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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Dictatorship is the problem. Democracy is the solution. Let us all unite and struggle for a better world- indifferent of religion!
  2. Western media report that Irani authorities will prevent internet access in Iran during student`s day on monday. Is this correct? If so, I would like to know what forumites in this forum think of this. Is internet a serious threat against the Irani regime?
  3. What is wrong with Balochis and Pashtons becoming independent?
  4. Maybe Bush was right after all. Obama has begun to take his troops back. And the anti-democratic resistance forces are increasing their activities.
  5. My impression is that most Americans suffer from some kind of megalomania. They like to see themselves as advocates of freedom and democracy. But whether a country is democratic or not has never been important in US foreign policy. USA has supported fascist regims and have fought against liberation movements in the third world, usually labelling them as communists. And narrowminded american citizens, usually never questioned that. After the fall of Communism Islam is the new enemy. The stupid Americans elected Bush as their president and did not question his absurd idea of war against terrorism or the attack on Iraq. It seems today Americans have begun to understand that USA has not always done the right thing. At least I hope so. Obama seems to be an enlightened president. But with a narrowminded population he will have big problems. Then there is the finacial maffia. If Obama starts talking about democracy and human rights in Saudi Arabia I wonder what they will do. Knowing that USA supports the dictatorship in Saudi Arabia, aren´t you ashamed to be American?
  6. Yes you had better check with western media. So you have finally realised that you will not know the truth from Irani media?
  7. I don´t know. ut maybe Rafsanjani has realised that supporting the ideas of the Islamic revolution was very stupid. This backward way of thinking is the real problem Iran is facing today. It would be political suicide to oppose Islam in Iran. Every educated sensible person understands that religion and politics should be kept separately. I suppose most Iranians are sensible. But unfortunately their level of education is very low. So they are easily fooled by the religious leaders. But it seems, to be sure, the leaders try to prevent acces to websites that they do not wish Iranians to visit.
  8. I have not seen that western media has supported violence. Western media is reporting it. I think this is very good. Don´t you? It shows that lots of Iranians are disappointed with the resuly of the election (rigged or not). Their struggle for a free democratic Iran has suffered a serious setback. Of course they are disappointed. Women in Iran will still have to wear Hijab, Iran will remain a threat against the free world etc. I suppose the fact that most Iranians are fanatic muslims is well known. It does not sell any newspapers.
  9. I find it hard to accept that this election was not rigged. Of course I don´t know. But are most Iranians really so narrowminded and fanatic? Why can´t they understand that everyone does not accept Islam and Sharia? We accept muslims living in the West. And obviously most muslims prefer to live in our countries. They can criticise our society, promote Islam and dress as they like. They can also benefit from our welfare system. People who sympathise with western values do not have such freedom in Iran. This is not fair!
  10. Because they do not know better. Poor brainwashed Iranians!
  11. But at least the first time the Americans can blame the system. Actually Al Gore got more votes. What excuse do the Iranians have? That they have been brainwashed?
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