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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

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  1. Asalamualakum, Jazakallah khair al jaza2 Thank you :) Wassalam
  2. hello 3aynee....anee zana wela.3aysha ab hdenya 3al Allah...intee shloonich?Ahwalich?yella 3ounee talk to u soon inshaallah....salams =)

  3. nice dp pic...lol i love it =p

  4. Asalamualakum, Thank you so much for your participation...we wish you every happiness and do come visit when u have the time.. wassalam
  5. welcome to shiachat...(sorry im a bit late)

  6. Who said anything about ruling the world? :huh: You obviously aren't thinking hard enough..so tough luck...
  7. ^^^That's not funny :dry: Soon it'll be gay ppl ylligiz if you know what i mean...
  8. Who Rules The United States Of America? THE JEWS! :dry:
  9. Asalamualakum, Happy Birthday and best wishes always!! BaniHashim110
  10. salam, Nice poem...strong words...u must really miss your friend
  11. welcome to shiachat =)

  12. Asalamualakum, (I'm a sister) Make sense, however, have you tired explaining why shia (or at least some) curse the munafiqeen? Unity does not have to be more important in the sense that one has to stop doing la3in. Now who we send our la3ana to is another issue, but if la3in is more important than unity, no it is not. Wassalam
  13. Asalamualakum, Da'rul Islam, your name says quite alot. And the questions you ask are that of someone like yourself who would know the answers but still asks for the sake of disscussion. Very well, you will seek what you please, but no benefit will come from it except that of heated arguments. More over, la3in is sending duaa to take mercy away from a specific person. Allah gives la3in in the quran for many reasons, one of them being, he is proving that la3in itself is not haram among other things. According to some ahadeeth, la3in is thawab however it must be done correctly. Is la3in more imp
  14. I recall you saying you are a fan of pacha. After seeing this video i had to show it to you. Enjoy =)............................................no really enjoy....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlo5ZIHmvww&feature=related

  15. salam HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. salam, umm idk i am too late...lol...wela il muhim kul 3am wety ib alif khair =)

  17. Asalamualakum, Hope..... :cry: il makan matiswaa bidooonich :cry: bess latinseena mnil duaa we love you!!!!! :blush: Your sister, Bani Hashim110
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