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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Tomorrow then, oh wait, yazahra has class...hmm, oh well

  2. Asalamualakum, Sister your statement on Al Maliki being a criminal is opinionated, and not a statement of fact. Wassalam
  3. Asalamualakum, That seems like a wonderful idea, since there seems to be multiple opinions given on the book... Wassalam
  4. Asalamualakum, Exactally my point. Because of the genocide, the jews are now the most powerful people in the world. After what Hitler did to them, they felt that they are no less than any other race and therefore slowely went there way up into society. It's basically trying to prove Hitler wrong about them being the lowest of people. And they're doing a pretty good job at it. Wassalam
  5. i don't know how long

  6. i have ALOT to tell you..lol

  7. well wasn't that interesting...but u left me there...why? i don't know

  8. hmm...maybe you're right...and really, i have no reason at all for not putting them up

  9. you left???HELLO????WHY

  10. wow...28...pretty good i must say...

  11. lol...got my message a little too late huh?

  12. lol...okay...i'll meet you in the empty room...the room with less people yeah?

  13. lol...this is so funny...it's like a race between you and yazahra313...i keep going to both your pages...but i never expected 21 in one day...keep it going sister....keep it going

  14. 2 more....just 2 more...u can do it...come on...come on...let me know when you're done...i'll intorduce you...lol....

  15. oh by the way, i was right about the starbucks topic...so much in so little time...impressive.

  16. Asalamualakum, There is no doubt he is considered one of the worst and most hatred dictators in wolrd history...however, it's hard to say considering he had a gencoid against the jews...if you think about it, it's because of his actions that lead the jews to be one of if not the most powerful people in the world. While muslims are dying everyday but they get worse and worse as generations come and go. Interestig isn't it? Wassalam
  17. loooooool...you really were serious about the hitler thing...lol....you got guts

  18. wow 14 posts...now i am really impressed...

  19. 33 posts...you're almost there lol...this is taking longer than i thought =(

  20. Asalamualakum, Fatima Al-Zahraa says (as): "A women's best jewelry is her shyness." So it's a good think you are shy, however public speaking tips help. Good luck Wassalam
  21. Asalamualakum, Yes lol I saw you there...you weren't hard to find... :P Wassalam
  22. Asalamualakum, I am currently reading the book "AL-Muraja3at".... Was wondering if anyone read it and if yes please give opinions on what you thought of the book. Thankyou Wassalam
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