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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Please note the following correction(s): Child care will not be available. Please make alternate arrangements for your children. Also, doors open 5pm so please come early to grab good seats. All other information is correct in the previous original post.
  2. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. u guyz r all scaring me even more. have some mercy on this l'il boy.
  3. lol. i guess im into psychology. my undergraduate degree is psych. yea man, i guess il b using tuna as a sorry excuse for meat.
  4. Salaam Alaykum, Insha'Allah in less than a month, I will be making the hugest move of my life, to a remote place called Townsville, in Tropical Queensland. I love my Sydney sooooo much, but I have to move away from civilisation, from my family, my dear friends, and from happiness, to pursue my education as I was accepted into postgraduate psychology @ James Cook Uni. Anywayz, does anyone live there? know anyone who lives there? knows if there's a Muslim community? any halal food? I'm expecting to be a loner for a year, eating 2 minute noodles the whole time. It'd be nice if this wasn't the case so please help!!
  5. Salaam Alaykum, Just letting you all know that the youth from the various Islamic centres in Sydney have put together a re-enactment (in the English language) of the events which followed the great tragedy of Karbala, in which the grandson of the Holy Prophet of Islam, Husayn, and his family and companions were brutally massacred. The play titled, "Karbala - The Aftermath" is a historical account starting with the family of the Prophet being held captive and paraded by the order of the tyrannical Caliph of the time, Yazid ibn Mu'awiya. It ends with the sad encounter of Ummul Baneen and the great poet, Bashir. Months in the making, the play will take place this.. Sunday, 8th February 2009 5:30pm - 7:30pm @ Hurstville Civic Centre, MacMahon St. Hurstville Free Entry / Parking and child care available Although floor and balcony seating is also available, it is encouraged you come early if you'd like seats. Please forward this to all your English speaking contacts. All are invited, Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Modest clothing applies. Regards, The team @ Al-Walayah Group
  6. watch.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOMrn-j3d00 listen/download.. www.alhidaaya.org/tearsdroppedforhusayn.mp3
  7. please cary (or anyone), if u know how to edit the title, do let me know. i kno wat u meen that its intolerable. especially for me coz im known for my pickiness in spelling. but i just dont know how to. u can edit any detail except that one. its flamin' annoying.
  8. Salaam Alaikum. Please search and join the group 'Shia's in Australia' if you have a Facebook account. And please pass on to other friends and family. Insha'Allah there will be updated info on what islamic events are going on around Australia including lectures, dua's, and other events. However, we need more participation from the different communities and different cities in posting their events. We have a huge number of centres and masaajids which we don't know in regards to their whereabouts, and their programs. If there is regular weekly events, please message the creator to post it on the description page. Wassalaam.
  9. salaam alaikum. i always forget to ask this question so here goes before i forget again.. what act or occurence must take place for a woman to be deemed junoob and hence needing to take ghusl janaabat. is it when a woman is simply lubricated? is it when a woman is lubricated and is experiencing a pleasure, even if it may be as a result of a dream? from a full orgasm or any sexual pleasure? is it when there is penetration? if penetration, then any penetration or specifically from the man's organ? does penetration mean inside the woman's organ or even the inside walls? please let me know. i dont know where to look and i haven't come across it in the risaala. and sorry if people think this is inappropriate, i think otherwise. my spouse and i need to know. also all brothers and sisters need to know this knowledge. and there is no hayaa when it comes to such knowledge. the qur'an and ahadith is replete with such knowledge.
  10. for the sake of knowledge, and perhaps passing on that knowledge to your husbands etc, shouldn't matter if it's here (since its a fiqh question) or the brother's forum. yes from my research, the ejaculation requiring the ritual bath (ghusl) needs to have factors such as a spurting, pleasure from the release, a sense of tiredness after the ejaculation, and i think something else. precum or preseminal ejaculation hence does not require ghusl. and no it does not invalidate the fast. nor does unintentional ejaculation eg during sleep.
