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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (salam) You obviously misunderstood my statement. I said we do not believe that this verse was revealed on the day of ghadir.
  2. (salam) Change my mind about what? Changing my beliefs? I sure hope all Muslims do unite and the only reason I joined this site is to defend my beliefs as I watched people on this forum insult, curse and judge sunnis. I honestly didn't realize how much anger and hate Shia have towards sunnis till now. It's really sad.
  3. (salam) Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the above website given by Aliya is actually a shia site. Am I wrong?
  4. You started off your previous post by insulting me as a sunni Muslim and so I figured you're not worthy of my time. You're not here to learn, you're here to insult people who don't share your beliefs.
  5. Aliya I fear God, I don't want to pretend to know what's in people's hearts. Muslims give people the benefit of the doubt . There's a koranic verse that says "inna ba3da al thanni ithm" in other words you get bad points for doubting people's intentions. Maybe that's a foreign belief to shia! In a different thread I brought proof from your own books that Ali (ra) confirmed that muta was forbidden by the prophet (sw) on the day of khaibar, you never acknowledged it. I realize that the sunni shia conflict will probably never be resolved. As I don't want to cause any fitna or make the fitnah e
  6. (salam) Obviously Sunni since the majority are Sunni! You just shot yourself in the foot!
  7. (salam) This verse of the Koran was revealed on the day of ghadir ONLY according to Shia. Not according to the rest of Muslims. Unless you can prove otherwise I won't bother with your post. Wassalam!
  8. (salam) Aliya, There's no need for you to be insulting, you can get your point across without using words like "twisting" and others like that....but since you started.... I'm not goinbg to argue with you over what Umar (ra) said to or about the prophet (sa) that day. I wasn't there and I don't know in what tone it was said and what the intentions of Umar (ra) were and I also don't know how the prophet (sa) reacted to it because our tafseer is different than yours. I still don't understand why the rest of the sahaba who were in the room didn't insist that the prophet (sa) write his will regar
  9. (salam) Islamically in a marriage, the man is the provider and the woman is the care giver. A marriage is a contract, if the man or the woman, wish to give up some of their rights than that's their decision as long as they both agree to it. In Muta marriage isn't it true that the woman can't inherit the husband and he doesn't spend money on her other than the amount they both agree she will receive from him? Wallahu A3lam!
  10. (salam) Thanks bro Youssif. I have never heard of this guy, he could be a shia posing as a sunni for all I know. No sunni scholar with references to our books would even attempt to make such a false claim!
  11. (salam) Keep up the good work Sunnistudent. I can smell shia sweat!!!!
  12. (salam) Iranwarrior youre lying through your teeth. Such narration IS NOT in Sahih Bukhari or Sahih Muslim. It's probably in one of your shia books. Khurram, Is that sheikh supposed to be a Suuni? The text you provided looks Persian to me and not Arabic. How do I know he's a sunni and what nationality is he? I have never heard of this so called scholar! Muawiyah killing Ayesha (ra) is a lie that Shia would love to believe. In fact I have only heard about this in this forum! Stop spreading lies as you would have to answer to God (sw) about it on judgement day. Wasssalam!
  13. (salam) OK smarty pants (karbalah)... I didn't bother reading all of your post as I realized it's a waste of my time. All these marriages are REAL PERMENANT marriages ie they all take place the same way a regular marriage that at the time of the prophet (saw) took place. There's no innovation in any of them. For a marriage to be Islamically acceptable 5 things should be met....a walli for the girl, ish-har (can't be a secret marriage) , 2 witnesses and 2 others that don't come to mind right now. I can assure you these marriages do meet all the 5 criteria. Therefore they're Islamically accept
  14. (salam) Urfi marriage is a permanent marriage, the only difference is it's not registered with the government (ie religious only but not civil marriage). Misyar is a pemanent marriage , difference the woman gives up some of her rights such as not having the husband spending money on her or spending much time with her. That's what I think those marriages are wallahu a3lam! If I'm wrong, please correct me. Wassalam!
