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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam, May Allah reward you for your efforts akhi. Fi aman Allah
  2. Ya Allah Salams, Subhan Allah, when I read any of your pathetic posts I feel the same about you. Salams and Dua's thewave
  3. Ya Allah Salam It sure does, jazak Allah brother. Salams and Dua's thewave
  4. Ya Allah Salams Jazaka Allah dear Khuram for all these excellent videos. Allah Akbar, Khamenei (HA) Rahbar Salams and Dua's thewave
  5. Ya Allah Salam Dear brothers, do not the filth of this world and the next upset you, Imam Khamenei (HA) is innocent of the claimes against him, and anyone with an ounce of brain in their skull would see through the lies and propaganda spread by the enemies of the Islamic Republic. Ya Imam Mahdi (AJ), forgive us and hasten Your reappearance. Salams thewave
  6. Ya Allah Salams, Are you and zahratCIA/CSIS dating, or related? Salams thewave
  7. Ya Allah Salams, Hmm, xbox, maybe if you spent less time playing xbox and defending the likes of ZahratCIA/CSIS, you could actually be a productive part of society. Salams and dua's to the believer's. thewave
  8. Ya Allah Salams, I will be attending, anyone with open eyes and a free mind can comprehend and see the rationale behind the words of Sheik Shabbirh (HA). May Allah curse you and your likes untill youm al- kiyama. BTW, change your name, you do not live up to being called Zahrat Al-Islam. Salams and Dua's thewave
  9. Ya Allah Salams InshAllah everyone is doing fine. My dilemma is that I purchased a notebook computer a year ago and I also purchased an accidental warranty with it. Now this accidental guarantees that I get a new computer if there is a major accident. I don't use this computer at all; I bought it thinking about the specs (blu-ray, 512 nvidia card, etc) but soon realized it’s too big for me to carry around. Now I have promised a friend a laptop and he saw this one and wasn't interested in buying it. So my question is if I am to have a purposeful accident that ensures that the laptop can't be repaired, which means I get money for a new laptop, am I wasting and am I falling out of line with Islam. Salams and Dua's thewave
  10. Ya Allah Salams Wa Salam
  11. Ya Allah Salams Really? Have you ever read the quran? Salams and Dua's tewave
  12. Ya Allah Salams, Wow, didn't know this thread came back to life, brother alpha, jazak Allah for your efforts. Sadly, the trend is see with the opposing brothers is like the that of people who simply closed their ears, pick up on the stupidest of things (comparing Sayyed Nasab (HA) to Ibn Sina)--thats just childish and shows thier intention is not to learn, it is to argue, i hope they review their iman and aqida, for certinaly there is a problem, either they are loyal to the personality they believe in (aka loyal to people who are spreading these lies and fitna against Sayyed (HA) as opposed to loyal to Allah and Ahl ul Bayt (as) and Haqq and truth, or they are here to simply here to create mistrust and fitna. Brothers, what proof do you have against Sayyed Nasab (HA). Mr Ahmad, again, I kindly ask you "who are the great scholars taking care of this? Please provide names not just speculation." Untill you have proof, please keep your comments to yourself and remember that fitna is worse then murder. Its disgusting that this garbage happens, we live in the west, and instead of working hard for one umma and the hastening the reappearance of Imam Mahdi (as), this type of discussion takes place. Then we question why Imam (as) only will have 313 initial followers. May Allah Guide Us All. Salams thewave
  13. Ya Allah Salams http://al-anwar.tv/index.php?plugin=sounds&act=playmaq&id=14 I just ran across this video, I'm just wondering what other fellow brethren and sisters think of this. Personally, I'm sad to see this (not due to the content i.e. Sadness for Ahl-ul Bayt (as) ), but because I feel this is exploitation and personally am offended by it. What happened to the good old days when matam and azza was done in a husseiniya and not in a studio. With salams and duas (An no offence or gheeba or reference intended to any of the actors, simply the movie and the usage of Ahl- ul Bayt (as) to make these "azza" movies. Wa Salam thewave
  14. Ya Allah Salams Also found this... http://www.hoseini.org/ejazaha.htm Wa Salam
  15. Ya Allah Salams Also, http://www.hoseini.org/certificate.htm, http://www.hoseini.org/bio1.htm Please be careful before slandering this amazing person. With salams and dua's thewave
  16. Ya Allah Salams Why such an attack on Hojjat al-Islam Sayyed Ritha Nasab? Shame on you for your false accusations against Sayyed Nasab,and who are the great scholars taking care of this? Please provide names not just speculation. Shame on this umma. Salams thewave
  17. Ya Allah Salams Mrs./Miss Salsabil, May you kindly give us your opinion about Saad Hariri, is he fit to run the country? Salams and Dua's
  18. Ya Allah Salams Just in: With Salams and Dua's thewave
