-Hujjah (atf) Wednesday 29th August 2007 @ Imam Husain Islamic Centre Business ticket - $1000 (seats 2) Individual ticket - $200 plus special guest performance (meeee) singing live the nasheed Hasbi Rabbi with the IHIC choir. so b there or b left right out. info: www.ihic.org.au
  15. fanx RayRay and gang. its pretty cool being 22. i feel like im getting old. ps dun wurry guyz, no need 2 get me prezziez. ur wishes is present enough. but if u insist, pm me. and il giv u my address. ps fardeen, party was gr8. but empty without you :(
  16. Alhamdullilah it was a great experience. we are trying to lobby against sheikh so we the brothers can also have it during Ramadaan.
  17. i went to an event and it was great. the cinema was full and hardly any iranians there -just white folks ps there's a great islamic art exhibition happening there with lots of antique goodies like ancient qur'ans and stuff. ok toodles.
  18. what happens during 4th of july celebrations??
  19. a) it looks stupid/ugly/tacky b.) may Allah curse the oppressors - ruqayah
  20. Every nation has been sent a guide, including those people who lived in the time between prophet Isa (as) and prophet Muhammad (p). - Ruqayah
  21. id marry a sunni if i knew she had potential to be shia. ie if she aint stubborn.
  22. its stupid to attribute any such ahadith to Agha Khamenei. fine, u can make hypotheses that based on such and such, it is predicted and hypothesised that such and such. but to say this actually is such and such, you may not only be lying, not only backbiting, but accusing, slandering, libeling and defaming a great person like Ayatullah Khamenei. and may Allah forgive you. Long Live the Revolution. Long Live Khamenei.
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