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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salaam alaykum, im just visiting my cousin here in toronto and leaving here in 2 days. is there a nice centre or masjid for dua tawassul 2moro night anywhere?? please lemme kno. thanks.
  2. Salaam alaykum I've posted a new youtube video. It's an english latmiyyat about Hadrat Zahra with captions. Faatimiyya season is just around the corner and inshaAllah this will prepare us and bring us closer to az-Zahra.. Please comment, rate and share. Condolences to the Muslim umma on her sad demise, peace be upon her. Ma'salaama.
  3. Ya aba Abdillah, u'v shed some awesome light on this. very true, SO WHAT!! and yea i dont agree, but again, SO WHAT!! Ya aba Abdillah, u'v shed some awesome light on this. very true, SO WHAT!! and yea i dont agree, but again, SO WHAT!! we jus like to bicker unnecessarily. shaytaan is good at what he makes us do lol
  4. lol brother AlMuttaqi, i just saw the video again. im sure it's been mentioned earlier in the thread but yes, lol u'r right, it seems soooooo fabricated. there is a clear gap (which could very well be copy and paste) and if u listen, he actually says.. ridhwaanullahi 'alayh not radhiallah 'anhu i'v heard shias say radhiallah 'an after abu bakr for God knows whatever reason, but no1 have i heard say ridhwaanullahi 'alayh for him. i know it's not a big deal and u can use it interchangeably, but it's just so not common to use it after Abu Bakr that it adds more weight to the argument that it is fabricated. as funny as it seems that someone would do that, especially coz I'm often faced with criticisms of Sayyed Fadz and most of the time it's so silly, this should actually sadden each and everyone of us. Why would someone go completely out of his way to cause such fitna. Why would a Shia do such a thing?? I boldly say anyone who does this, does so out of sheer ignorance in that matter. They don't realise shaytaan has tricked them in that regard. As brother Hassanain Rajabali often says, "the fingerprint of Shaytaan is so clear and apparent". This is definitely one of those cases where shaytaan has tricked sincere believers into causing division, internal strife, gheeba of not just a muslim -but of a jurist and scholar of religion (the inheritors of the Prophets) and tricked believers into the encouragement of outright fitna. May Allah keep us on the straight path.
  5. ..and what exactly are these respected scholars' reasons for condemning Sayyed Fadhlullah? Are they on valid grounds or because they disagree with him on certain particular issues, and that they cannot fathom the thought of a person questioning so-called Shia fundamental faith (when clearly some of these things are not actual Shia beliefs, but agreed have become important identifying Shia culture)? or is it due to personal differences? ..as long as they're valid (again do remember the many great ulama who were against Imam Khomeini) You say that he was never given ijaza for his ijtihad, but apparently many claim the contrary. Although I don't even see ijaza as a grounds for proclaiming ijtihad (for clearly historically there was no formal islamic seminaries and actual formal methods of becoming a mujtahid), still this is an interesting issue. I understand why "ijaza" may be deemed quite necessary due to practical and precautionary reasons, but it may be true that a person is qualified and competent in a certain field without having a piece of paper to prove so. A doctor may be very competent in curing people's ailments but he may have never been formally recognised. Does this mean he is not competent?? But yes I do agree, when the avenue for islamic seminary and hawza is available, it may be more advisable to follow that path (though not a compulsory avenue). In regards to the fatawa he issued, then retracted, i see this as a strength because his eminence is not afraid to challenge the status quo, and if later he realised he may have made a mistake in his deduction, he was wise enough and not shy to show he had erred (whereas many stick to the status quo for fear of the backlash -defeating the very purpose of ijtihad). Long Live Fadhlullah!! (and all the Maraja -even the Anti-Fadhlullah ones lol)
  6. It could be fabricated but even if it's not, I'm sure he has his reasons for it. But for anyone to then infer from his saying of (ra) that he denies the atrocities Abu Bakr had committed against the AhlulBayt (eg Stolen the Caliphate, Stolen Fadak, been the cause of displeasing Hadrat Zahra til the day she died), then that person must really be a little stupid. It may seem Sayyed Fadhlullah is sunni-fying (as someone brilliantly said in an earlier post) our shia faith for his followers, but as long as what he is doing is correct, then who cares if it seems such. Perhaps (and I'm sure) that the Sunnis are correct in some small aspects whereas the Shias have stuck to their traditions (eg keeping a good straight line in jama'at prayers, shoulder to shoulder; offering prayers in jama'at regularly). So does anyone have proof sayyed Fadz doesn't have the qualifications for the post he assumes??
  7. sorry pixel, haven't been on this for i think yeeeeeeeeeears.

    lol and on u be belated peace.