  11. many men have misused polygamy. many men have reduced the wisdom of its permissibility to satiate their very limited control of their sexual desires. many man and women have opinions regarding its permissibility in modern times many men and women have opinions regarding the function and wisdom of polygamy. Nevertheless, even though i would personally prefer to marry one woman due to economic reasons and due to our unfortunate westernised conditioning of our views and mentality regarding polygamy, Regardless, the Qu'ran starts off by saying marry 2 or 3 or 4, then it mentions 1. "If ye fear that ye shall not be able to deal justly with the orphans, Marry women of your choice, Two or three or four; but if ye fear that ye shall not be able to deal justly (with them), then only one, or (a captive) that your right hands possess, that will be more suitable, to prevent you from doing injustice" [Qur'an 4:3 (Yusuf Ali)]. now although people may believe the function of polygamy may not have practical applications today, the verses of Qu'ran are for eternal times. we should be careful not to be swayed by western or other influences in our reasoning and mentality. i think it's true wisdom is yet to be discovered.
  12. definitely the best movie out since apocalypto.
  13. if u want to do the sunnat (naafila) for the namaaz, u can. its a little different though from the sunnis. fajr: 2 rakat sunna 2 rakat fardh dhuhr: 2 rakat sunna 2 rakat sunna 2 rakat sunna 2 rakat sunna 4 rakat fardh 'asr: 2 rakat sunna 2 rakat sunna 2 rakat sunna 2 rakat sunna 4 rakat fardh maghrib: 3 rakat fardh 2 rakat sunna 'isha: 4 rakat fardh 1 rakat sunna (or 2 rakat sitting down) happy praying :)
  14. closest one i know to there is uts unfortunately and thas pretty far. iv often prayed at hyde park which is a couple minutes walk from martin place walkin thru the state library. u shud ask the state library if they can accomodate.
  15. He was beaten on points but is rated a champion, especially by the people who really count writes Jamie Pandaram. Bruised and disfigured, with glue holding his left cheek together, Nader Hamdan looked at his three sons yesterday and said: "It doesn't matter if you win or lose, what matters is how you conduct yourself. If you work hard you will always be a winner." Hamdan gave Anthony Mundine a fight for his World Boxing Association super-middleweight world title and was beaten, but not defeated. In the days after the brutal encounter he has not moped - far from it. The 34-year-old has celebrated what he calls "the best fight of my career". "If I retire now, I will walk away a happy man," he said. "I gave it my all, everyone is proud of me. If this fight is my last I'm glad my family, friends and supporters were there to share it with me, and I'm glad it was against a great fighter, champion and person. "Anthony Mundine can go as high or as far as he wishes - Muhammad Ali was hated through his career but now is loved and respected, and I'm sure Anthony will be the same." The fight was the greatest experience in his 