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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. If you live in the US. PM me and I will try to help you via some friends and relatives.
  2. Walikum alslam. I live in Chicago and in touch with a good number of Shia brothers and sisters in the city.
  3. I just moved to Chicago and I will glaldy help you bro.
  4. Georgia has got two Islamic shia centers: Islamic Centre As-Siddique +14044426978 1412 Dresden Drive, Atlanta, GA 30319 U.S.A ------------------------------------------------------------------- Sahebozzaman Islamic Center +17706429411 4853 Old Mountain Park Road, Roswell, GA 30075 U.S.A sicoa@bellsouth.ne sicoa.org
  5. Salam alikum ,all islamic centers I know are in HELSINKI with a good number of iraqi shia. check this page for more info http://www.aqaed.org/shia/institution/finland/
  6. Actully,it depends where the mosque is for example in Saudia Arabia never go to pray in Wahabi mosque because you will struggle so much as I did with them in the university so we go to normal places and pray but if you are in other Islamic countries lile Syria,lebanon and other countries where the majority are normal sunni it is OK
  7. walikum alslam my sisiter

    long time no see my comment was written since one year and a half :) alhmdullah you are back now

  8. salam alikum

    tell me if you get the email of that girl :)

  9. sorry this comment was not for u and Ramadan mubarak :)

  10. Salam alikum

    tell me if you get the email of that girl :)

  11. I know a revert shia girl in birmingham . she is in your age if u r interested let me know .
  12. There are many they were called slaves of Imam al-hassan peace be upon him because he made them free in that time and they are well knwon by their family names BTW they are dark look like Africans

  13. Salam my bro, Wallah Al-Baqe3 is far away from me I live in the East of Saudi Arba near t Arabin Gulf and Baqe3 in Al-Madinah in the west of Saudia actully I feel sorry for our shia brothers who live in Madinah they are facing problem with Sunni because there are about half a million shia living in Al-Madinah

  14. brother/sisters in islam Assalamu alikum I hve always wondered Why are we ( Shia people) have been oppressed everywhere and through many generations? Shias are killed in Iraq, Pakistan by explosives and being repeatedly buried alive at Saddam Husseins ruling time.Even in my country (Saudi Arabia) the government works day and night to hide and erase the name of shias whom live in all around the country.Shias in saudie have been banned and fought from practising their faith. Having proper and well paid jobs it’s a dream of any shia practicer in Saudi Arabia as there will never be a chance for
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