  8. Long Live Sayyed Fadhlullah (and all our Maraja')! Someone recommended I check this thread because there will be some interesting points that may make me reconsider my appointment of his eminence Sayyed as my Marja', however, unfortunately again I didn't see much substance. The only thing that me think was when one of the respected brothers (the Imami guy) asserted that Sayyed Fadhlullah has not in fact received his credentials for the position he's overtly or covertly claiming (ie Grand Marja'). This is a huge claim and for one to make such a heavy claim, s/he should back it up with solid evidence or else he may be liable for causing fitna. I haven't yet seen such evidence. Some scholars who may have spoken against him cannot be a basis for one to reject Sayyed. Other great Marjas to the likes of Sayyed Roohullah Khomeini have been questioned, attacked, and made takfir of. Moreover, let us remember the tragic incident of when news of Imam Ali's martyrdom spread, many were surprised at the circumstance of his attack and were shocked to hear that Imam Ali was "praying" when he was struck. I pray that our umma does not fall in the trap of such deviant and sly tricks of shaytaan who creates division in Muslims. Let us speak the truth even if it goes against conventions, even if it is taboo, even if there will be huge negative repurcussions. That includes healthy dialogue of all such discussions but within the Islamic parameters of "wisdom/REASON" and "with good manners" [bil hikma wa mawizatul hasana]. - Anyways, in regards to the original post, i too disagree with his eminence's usage of Radhiallah anhu for Abu Bakr but I'm sure I will not infer anything from that because a: we logically can't (without his own input) and b: I will give benefit of the doubt for a Muslim (let alone a Grand Marja). Alhamdulillah though he has not (and cannot and will not) make that a jurisprudential obligation lol. - But yeah, if anyone has proper evidence that Sayyed does not have the educational qualifications to hold the position he does, please share :) - Inna lilla wa inna elayhe raji'oon.
  9. Salaam Alaykum all, Azamallah ujoorana wa ujoorakum. I need the arabic lyrics for the latmiyya that goes like the following.. "Allaahummarzuqna mahhabbatal Husayn Husayn Husayn. Allaahummarzuqna shafa'atal Husayn Husayn Husayn. aharil maa yib shifaa'e... If anyone has it or knows anyone who has it, please reply to this as soon as you can. JazakAllah Khayr.
  10. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/2689523/Koran-boys-skin-mystery.html?OTC-RSS&ATTR=News#ixzz0UOp6nwM9 Subhan'Allah!! ..although i'm a firm believer that if it's a hoax, the person behind it should be bashed :mad:
  11. lol thanks SSS. that annoying child is me at home trying to imitate a chest beating sound. yes i wrote the lyrics myself. thanks ha mim. yes inshallah by the end of the year i'l have this properly recorded along with a couple of other stuff i'v made but haven't yet recorded. should sound much better then.
  12. Salaam alaykum peeps, I've made a new latmiyyat about Imam Ali. Please rate and provide feedback. Insha'Allah soon i'll have this properly recorded. Anyways, hope you enjoy it.. Law laa anta yaa Ali / Were it not for you oh Ali www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Ov67o4PX80 ps condolences to the Ja'fariyoon on the martyrdom anniversary of the Immaculate Flawless Imam, Hadhrat Ja'far as-Sadiq, 'alayhi salaam. pps. please please please make du'a for me as i have my thesis submission in a couple of days and my final exams. Eltemaase Du'a.
  13. Yes I just received news that he was taken to the hospital about 2 and a half hours ago due to a heart problem and actually died 20 minutes ago. Inna Lilla wa inna elayhe raji'oon ..Fatiha recited. :(
  14. That was the most beautiful, most well written piece i've read in a long time. Azamallah ujoorana wa ujooraka bi musaabina bi Faatimatu Zahra, salaamula alayha.
  15. salaam alaykum, does anyone have the lyrics to the english latmiyyat called Lady Fatima that Usama al-Attar recites. ie this one.. http://www.muharram.shiasisters.net/multim...ama/index.html# Please post if you have it. Jazakallah Khayr.
  16. i think i will be celebrating my 3rd year anniversary soon of getting unjustly banned from Muslim Village. ..a great bunch of people, but hrrmmmm. Insha'Allah despite these differences, us shi'a and sunni can stand side by side. My mother absolutely hates somethings that i absolutely love, and vice versas, but we're never at eachother's throats.
  17. At the moment, we are on the topic of "Adab" or manners/conduct. It'd be nice if more of us could listen to these lectures and insha'Allah improve our adab. Call people to the Way of your Lord with wisdom and beautiful exhortation, and reason with them in a gracious way. -Qur'an 16:125
  18. ..for once i wish i was in melbourne :yaali:
  19. ..damn! i thought perhaps this was a fake article coz sometimes it happens. and so i did a check, and unfortunately there are such allegations coz i found a couple more articles. feel bad for those who might associate this with his family members n stuff. and being such an optimist, i hope these are not true and the case is dropped. otherwise, may he get what he deserves and may he turn to Allah for sincere repentance. ..insha'Allah
  20. ..woohoo! can't get enough of sheikh jehad. i already go to his tuesday lectures @ arncliffe and friday lectures @ nabi akram islamic centre (granville). gotta love stalking!
  21. ..an excellent initiative of course this is a very smart marketing campaign, but nevertheless, we all shop, and we might as well shop at Coles this friday. im gonna b doin next week's shopping as well this friday.
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