46-fight professional career, Hamdan said. "What a fight, what a preparation, what an atmosphere - I'll never forget it," he said. "My body is aching, my face is swollen and sore, but I'm glad I could make my father proud and my family proud." Hamdan walked into a Chinese restaurant two hours after the fight and received an ovation, a practice he has been growing used to in the past few days. Wednesday started with a ritualistic 5am prayer, and later that day he met his close friends for a late lunch at an Italian restaurant in Leichhardt. A shirt-less Hamdan relaxed at the table as those in his team, trainer Haytham Jouni, strength man Hassan Balagi, and joker Bilal Mshaourab - inadvertently responsible for relaxing the fighter with his wit - gather around and talk about "destiny". Pizza and pasta eaten, Hamdan heads home at 5pm for an hour's sleep, and as the car drives through Marrickville he says: "Who would have thought 16 years ago when I was hanging here and terrorising these streets that I would be fighting for a world title?" By 7.55pm, Hamdan is sitting in the dressing room at the Sydney Entertainment Centre, surrounded by his crew and friends. World-rated boxer and friend Hussein Hussein is among them. "It's when they start taping you up that you really feel it, you know it's happening," he said. In the split second before a driver smashes his car, the stomach knots and a jolt of panic shoots through the body. Take that feeling and multiply it every minute for an hour - that's what a boxer experiences before a fight. As another Hamdan trainer Billy Hussein began strapping his hands an hour after his arrival, the demeanour of the fighter shifted from relaxed to edgy. At times, Hamdan's eyes seemed to plead for help. His foot tapped, he rested his head on his arms, and the few times he spoke his voice was barely audible. Beside him was long-time friend Jimmy Barakat, a huge tattooed man likely capable of staring down an agitated gorilla. The two spent juvenile detention together after a fight with police in which Hamdan grabbed an officer's pistol. Barakat has survived gunshots, comas and jail but hopped from one foot to the other like a nervous child. "It's like I'm fighting," he said. There is a terrible moment in dressing rooms before a fighter walks out when the silence is deafening and people put on uneasy smiles to disguise their torment. Reflecting on that build-up later, Hamdan said: "I had to stop myself from crying." Hamdan was at the entrance of the arena, his music was blaring and the audience screaming, when he walked back inside to an adjoining corridor. Wild glances were exchanged among his team. "I had to compose myself, I was [Edited Out]ting myself. I took some deep breaths, bit down on my mouthguard and said, 'This is it'." He walked in to raucous cheering and thousands chanted his name for 12 rounds. Hamdan received and delivered thunderous punches, his cheek opened up, he was hurt and staggered yet continued to swing until the final bell. Back in the rooms, there is only respect and