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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. 1- Use common sense. 2- How is it possible that immediately after washing you face and arms, your hands are not wet enough to to wipe head and feet? Wudu steps MUST be performed consecutively, not in breaks.
  2. If no other option, shred and send the shredded paper for recycling.
  3. Do we have to recite a complete soora or can we recite partial soora as well e.g. ayetul kursi? does anyone know any example of our Imam's lives?
  4. Please share all narrations about the birth of imam Ali in Kaaba.
  5. jazak-Allah for the efforts. I checked the website and there is no mentioning of meal cost per person. It just asks about the amount one want to donate. I am confused what amount would be suitable to feed 60 poor persons in Pakistan/India. Can you help in that.
  6. it was once in last 4 months. The recent is 130ish. I guess the largest electricity-consumer in my home is my ceramic stove. What is yours
  7. Even if they say that they are halal, they can't tell you if their halal meat is hand-slaughtered or machine-slaughtered? You know all Halal meat is not hand-slaughtered!
  8. For last 3 months, AGL Energy and my monthly bills are from $100 to $270. Sydney suburb
  9. newly arrived in NSW and confused about moon sightings, how Shias know that it is going to be the 1st Ramzaan tomorrow.
  10. What if she does not want to study!
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