  19. Ya Allah Salams The email from Al-Huda : Now I do have information from sources in Monteral (Followers of Imam Khamenei (HA)) confirming that Eid is tommorow (Sunday Sept. 20 2009). Please do not follow my sources as I do not want to be responsible on the day of judgement, I am simply posting what I have been told. Now there will be a confirmation email coming from al-huda inshAllah, and I will post it accordingly. With Salams and Dua's thewave
  20. :cry: :cry: Ya Allah Salams Al3ajal Ya Imam :cry: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oh_Wqi2mbXw Salams and Dua's thewave
  21. Ya Allah Salams Imam Khamenei (HA) spoke today: http://leader.ir/langs/en/index.php?p=cont...how&id=5566 Salams and Dua's
  22. Ya Allah Salams This made me chuckle :lol: Congrats to Dr. Ahmadinejad and la3nat to his enemies. Salams and Dua's thewave
  23. Ya Allah Salams Brilliant post by Br. Shabbir. Nice to see you habibi :!!!: , espically enjoyed "Aha; what do we have here? Subhan Allah! Aba Abdillah(A); deliberately broke his Hajj, and thereby he set a precedent; that he would not allow blood to be shed in the city of Makkah; and instead he would break off his Hajj; but in your words - and I am not assuming anything; merely working on what you have said already - so if your stance is different please clarify and justify your stance - since all Yazeed wanted was for Aba Abdillah(A) to pledge aleigence; to be "peaceful" to use your terminology; but Imam Husayn(A) chose to break his Hajj; rather than be "peaceful" - how strange?" Jazak Allah Salams thewave
  24. Ya Allah Salams My vote goes to Dr. Ahmadinejad (HA) Wa'Salam thewave
  25. Salam, I am utterly disgusted by some members on this board. How do we expect Imam Mahdi (AJ) to come back when we are divided and slander our righteous leaders and fellow brethren for speaking the truth. I would like to say firstly, I am very impressed with Mr. Ahmadinejads speech and the manner in which he delivers it in. He always starts his speeches with "Bism Allah Al-Rahman, Al-Rahim" and always asks Allah (SWT) to hasten the arrival of our Imam (AJ). To me, it makes me proud and reminds me of a hadeeth of the description of a true Mu2min..."They always start their speech with Bism Allah Al-Rahman Al-Rahim". Now all of you so called "Muslim" fitna mongers, tell me how many arab leaders who speak at any UN conference or other international meetings start their speech with 'Bism Allah Al-Rahman, Al-Rahim". People who speak Ill of Mr. Ahmadinejad will answer to Allah on the day of judgment, these are probably the same people who are siding with the isreali agent mubarak against Sayyed Hassan (HA) and Hezbollah. Sadly some of the people making the comments against Mr. Ahmadinejad are themselves Lebanese and claim to be supporters of Hezbollah, yet they ignore the fact that it was only Iran and Lebanon and a few other brothers and sisters who showed protest and demanded israel to stop its aggression against the people of Gaza. The speech that Mr. Ahmadinejad delivered was a very logical and simple way of explaining the current situation in the middle east, I don't understand why anyone even has the slightest problem with the speech. There were attempts to silence the message of Islam revealed to the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) , and likewise, was it not Imam Zein al-3abideen (as) who revealed to the people who he was by letting the people know He (as) was the son of Imam Hussein (as) and the grandson of Imam Ali (as) , after several attempts that yazid (LA) had made to try to silence the tragedy of Karbala? Brothers and Sisters, in our time, people do not want us to hear the truth, people want us to be ignorant and slaves to the media, so for the sake of the Reappearance of our Awaited Imam (AJ), please think before you comment, listen to the context of what is being said, and don’t be fooled by the people who have nothing but bad intentions for the Middle East because of their greed for our resources. The only reason that the western Zionist supports walked out of the speech was so that it would be the main focus of the media and not give any of the things Mr. Ahmadinejad was saying any chance to get to the people, yes, people will respond by saying that he still gave the speech, and news agencies did reports parts and clips of it, but most western news reports spoke about the walkout "because the speech was racist against israel" then they gave out of context clips of what Mr. Ahmadinejad said so that they could reinforce the notion that the speech was in fact racist and the western zionists walked out righteously because they are the civilized ones but Mr. Ahmadinejad is the barbarian racist. Sadly, most of the ill-talkers of Mr. Ahmadinejad probably watched cnn or fox versions of the speech and the events before coming on this board to comment. For the brothers and sisters who don’t already know, I will post the link to al-manar, the channel of Hezbollah, so that they may be properly informed about the events before they come on this board and spew their hate and make their ignorant remarks. http://www.almanar.com.lb/NewsSite/ManarLive.aspx With Salams and Dua's thewave
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