satisfaction. "That was the effort of the century," Billy Hussein said. "I am so proud of him. It is an absolute honour and pleasure to train a guy like him." Jouni added: "No one gave him a chance and he showed tonight he has a ton of heart and deserved a [title] shot." Hamdan's other trainer, Mick Akkaway, said: "I wouldn't call it a total success. We came for the belt and we didn't get it, but Nader gave it everything and you can't ask for more." Rising star Zac Awad described Hamdan as his "inspiration". Hamdan knelt to kiss his son Ali, and at the same time the boxer's father, Hassan, looked down on him with eyes swelling in pride. Hamdan searched his swirling mind for the words that would comfort a boy whose hero had fallen short, but could not find them. Yet as young Ali gazed up at his father's battered face, and the dressing-room crowd cheered and applauded, he seemed to recognise that courage is the most admired of qualities. http://www.smh.com.au/news/sport/hamdans-t...ge#contentSwap1
  16. ..so does anyone know when brother Ammar got married??
  17. hrrm, hope its not too crowded. may the better man win. actually, insha'Allah hamdan wins.
  18. il b attending the Imam Husain Centre's arba'een program the night of the fight. but does anyone know anywhere around that area where they'l be playing the fight so i can catch the end?? would dougie's??
  19. i think the whole idea of humans before us is silly. we almost make it sound like Allah HAS to have had humans before us and that he MUST have humans after us. why? will He get bored otherwise? Allah is greater than what they ascribe to Him.
  20. anyone know when he got married??
  21. (1st part missing) æÇáÒãä ÈÇÈÔÚ æÓÇÆá ßá Ùáã Èíå íÌÑÈå ÇãÕíÈÉ ÊÇÎÐäí ÇáãÕíÈÉ æÛÑÈÉ ÊÑãíäí ÇÚáå ÛÑÈÉ ÚÇÔÞ ÇáãíáÇÞí ÚÔÞå Ìä íÕáí ÇÈáíå ÊÑÈÉ ÛÇÈ ãÍÈæÈí ÛÇÈ ãØáæÈí ÛÇÈ ãÍÈæÈí ÛÇÈ Úáì ÇáÞåÑ æÇáÂå ÃÝØÑ æÇÊÕæÑ ãäæ ÇáíÎæä ÇÏãÇå áæ ÞáÈå ÇÊÎíÑ ÕÚÈ Úáí ÇäÓÇå áæ ÇäÓÇå ÇÊÐßÑ ÓÇÚÉ Ñãá ÃíÇãí æÈÏÊ äåÇíÉ ÃãÑí ÅÐÇ íÞÑÈ ãæÊí ãäæ ÇáíÑÌÚ ÚãÑí íÇ ÝÄÇÏí íÇ ÍÓíä íÇ ãÑÇÏí íÇ ÍÓíä íÇ ÝÄÇÏí íÇ ÍÓíä íÇ ÍÓíä ÍÓíä ÍÓíä ÑÈ áÇ ÊÍÑã Úíæäí ãä ÖíÇÁ ÇáÞÈÊíä æÇÑÒÞ ÇáÑÌáíä ÑÈí ÇáÓÚí Èíä ÇáÍÑãíä æÇãäÍ ÇáÃÖáÇÚ ÕÈÑÇ Åä ÊÏãì ÈÇáíÏíä æáÊåÔã áí ÝÄÇÏí ÞÑÈÉ áÇÓã ÇáÍÓíä áÇ ÊãäÚäí áÇ ÊÑÏÚäí áÇ ÊãäÚäí áÇ Ýßá ãÇ ÃÑÌæå ÅÑÖÇÁ ÇáÍÈ æÇÓãå ÇÊáæå ãä ÈÚÏß ÑÈí æßíÝ áí ÇãÍæå ãä ÌÏÑÇä ÇáÞáÈ æåá ÓíÑÖì ÞáÈí æßíÝ áí ÃÑÖíå ÅÐÇ ÃäÇ ÃãÍæå åæì Úáì ãÇ Ýíå íÇ ÚãÇÏí íÇ ÍÓíä íÇ ãÑÇÏí íÇ ÍÓíä íÇ ÝÄÇÏí íÇ ÍÓíä íÇ ÍÓíä ÍÓíä ÍÓíä ÕÍ ÃÈæäå ÂÏã ÇÍäå ÇÈÓÈÉ ÇáÔÌÑÉ ÇáÞÑÈåÇ ãä ÃÌá ÊÝÇÍÉ ÑÈäå ÇáÌäÉ ãä ÚäÏå ÓáÈåÇ æÇÍäå ÚÏäå ÇÞáæÈ ÍÇÑÊ ÇÔÓæÊ æãÇ ÊÑÖì ÑÈåÇ ÇÍäå íÇ ÊÝÇÍÉ ÐÞäå ÇáÌäÉ ãÇ äÞÏÑ äØÈåÇ áíÔ ÍÑãæäå áíÔå åÖãæäå áíÔ ÍÑãæäå áíÔ ÃãÏ Ãäå æÛÑÞÇä ÇíÏí áÇíÇãí ÑãÊäí ÚÇáÔØÂä æÍÏí áÂáÇãí ÊÍÊ ÙáÇá ÃÍÒÇä ÑÇÍ ÃÞÖí ÃÚæÇãí ÇÈÞÇÚ ÇáÛÑÈ ÐÈÊäí ÕÑÊ Âäå ÂÏã ÃÑÖí ÞÇÈíáí íÐÈÍ åÇÈíá ÈÚÖí íÐÈÍ ÈÚÖí ÈÓ ÃäÇÏí íÇ ÍÓíä íÇ ãÑÇÏí íÇ ÍÓíä íÇ ÝÄÇÏí íÇ ÍÓíä íÇ ÍÓíä ÍÓíä ÍÓíä ßá ãÇ Ýí ÃÓíÑ ááåæì æÇáÍÈ ÃÚãì ÃÍßã ÇáæáåÇä ÞíÏÇ ÃÔÈÚ ÇáãÔÊÇÞ íÊãÇ Þíá Ãä ÇáÚÇÔÞíäÇ Úíäåã áÇ Ôß ÊÏãì æÇÑÊÚÏäÇ ãÐ ÓãÚäÇ Ãä ÞíÓÇ ãÇÊ åãÇ áí ßã ÑÌæì áí ßã Ôßæì áí ßã ÑÌæì áí ÃÎÇÝ Ãä ÃáÞì ãÇ áÇÞì ÛíÑí ÃÎÇÝ Ãä ÃÔÞì ãä Øæá