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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. EIIIIIIID MUBAAAAARAAAAAAAAAAAAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thank you....Eid Mubarak to you too,,,,=)

  3. ya meyat hela 3oun bani...shlonich galbee...e wala ana imqasra weyach...sam7eeny...kul 3am wenty ib alif khair 3ouny..mwaaah =)

  4. moo bala, shloon qahra...u need to come live in LA...la2an ma ashba3 minich..lazim itkooneen yamee....wala dooda mishtaqeen...ma3roof shaswee? matgooleeely shasawee?! hamoot min hayatee wala....

  5. wala bit hala....i was just talking to ur cousin about u and how i miss u...funny how we communicate indirectly, wala i miss u too...like it's not even funny...i promise i'll come on more often...moo il na7al mayigdar yi3oof il 3asal malta...=p mwaaaah

  6. Asalamualakum, Yaz, your presentation was perfect! You explained the Aya and explained it wonderfully. She seemed convinced and i think she liked it. Btw, the whole brining back the aya to one of Imam Jaffar Al Sadiq's Hadith couldn't have been any more perfect. And the looking at the aya through different prespectives to compare between what shia say and what ahlul sunna say was splendid...honestly, have you ever thought of becoming an Ethics or maybe a Quran teacher? ws
  7. yeah, a lot of ppl don't know what the # 110 stands for...it's pretty simple really...each alphabet poses as a #..(alif) is 1...(Baa) is 2 and so on...i'm not sure what you were asking me but i hope this helps..=)

  8. weird it cut off the rest...lol...let me finish of my formal attack for you.....i can have the pleasure of meeting you face to face...and we can enjoy a nice cup pf tea while we lash at each other...what say you about this?

  9. oh, had i known it was like your second home i wouldn't have been so bold with you...apologise my good lady...i was just trying to be sincere and honest with you...seeing that you have been preoccupied elseweher i imagined you did not come here so often, but it seems like i stand corrected and have been faulted...it's ok we shall presume this discussion on Sunday where i can have the pleas

  10. wassalam yazahara....are you trying to find an execuse to contribute to this site in any way possible....cause you're not doing such a goodjob..

  12. Asalamualakum, Yeah he actually is an Iranian-American, I'm guessing who dosen't agree with the government of Iran and is against it. As a matter of fact in the book, she compares the Shah to Khomeni saying both were corrupt leaders however Khomeni was not only corrupt but also took people's freedom. ws
  13. It's funny how you veiw Moqtada as some sort of heroin who is going to lead Iraq out if it's misery...man, wake up! Honestly all i can say is "Sharo il baleeyaty ma uth7ik" some people need reality checks, i suggest you get one.
  14. Asalamualakum, I just finished reading a book called Veil of Roses by Laura Fitzgerald and i was wondering if anyone else read the book? If yes, can i know your opinion on the author's way of showing the reader what life in Iran is like...Or the statements she gives regarding Ayatullah Khomeni? I assume more of the females read the book being that it's a girly story, but never-the-less i would appreciate comments...thanx wassalam
  15. Asalamualakum, Does no one realize how many times this topic was braught up? "Iraq needs another Khomeni" "Iraq needs a leader, someone like Moqtada al Sadr"...Does no one understand that Moqtada is not like his father nor is he like shaheed al sadr...I'm sorry to say but he is an embarrassment and lacks the attributes of a leader. He can't lead his own army let alone a country. The man can't speak for god's sake...so why in the world would you suggest Moqtada to lead Iraq? why? You also have to keep in mind that if Iraq were to have another khomeni the shia of Iraq will split and heat will ri
  16. Asalamualakum, It's not music in any way....they don't use musical instruments (unless you think clapping is musical). Too much voice affects dosen't make the nasheed haram...so in that sense the nasheed it'self is not haram... wassalam
  17. Asalamualakum, I'm a huge fan of Nazar al Qatary and i'll be honest this is the first time I hear any of his Nasheeds or Latmiyat that has too much voice affects and a little something added to it...however i don't see anything wrong with the words...unless maybe the phrase "wahdaho la shabeeha lah" gives some sort of offense. I know people who would think taking that is too far. Wassalam
  18. Asalamualakum, I know I'm a bit late, apologies :blush: If you could be anyone (past or present) who would it be and why? Who's your favorite disney princess? (random i know :unsure: ) I'm not sure if these questions were already asked...didn't have time to read all the posts...k :D wassalam
  19. hela 3ounee, shlooonich tichtoocheee! Wala im fine still living...bess sadigeeny da2iman 3ala balee intee, hata i told my mom the great news!...lol and she was happy...bess tidreeen anee im qasira weyach...wala arjoo il ma3thira, bess il madaris datibdee so im getting busy...3ooman nit hacha soon inshallah...tc


  20. Asalamualakum, What's your favorite word? & If you could be anyone in the world (past or present) who would it be? Wassalam
  21. I thought you were only kidding...seems like your not :huh:
  22. welcome to shiachat =)

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