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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Please share all narrations about the birth of imam Ali in Kaaba.
  2. jazak-Allah for the efforts. I checked the website and there is no mentioning of meal cost per person. It just asks about the amount one want to donate. I am confused what amount would be suitable to feed 60 poor persons in Pakistan/India. Can you help in that.
  3. it was once in last 4 months. The recent is 130ish. I guess the largest electricity-consumer in my home is my ceramic stove. What is yours
  4. Even if they say that they are halal, they can't tell you if their halal meat is hand-slaughtered or machine-slaughtered? You know all Halal meat is not hand-slaughtered!
  5. For last 3 months, AGL Energy and my monthly bills are from $100 to $270. Sydney suburb
  6. newly arrived in NSW and confused about moon sightings, how Shias know that it is going to be the 1st Ramzaan tomorrow.
  7. What if she does not want to study!
  8. Probably @Islandsandmirrors can answer it best. She appears to be a master of assuming things.
  9. I think it is good to talk and chat about muta in presence of ladies. May be anyone of them is widow or divorced or a single mother and she decides to settle with someone.
  10. Are not we making the religion very complex? If lust is there while looking at the opposite gender, it is a sin otherwise not. Simple.
  11. OH MY GOD... laughing out loud fell from bed.... ROFL... hahahaha
  12. No, please stay here, you are my only hope so far....
  13. Thank you. I am praying the same old prayer right now (but in my heart)
  14. At last we come to the crux of the discussion. Excellently and concisely described. Really appreciated. By the way, can you point out to some ahle'bayt saying in support of this philophsy I believe there would be one/some.
  15. But there seems no harm in being pleased with two women or may be three, who both will love me and respect my children. I am not running away from my responsibilities.
  16. Being a woman yourself, you can't feel the situation and using just your emotional mind, rather than the logical mind.
  17. I wish the life would have been so simple but I can't. I have kids and I guess we have to bear each other for their sake until they become adults.
  18. But it is better than uselessly surfing the Facebook walls and posting pouting pics on instagram. Come on, you can do it.
  19. I do not look down on her. I respect her very much and try to keep her happy. But doing these all these home chores is not my thing. I have a lot of other tasks to do.
  20. slaves cook and clean? where have you observed that?
  21. What if a man is out for his business/work from morning 10 till night 8 and then comes home very tired and his wife demands that he should cook and do the dishes bla bla ? Would you like such culture?
  22. Trust me, you won't get anything out of this long distance relationship. They are just a waste of time and emotions (and sometimes money also) I have seen such examples in which people weep/repent at the end of it.
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