ÇáÓíÑ æáÇ ÃÑì ÝÑÞÇ ÃæáÇí ßÃÎíÑí æãä ÈÌäÈí ÞíÓ æãä Êßä áíáÇå ÃäÇ ÇÊÎÐÊ ÎáíáÇ ÃãÇÊäí ÈåæÇå íÇ æÏÇÏí íÇ ÍÓíä íÇ ãÑÇÏí íÇ ÍÓíä íÇ ÝÄÇÏí íÇ ÍÓíä ÃÔÚÑ ÇáãÇí ÇÈÔÝÇåí ÌãÑÉ ÊáåÈ ãä ÃÔÑÈå íÇ ÍÓíä ÍÓíä ÍÓíä English transliteration.. Allaahummarzuqna mah’abbatal H’usayn H’usayn H’usayn Allaahummarzuqna shafa’atal H’usayn H’usayn H’usayn Ah’aril maa yib shifaahee Z’amratil hub mina shurbaa Wa ziman baab shaa wasaa-il Kul z’ulumbi yayujarba Ms’ee bataakhidh nil mus’eeba Wghurbat tirmee naa’la ghurba ‘aashiqil maay laqi ‘ishqa juyyus’alleeyb laya turba ghaab mah’boobi ghaab mat’loobi ghaab mah’boobi ghaab ‘alal qahar wil aa aft’ar wat s’ah’ar mi nul yakhoonidma law qalbat s’ayyar s’aa’ba ‘alay ansaa min ansaa hut dh’akkaar sa’at ramul ayyaami badat nahaayat amree idha yiqarrib mawtee minul yi-rujja’ ‘umree yaa fu’aadi yaa H’usayn yaa mu-raadi yaa H’usayn yaa fu’aadi yaa H’usayn yaa H’usayn H’usayn H’usayn Allaahummarzuqna mah’abbatal H’usayn H’usayn H’usayn Allaahummarzuqna shafa’atal H’usayn H’usayn H’usayn Rabbi laa tih’ rim ‘uyunee Min d’iyyaa-il qubuttayni War zu-qil rij layna rabbi Saa’ya baynal h’aramaynee Wamna h’il aad’ laa ‘as’abran In tudamma bil yadayni Wal tuhash-shim li fu’aadi Qurbatal-lismi Husayni Laa tamno’ni laa Tardo’ni laa Tamno’ni laa Fa kullu maa arju ir d’aa-ul h’ubbi Wa ismuhu atlu min ba’dak rabbi Wa kayfa li am-h’u min judraa-nil qalbi Wahal siyard’a qalbi Wa kayfa li urd’eehi Idh’a ana amh’oohu Hawa ‘ala maa feehi Yaa ‘imaadi yaa H’usayn Yaa muraadi yaa H’usayn Yaa fu’aadi yaa H’usayn Yaa H’usayn H’usayn H’usayn Allaahummarzuqna mah’abbatal H’usayn H’usayn H’usayn Allaahummarzuqna shafa’atal H’usayn H’usayn H’usayn S’ah’aboona aadamah’na Bsibati shij ral qu-rabha Min ajil tuffah’a rabna Jana min ‘in dasi labha Wah’na ‘idna quloob haarat Shsawatiw maa tird’a rabha Ah’na yaa tu-faah’a dh’iqna Janna maa niq darna t’abha Laysh h’armowna laysh Hedh’mowna laysh H’ermowna laysh Amid anaw ghurqaan eedeey layyaami Rimat ni ‘al shi t’a-aan wah’dil aalaami Tah’at z’ilaalah’ zaan raa h’aq z’ee aawaami Bqaa ‘il ghurub dh’abbatni S’irtaana aadam ard’i Qaabeeleeyidh’ bah’ haabeel Ba’dh’ee yidh’ab bih’ba’dh’ee Bas anaadi yaa H’usayn Yaa muraadi yaa H’usayn Yaa fu’aadi yaa H’usayn Yaa H’usayn H’usayn H’usayn Allaahummarzuqna mah’abbatal H’usayn H’usayn H’usayn Allaahummarzuqna shafa’atal H’usayn H’usayn H’usayn Kullu maa feey ya aseerun Lil hawaawal h’ubu a’maa Ah’kamal wal haana qaydan Ashba’al mush taaqa yutma Qilla in laal ‘aashiqiynaa ‘aynuhum laa shaka tudmaa warta ‘adna mudh’ sama’naa anna qaysan maata hamma leey kam rajwa leey kam shakwa leey kam rajwa leey akhaa fu-an alqaa maa laa qaa ghayri akhaa fu-an ashqaa min t’oowli sayri wa laa araafar qaa oow laa yaa kaa kheeyree wa man bijanbi qaysun wa man takun laylaahu anattakhadh’ tukhaleelan amaa tani bihawaahu yaa widaadi yaa H’usayn yaa muraadi yaa H’usayn yaa fu’aadi yaa H’usayn yaa H’usayn H’usayn H’usayn Allaahummarzuqna mah’abbatal H’usayn H’usayn H’usayn Allaahummarzuqna mah’abbatal H’usayn H’usayn H’usayn
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