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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I was referring to breaking your fast intentionally on something halal. For example drinking water, etc.
  2. Thanks for your response. In (2) I was referring to someone who is a new convert to Islam and finds it difficult to fast therefore breaks his/her fast on purpose.
  3. (salam) I am looking for the ruling of Seyyid Sistani on the penalty or kaffara for breaking a fast in the month of Ramadhan: 1.If you broke your fast by mistake but did not continue the fast thereafter 2.If you are a new convert to the religion and broke your fast due to difficulty 3.If you broke your fast intentionally without on something halal 4.If you broke your fast intentionally by performing a haram act ex: fornication, or masturbation (is the kaffara different depending on the act) Thank you.
  4. (salam) Brothers and Sisters, Do any of you know of Hajj groups that are still open to take individuals for this years hajj? Paricularly with scholars like Seyyid Ammar Nakshvani, Seyyid Mehdi Moderessi, Sheikh Murtadha Alidina, or Sheikh Hassanain Rajabali. I am really interested in going but havent found a group to go with. Thank you all for the help. Your brother.
  5. Thanks for clarifying. I understand what you mean by "A manifestation of Allah"
  6. Thanks for the link, sister. It definitely was a beautiful explanation.
  7. Forgive my ignorance, but when you say "See them as the perfect manifestation on God..." how is this different from the Christian view that Isa (as) was a manifestation of God on earth? And why is it that the Imams didnt write in their duas to pray to them? I am not trying to question the noble status of the Aimah (as), I know they are Allah's decisive argument and proof over mankind - and I hope that I can fill the void of ignorance.
  8. (salam) Brothers and sisters I would like to hear your views on the concept of praying to the Imams for the acceptance of our wishes. I have heard several scholars say that that addressing the dua directly to the Imams (particularly the 12th Imam (as) ) is highly encouraged. I've heard some say that regardless of whether one address the duas to Allah directly, the intermediary is still the Imam (as) and therefore it would be better to direct the dua to him - who then prays to Allah on our behalf. If this is a unimously accepted concept among the religious scholars - why is it that in all the beautiful duas that have been written by our Aimah (as) the duas are always addressed to Allah and not to them? I am not trying to lower the status of our Aimah (as), they were without a doubt infallible and the best of Allah's creation after the Holy Prophet (pbuh), but would praying directly to them constitute a form of shirk? How one one go about explaining this idea to our sunni brothers? Jazakum Allah
  9. Nice video, although it has some background music - apologies in advance. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AyPqnZGQUCM
  10. yeh uve got to reach 50 posts for that :)

    and the islam awareness week is in march. In the mean time we've opened an ahlul bayt society fb grp nd r going to meet sometime soon inshallah

  11. it prolly is, inshallah when u can pm, i shall let u knw, every1 can see ur comments :)

  12. umm, i kinda do mind :P... sorry..

  13. (salam) I am intersted in hearing your views on the subjects mentioned: The concept of Isma (pertaining to the sinless nature of the prophets) The legitimacy of the apostle Paul Let me elaborate - I have been talking with a christian brother who seems to show some interest in Islam, but is still very stubborn in his christian beliefs. He argues that the prophets cannot be sinless because this means attributting the qualities that are exclusive to Allah, and hence constitutes a form a shirk. I have tried to explain the rationale behind our belief in the sinless nature of all prophets, but he insists that he would like another proof preferably historical. I also tried to bring into question the writings of Paul, which constitute a large part of the New Testament. I related it back to the idea that Paul cannot have divine authority because he was himself an arch enemy of Christian faithfuls before claiming to have received devine revelation. Again he insists that Paul is one of the greatest authorities on the Christian belief and is greatly revered for his contributions. The brother did approach me to tell him about Islam, and seems to be very well read. However, he is still quite attached to his christian beliefs and I find it quite difficult to talk without authoritative proof. So what I am looking for is answers to these questions together with some credible sources that I can share with him. Thank you, Jazakumullah
  14. sorry been a bit busy lately. yeah one of them does. :) Hope all's ok.

  15. nah, just a couple.

    have a good day.


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