  15. (salam) Karbalah, Your post was full of hate and anger towards sunnis. You gave your personal opinion about who you think we follow with no proof. But you didn't respond to my post. I gave you a reference from your own books as to how Ali (ra) confirmed that muta was forbidden by the prophet. You didn't acknowledge that but instead went on to insult me and my scholars. As for all the sunni references you gave that proves the greatness of Ali (ra) we are not denying it. We love Ali (ra) and acknowledge his greatness and these references can be used against you who call us Nasibis! May Allah
  16. (salam) I found shiite reference as to confirm that Ali (ra) confirmed that muta was forbidden by the prophet (sa) on the day of khaibar. It wasn't in Nahjul balagha ( I apologize) but here it is.... Al tah-theeb 2/186 again in: Al istibsar 3/142. And again : Wasa'el al Shiah 14/441
  17. (salam) I already did my research on what shia say about Ali (ra) marrying his daughter off to Umar (ra). Read my previous post as I don't want to repeat myself. As for Aysha (ra) starting a war against sayyiduna Ali (ra), I refer to our books , sorry I don't accept your version of the story as you already have nothing but hate towards the mother of the believers. We believe she had good intentions. She wanted to find Uthman's killers. A Nasibi would argue with you to say that Ali (ra) was at fault (I don't) because he wouldn't avenge Uthman's (ra) death. A Nasibi would also have their own h
  18. (salam) Fair response Aliya but let's not blow this out of proportion... If my dad, God forbid, was on his deathbed and asked for a pen and paper I might feel like I should grant him his wish. My sister, however, might feel differently. She might feel that dad should rest right now since he seems very weak. Now I might think my sister is such a bad daughter for denying my dad the pen and paper or I might give her the benefit of the doubt and think she meant well by denying him the pen and paper. She simply wanted him to rest. The fact that she's my sister and I love her makes me give her the
  19. (salam) I sense some hostility in your response Aliya. Not good. I agree we should avoid bad behaviour and bad people as well. Indeed that's what I'm doing right now by responding to the accusations by you towards the sahaba and the mothers of believers (ra). I'm not the one blind to my own sources but actually you're the one who is. I'll give you some examples. I believe it's in your Nahj al balagha where sayyiduna Ali (ra) confirms that muta marriage was prohibited by the prophet on the day of khaibar. I apologize for not giving you the exact the reference as I don't have a copy of the boo
  20. (salam) Forgot to add that the incident of the pen and paper happened on Thursday. The prophet (sa) passed away on Monday. He had more than 3 full days after this incident to clarify what he wanted to write down. If it was so important then why didn't he????
  21. 1. Umar (ra) had only good intentions as he didn't want the prophet (sa) to overwork himself on his deathbed. How would Umar (ra) know what the prophet was going to write anyway??? And what makes you so sure it was about Ali (ra) to be his successor? Wasn't the speech at Ghadeer Khum enough as you claim??? 2. Umar and Abu Bakr (ra) did not steat fadak from Fatima (ra). I don't know why you include Umar (ra) here because this fadak incident was between Fatima (ra) and Abu Bakr (ra) only. My assumption is you including Umar (ra) here reflects your deep hatred towards him. Abu Bakr did not deny t
  22. (salam) Abu hadi and Aliya and rest of Shia, Yes we Muslims believe in nahi 3an il munkar ie if someone is drinking or gambling we're supposed to try to talk them about stopping such actions. For the case of drinking alcohol or gambling or eating pork we know it's haram, no 2 Muslims disagree on that. As far as the sahaba and the mothers of believers (ra) are concerned there's no proof that they did anything haram. You rely on your ahadith to wrong them, we rely on the Koran that gave the title "mothers of believers" to the wives of the prophet (sa). You accuse the sahaba and Aisha (ra) of n
  23. (salam) To answer your question, you can only convert a weak non religious Muslim. As for the educated religiuos ones, that'll be hard. Wassalam!
  24. (salam) I am a proud Muslim who rejects cursing, backbiting and hate.
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