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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

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  1. I wish you the best of luck in life =) tc

  2. It was nice knowing you...tc =)

  3. It's time I move on...but before i do...just wanted to say...tc ==)

  4. My last comment I promise...(i know you don't like it) just wanted to say tc....=)

  5. supp....shlonich 3eni? Ashoo mikhtafya hal ayam? agoolich anee ba3ad aroo7...deery balich 3ala ukhtich zen? mawaseech..lol mwah~

  6. Miss you habibty...never see you on msn =( akeed busy...maykhalif i'll catch u sooner or later...tc


  8. Pika Boo...(ashoo i don't ever see you) lol...yella tc mwah~

  9. if you're awake...come online

  10. is it really ur birthday? If so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! =)

  11. Asalamualakum, As a matter of fact I do disagree...who said anything about "me" running into the arms of people like Tony Blair and zionists. A picture you show me proves absolutely nothing to me. It's useless and pointless so I suggest you find some other technique. Asalamulakum, When and how the prophet kills these 2 is non of my concern, they did many crimes and injured the Muslim Ummah (read your history) so they desereved to die. Funny how you ask what crime these 2 dogs did but you sit there naming the wrong doings of Sayed Majid Al-Khoei. I never blamed Moqtada for his behaviour I bla
  12. Well then the the prophet could have killed Omar and Abu Bakr and saved the entire Muslim Ummah. He would have killed 2 and saved all of humanity. Let's just say Moqtada had nothing to do with the killing of Sayed Majied for arguments sake, he however didn't do anything about it when he could have. Your words hurt, especially to many who are on sc...Imam Ali (as) says "a wise man thinks before he speaks..."
  13. Welcome to sc and LOVE the nick! =)

  14. aon, tell me...do you do that for the sake of wasting 10 sec of my life? BANI...will suffice, no need for an opera act with vocal sounding of my profound name...(btw i just wasted 10 sec of your life) Just like Imam Ali (as) said, a strick for a strick eh?...=D

  15. Just dropped by to say "SALAM" how are you? Long time no see walla...inshallah all is well...what happened to changing ur nick? "people always think im a kurd" does that ring any bells...??? el muhim...take care and yeah well take care...salam

  16. ejat bess asalim 3alach...ya3nee bess agool salamualakum washoof itha hatjowbeen low la...rasich madree wan? agoolich inta ba3dich mit3alqa ib bassim al karbla2ee low la? heeech ya3nee mujarad ahib a3roof...il muhim...let me know how things be..zen? tc wassalam

  17. hela 3ouni shlonich? adree il bar7a 7ichana bess ejat asalim 3al kul...gilit shlon asalim 3al kul ew masalim 3ala supp...shlon? mayseer....aku ashya2 matseer...e ba3ad shlonich? ew wanich? ew mishtaqatlich, ew a7ibich, ew deery balich 3ala 7alich..ew salmeely 3ala ukhtich....zen? salam

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