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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Asalamualakum, Actually i got it from a Sayed family we know...who i believe they got from Iran...however you can always check the interent...Sheikh al Muhajer is by far one of the best when it comes to Ahlulbayt (as)...at least in my opinion he is :wub: wassalam
  2. thanks alot sis...you truely are great!!!Thankks a bunch


  3. thank you alot sister...you won't be forgotten from my duaa..


  4. Asalamualakum, Thankyou all very much...Jazakom Allah Khair Al Jazza... Don't forget us from your duaa.. Wassalam
  5. Baba shee khalisna minhom...they have a plan...and it leads to conquering IRAQ...like i said before...they don't care about us...if they did...they would leave iraq alone to have it's shia government...bess we're talking politics here...when it comes to politics..la iran wala abad...kul man hayir ib balada.. wassalam
  6. Aslamualakum, It's in arabic, but maybe you could check to see if they have it in english Wassalam
  7. nice name, and welcome to sc

  8. ASalamualakum, There are some rewayat that say after Imam(as) appears, the world will continue for 60 years, however we don't know when Imam(as) is coming hence, we don't know when Day of Judgement is...btw there are more rewayat that explain the situation differently Wassalam
  9. Asalamualakum, It is by far one of the best books i am reading, every line in the book brings tears to my eyes. The first part is a speech by Fatima (as) and she is explaining who she is...(the title is self explanatory)... she reminds the Umma, she is the daughter of Mohammad (as), the wife of Ali (as), the mother of hassan (as) and Hussain (as), sayedat nisa2 al 3alameen..etc, Wassalam
  10. Asalamualakum, ???No Muslim in this world wants to see a tyrant ruling other Muslim people.??? That's not true brother, when it comes to politics nothing matters anymore...just like when Abu Bakr took the Khialafa from Imam Ali (as)... Iran could be bad or good, that's a matter of opinion...but Iran is backing Muqtada up and being involved in today's chaos is not an opinion but a fact. Wasalam
  11. Asalamualakum I mainly speak of the government...it's the gov. that's supporting Muqtada... Which really shocks me when some people say Iran has nothing to do with iraq Wassalam
  12. Asalamualakum, Just out of curiousity, where do you think most of Muqtada's back up comes from?????? :huh: Who hates America? Who kicked America out of Iran? Who is helping Nasarullah against Israel and America? Who is helping and supporting Muaqtada kick America out of Iraq? Who dosen't care if Iraq has another dictator like Saddam, as long as America is out? Here...let's do them together... IRAN IRAN IRAN IRAN IRAN Wassalam
  13. Thank you alot...for your help...it means alot =)

  14. Come on i have to talk to you

  15. Asalamualaku, I don't know how to thank you...or what to say...your help is very much appreciated, :wub: This means alot!!! :( No..no specific time...and i'd rather not put the name... Wassalam
  16. Brother....(i am a sister...get it straight :angry: )...last time i checked, muqtada dosen't have ilm al ghaib either...so what are you saying???it's okay for a syed to go around causing problems but it's not okay for the Prime Minister of the country to have any say in the matter??As far as Iran is concerened...I AM APPAULED THAT YOU THINK THEY HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SITUATION!!!!! :o ....but i'm sure you know the well known say, "sharru al Balyatee ma uth7ik"...obviously there's no use in trying to explain the matter to you...(i can't understand why, seeing that the picture is quite clear)...maybe you should look into the matter again... Wassalam
  17. Asalamualakum, I hope you are all in the best of health...I want to know if any shiachat members are willing to read a juzu2 (chapter) inorder to help finish reading the Quran for a loved one who passed away some time ago. If the right amount of people particpate the quran can be read in a weeks time...Please remember what comes around goes around...May Allah reward you and give you ajar for your help... The first 11 chapters have already been taken...(if you would like to help...please state what chapter you will be reading) Thank you Wassalam
  18. salam..lol..yeah chem is good...i guess...yup we meet in the chtrm...talk to you soon..wassalam

  19. Asalamualakum, Bil khidma Wassalam
  20. Asalamualakum, 1- No maliki is not a liar....he has every right to target at jaysh al mahdi 2- Brother if you think shedding the blood of one's own people is bad...then i assume you also mean Imam Ali (as) and Prophet Mohammad are bad because they shed the blood of their people in war and battles when ever necessary. 3-The word PUPPET OF CRIMINAL INVADERS only comes to the mouth of your kind. 4-LOOOOL...what proof is there that iran is involved in the affairs...good one... 5-Maliki is not stupid...you are 6-Shias are killing shias..check the news... Wassalam
  21. Asalamualakum, Yes sister it is haram...compeltely...regardless of what the maraja3 say...there's a hadith book by all 12 imams (as) that explains music is haram whats so ever...if you are in the mood, not in the mood, if it's ghina, not ghina, if you are affected by it, if your not affected by it...etc...however i don't have the book with me at the moment, when i do...i'll make sure to give resources... Wassalam
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