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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. yeah trust they all blaze.. his a sick man trust lol
  2. xXx Happy Birthday Aqsa xXx Your one of the bestest people around and u deserve all the happiness in the world. Hope all your dreams and wishes come tru :) x Happy Birthday To My Wikkle Aqsa Wish i Could Just Put u in a Baqsa Coz your are the bestest person ever in this world Ill always member u even when im old and Inshallah Panjtan Paak Da Wasta That Youll get your happiness faster and faster Coz you deserve da best of the Best Better then all the [Edited Out]py lil rest and Inshallah youll always smile till the end Happy Bday From Your Bestest Friend :) xXx HIP HIP HOORAY ;) lol Av a Good 1 xXx
  3. all these pakistani zakir all smoke there A$$s of... even old man shafqat blazes weed and everythin LOL ill try the mitai thing but if i get fat i blame shiachat ;) lol
  4. Salam Ya Ali Madad Mashallah we have on Shiachat many different Zakirs and Nauhakhans from over the world (Myself Included :P ) And our zikar should be as beautiful as the People we do zikar of.. Allah and the Ahlulbayt So to make mine and other zakirs Zikar beautiful... are there any tips on maintaining and improving the voice? Geo Hussainiyo Momino Malangoo Maro Wahabio Baqrio Ya Ali Madad wsalam
  5. Duniya Mein Jo Mohib-e-Shah e Mashrikain hai Bechainiyon Ke Dore Mein Bhi Ous Ko Chain Hai Aur Batil ke Samne Jo Jukaye Nah Upna Sar Samjo Ous Ke Zein Ka Maalik Hussain Hai NAAAREEEEEY HAIDERRRYYY... YA ALI Also a small request... could some1 please post urdu/punjabi poems and rubaiyes on Bibi Fatima (as)...Jazakallah Ya Ali Madad Salamz
  6. Salam Inshallah ill be there but bro are you sure ur allowed to do matamdari during wiladat season?? Ya Ali Madad x
  7. so any1 know whether cricklewood is 5 or 8?? and could some1 please post the address of the venue thanks ya ali madad
  8. That cant be because his scedualed to read in Sakina trust at 8pm... Please do confirm details by tonight if possible... thanks Ya Ali Madad
  9. Salam Ya Ali Madad I heard Aqeel Naqvi went back to pakistan today??? :S:S:S
  10. ^^^ YUP 21 June 5:00pm - Cricklewood - Majalis and Matamdari 22 June duno the time - Sakina trust - Milad
  12. MENS MAJALIS AND MATAMDARI - Bibi Fatima (as) Shahadat FRIDAY 13th JUNE 9:00pm Zakir-e-Ahlulbayt Tauqeer Ul Hassan Syed Asad Shah Brother Hussain Alnashed Musaib Majalis: 45 mins approx Matamdari: 1 hour Expected Nauhakhans: Sajid Party UK Venue: Imamia Mission 328 Romford Road Forest Gate East London E7 8BS. For Further Infomation please contact: Kalbe Hassani Syed: 07708511577 Tauqeer Ul Hassan: 07943916115 or Alternativly Personal Message Me
  13. Ya AlI Madad i know how u mean bro... i been looking forward to this majalis for months now :wub: See u all there Inshallah salam
  14. Salam Ya Ali Madad Mashallah Aqeel Mohsin Naqvi is reading really well Just a quick announcement that after todays Majalis in Hounslow... Shayre-e-Ahlulbayt Aqeel Mohsin Naqvi will be reading in Imamia Mission. Details are as follows: IMAMIA MISSION UK 328 Romford Road Forest Gate London Newham E7 8BS He should start reading at about 9:30ish so please get there for that time. NAAAAREEEEEEY HAIDERRRRRYYYYYYYYY YA ALI... YA ALI... YA ALI MADAD...HAQ HAIDERRRRR GEO MOMINo MALANGO MARO WAHABIO BAQRIOO
  15. www.matamdari.com all the uploads have been posted on this site Ya Ali Madad
  16. tauqeer786x


    yeah i been feeding it and playiing with it... and im proper attached to it so NO WAY am i giving it away lol... but okay yeah ill phone the animal thing and see what they say how do i make it come inside my house tho? :D
  17. tauqeer786x


    Salamz For past 2 weeks a cats lived in my garden and i been looking after it etc etc... and im propa attachd 2 it and wanna keep it :cry: but i found a little white tag stikkin out of its head so it might mean that it belongs to some1... any1 know what it means? like how do i know if its a wild cat or some1s pet etc etc thanks for the help ya ali madad
  18. haha thats tha way it should be brother... u should see the jaloos here in central london.. the women are standing with the men and bogging... and the men are walking with the women tryna give em dvds and get a quick peek... U ALL KNOW WHO U R lol Inshallah the jaloos will be sick Ya Ali Madad GEO HUSSAINIO MARO BAQRIO wsalam
  19. Salam Ya Ali Madad will defoz be there... if Aqeel Naqvi is anything like his popz... then it should be a wicked majalis GEO HUSSAINIYO MOMINO MARO WAHABIO BAQRIO
  20. im coming manchester jaloos first time thsi year inshallah should be good as long as there arent women boggin at the men instead of being with the women.. and as long as there aint pervert boiz going to hand out DVDs to the womens section... like they do in london lol any idea who will be reciting the majalis?
  22. Salam Beautiful Qasida, one of the best ive ever heard Was just wondering, is there a full version of that online, including musaib part? ya ali madad salam
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